What is construction project management? What is the importance of project management in the construction industry?

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The crucial role of construction project management is reflected in checking and monitoring work progress and planning appropriately according to the approved timeline. This requires the person in charge to have expertise, high logical thinking, and more.

Construction project management is a critical job in the construction industry. This directly impacts the progress and quality of the project. If you are interested in this field,  explore Navigos Search's information below to get the big picture.

1. What is construction project management?

Construction management is a professional service that uses specialized project management techniques to manage construction investment projects, oversee the planning, design and construction of a project from beginning to the end.

Find out construction project management concepts

2. The important role of project manager in the construction industry

Project managers play a vital role in the construction industry, directly affecting the quality and progress of project implementation. Some primary roles of construction project managers are:

  • Check and monitor work progress and plan appropriately according to the approved timeline.
  • Evaluate implementation status and ensure the project is implemented according to plan.
  • Support creating, reviewing, and evaluating criteria when selecting appropriate contractors.
  • Help contractors check and report problems with implementation personnel and equipment.
  • Assess the level of completion of the project.
  • Report mistakes during project implementation and make requests for solutions, and provide policies to ensure project quality according to proposed objectives.
  • Consult on the project document control system.
  • Support in solving problems.
  • Inspect and consult on project design.
  • Support to control arising problems, build temporary works, collective warehouses, electricity and water systems, and offices at the construction site to serve the construction process.
  • Check training and operation plans.
  • Ensure the construction process is always safe and complies with regulations.
  • Check the quality and quantity of construction materials.

The important role of project management in the construction industry

3. Construction investment project management apparatus

The Construction Investment Project Management Board is responsible for advising and making proposals to help investors manage construction investment capital and supervise project construction activities approved by the Board of Directors.

Specialized departments

Specialized and operational departments under the project management board include:

  • Office of Project Management Board.
  • Technical – Appraisal Department.
  • Financial Accounting Department.
  • Project Management Department 1.
  • Project Management Department 2.
  • Consulting Services Department.    

Overview of duties

The construction project management department has the following functions:

  • Manage project progress.
  • Ensure labor safety and construction environment.
  • Manage overall projects, costs, and project resources.
  • Oversee implementation time and project progress.
  • Manage contracts, construction, and risks during implementation.
  • Manage projects, participate in project management consulting when necessary.


The construction investment project management board usually undertakes the following basic tasks:

  • Manage the scope, plan, workload and quality of construction investment projects, and construction investment project extension progress.
  • Manage construction investment budget.
  • Take over safety issues, environmental protection, contractor selection, construction contracts, risk management.
    Manage project information systems, construction investment project documents, and other necessary content under the provisions of the Construction Law and relevant laws.
  • Consult management on project issues, general contractors and ensure the investment project content is implemented in accordance with policies and regulations in Article 66 of the Construction Law. 

Construction investment project management apparatus

4. Construction investment project management methods

Construction projects are increasing in number and scale, so management work becomes more complicated. Having an appropriate construction investment project management method will help investors grasp the direction, balance the budget, and evaluate construction work most accurately. Below is an effective project management method that you can refer to:

Recording and analyzing the situation

Quá trình ghi chép, phân tích công việc trong từng giai đoạn là hoạt động cần thiết, giám sát công việc tỉ mỉ hơn. Qua đó, nắm bắt tình hình cũng quan trọng để bạn rút ra được kinh nghiệm cho lần sau, giúp hoàn thành dự án xây dựng hiệu quả hơn.

Associating closely

To monitor the work process well, the construction project manager must grasp the parameters, progress, and quality of the department's operations. It is necessary to contact and control the project implementation process of each department on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Enhancing storage capacity

A good manager must control work status and focus on improving and enhancing the ability to store work results. The results obtained after each stage of each department directly affect the quality of the project in the following stages, so you must improve the ability to store project information.

Being proactive and flexible

A project is always affected by many factors and causes changes. Work plans need to be flexibly adjusted to be more suitable. Thus, managers must grasp the actual situation to have flexible and optimal orientation and methods to solve emerging problems.

Ensure project progress

Implementation progress is one of the determining factors for project success. Ensuring project progress will help enhance the reputation of businesses and contractors in investors' eyes, creating a premise for future cooperation. Therefore, managers must have maximum control and ensure that the construction process is always carried out with quality and on schedule.

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Some of the most effective management methods

5. Some software supports construction project management effectively

In the modern era, construction projects are increasing in volume and scale. Managing construction projects by traditional methods is facing many difficulties and affecting work progress.

Project managers and businesses can use project management support software to optimize work efficiency and get better quality. Some popular software and applications for construction project management are:

Mona PMS

Mona PMS is a software developed based on cloud technology that can support project management anytime and anywhere as long as there is internet. Mona PMS has many modules that change according to needs and manage data on a software system effective with high security, providing a convenient experience for investors and project owners.


Diginet software stands out with features such as quick account query, integration of service programs in human resource management, easy setup of project planning templates, management of works under construction, capital sources, and general investment reports for construction project managers.


PMS is software that supports construction investment project management at all stages in detail. PMS helps manage employee systems, investment capital, salaries, and incurred costs specifically. PMS is considered easy to use and can be accessed on any device with the internet connection.


VietPM offers more than 15 functional modules, helping to manage the smallest details of one or many different construction projects. VietPM is chosen by many businesses to manage large, complex, and long-term projects.

Popular management software 

The above article by Navigos Search provides an overview of construction project management. You might have understood the role, apparatus, and effective construction project management methods to apply to current and future projects.

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