What is quality management? Current job opportunities in quality management

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What is quality management? What are the hot jobs in this field? Where to find quality management jobs handily and quickly? These are the most frequently asked questions by many candidates. If you also have the same wonders, let's read the article below.

1. The definition of quality management

Quality management(QM) is the act of overseeing different activities and tasks within an organization to ensure the quality of products and services provided.

Quality management includes defining the quality policy, establishing and implementing plans, and ensuring, controlling and improving quality. In general, quality management will focus on long-term goals through the implementation of short-term initiatives.

The purpose of QM is to ensure that an organization's stakeholders support, collaborate, and work to improve the services, products, and culture of the business to achieve long-term success.

Quality management is the performance of activities to ensure product quality

Quality management is the performance of activities to ensure product quality

2. The importance of quality management in manufacturing

Quality management plays a crucial role in businesses, bringing the following benefits:

  • Help businesses achieve greater consistency in the performance of tasks and activities that are involved in the production of products and services.
  • Increase efficiency in the production process and use time and other resources efficiently.
  • Improve customer satisfaction.
  • Enable businesses to market their business effectively and exploit new markets.
  • Make it easier for enterprises to manage new employees and boost economic growth.
  • Enable businesses to continuously improve their products, processes, and systems.

3. Job description of a quality manager

Depending on each product or service, quality managers will have different tasks. The following are the general duties that quality managers must perform:

  • Manage and promote the operations of the quality management department and ensure the functions and activities of the department.
  • Manage documentation on quality, propose programs and quality assurance policies.
  • Ensure facilities and production operation processes always comply with instructions, regulations on quality management, and internal standards.
  • Regularly monitor and audit the quality management system.
  • Guide the QM staff to perform their daily tasks well.
  • Manage QM tools.
  • Ensure finished products meet customer requirements and business quality standards.
  • Handle abnormal reports on product quality and make plans to improve and prevent problems that arise.
  • Be responsible for handling customer feedback about product quality.
  • Make reports on quality and quality conditions and work directly with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Quality managers must perform several different tasks

Quality managers must perform several different tasks

4. QM job opportunity

In recent years, quality management jobs have become a hot profession with many job opportunities. Many young people hunt for this position because of its attractive salary and social benefits. Moreover, quality managers will have the chance to work in an international environment, helping them expand their knowledge and reach their full potential.

About salary:

  •  Average income in Vietnam: 15 million VND/month.
  •  Typically, the salary ranges from 10 to 20 million VND/month.

Some of the hottest quality management jobs:

  •  Product quality management staff
  •  Head of quality management

However, to successfully apply for quality management positions, you must meet certain qualifications and skills:

  •  Education: Bachelor's degree or higher in quality management or other related fields is required. Higher qualifications like a master's degree will make you a bright candidate in the eyes of employers.
  •  Skills and qualities:
  • Carefulness and meticulousness: Quality managers must be very careful and meticulous to monitor the production process to detect substandard things.
  • Leadership skill: This skill helps quality managers guide, manage and supervise the working process of all employees in the department and make presentations or run meetings effectively.
  • Skill in organizing tasks scientifically: This skill will help quality managers successfully complete a large volume of work, including professional and personal work.
  • Technology skill: Proficiency in computer skills is an indispensable condition to successfully apply for quality management positions as quality managers will have to be in charge of presentations, analyze data in a spreadsheet program, and create informational documents to send to employees in the department.
  • Understanding of regulatory standards: Any industry needs to comply with specific regulatory standards on production. Therefore, you must grasp these standards and comply with them during your working process.
  • Knowledge of quality control procedures: Quality managers must have a deep understanding of industry standards in the processes and products within the company.
  • Kill in analyzing data: Most of the work of a quality manager is done by analyzing data from the manufacturing process to detect problems related to product quality and give options for product improvement.

There are lots of  job opportunities in quality management

There are lots of  job opportunities in quality management

5. How to find a job as a quality manager

Currently, there are lots of job opportunities in quality management because most businesses need departments related to quality management. If you are looking to get a job as a quality manager, apply the following job search methods:

Option 1: Search for jobs on online websites of companies and businesses near you.

Option 2: Find a job through social relationships from relatives and friends at the companies they are working for.

Option 3: Look for a job on the prestigious middle and high-level job headhunting recruitment site, with Navigos Search being a typical example.

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