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With the right expertise and necessary skills, you can certainly achieve a substantial income when taking on the role of an Import-Export Staff.

The Logistics industry, in particular, and the field of import-export, in general, are currently in high demand in the job market. The dynamic work environment, stable income, and ample opportunities for career advancement are the reasons why many young people choose the position of Import-Export Staff. To gain a clearer understanding of this job, you can explore the following overview provided by Navigos Search.

1. What is an Import-Export Staff?

An Import-Export Staff is responsible for directly handling issues related to the import and export of goods, completing documentation and customs procedures for businesses to import goods or export them abroad.

Explore the concept of  Import-Export Staff

Explore the concept of  Import-Export Staff

2. Detailed Description of the Import-Export Staff Job

The responsibilities of an Import-Export Staff are as follows:

  • Planning and proposing information about goods to superiors, both for importing and finding domestic and international suppliers.
  • Drafting and signing contracts and conducting transactions.
  • Negotiating with partners, suppliers, and customers.
  • Monitoring and managing the progress, quality, and quantity of goods, as well as handling any conflicts or issues related to products during transportation.
  • Receiving and cross-checking documents related to goods and verifying documents from suppliers.
  • Determining the HS code for the company's imported products.
  • Completing customs-related procedures such as declarations and export documentation.
  • Managing and storing documents and costs related to the import and export process.
  • Performing other tasks as required.

Job Description

Job Description

3. Job Requirements for Import-Export Staff

Job Requirements

In terms of educational background, businesses require individuals taking on the role of Import-Export Staff to have substantial training in fields such as Import-Export, International Trade, Banking, International Relations, Customs, or related areas.

Regarding professional knowledge, you must possess expertise in import and export operations, a solid grasp of import-export procedures and documentation, a clear understanding of international payment methods, international transportation methods, international trade terms, and relevant legal documents. Additionally, having prior experience in import-export or equivalent positions is necessary.

Job Performance Evaluation Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Several KPIs are commonly used to assess the effectiveness of Import-Export Staff:

  • Document Processing Time: Measuring the average time it takes for an Import-Export Staff to process a document, which helps evaluate their productivity and efficiency.
  • Document Error Rate: Assessing the accuracy and quality of work by measuring the rate of document errors.
  • Successful Transaction Rate: Measuring the completion rate of import-export transactions.
  • Partner Response Time: Evaluating the speed and responsiveness of staff when communicating and responding to partners.
  • Timely Payment Rate: Ensuring that payments are made promptly as scheduled, contributing to maintaining good relationships with partners.
  • Partner Satisfaction Level: Assessing partner satisfaction to evaluate service quality and the relationship between staff and partners.
  • Completion of Training Courses Rate: Measuring personal development and progress of staff through the completion of training courses.

The job requirement of  Import-Export Staff

The job requirement of  Import-Export Staff

4. Skills Required for an Import-Export Staff

To become an Import-Export Staff, in addition to meeting competency and experience requirements, you must equip yourself with the following essential skills:

Communication and Negotiation Skills 

Given the nature of the job, Import-Export Staff work with various parties such as customs, customers, transportation departments, and are responsible for liaising with suppliers and transporters before shipments. Negotiating contracts with suppliers and customers and expanding relationships with both domestic and international partners are crucial tasks. Strong communication skills are a significant advantage.

Organizational and Task Management 

To excel in the role of Import-Export Staff, you must possess the ability to organize and manage tasks efficiently and optimally. This skill helps you navigate import and export-related matters such as timing, transportation methods, and locations with ease and effectiveness.

Customer Development and Care

Import-Export Staff must expand their customer network, sign contracts, and professionally care for customers to enhance the company's reputation and advance their career. This requires a good understanding of customer needs and effective customer service skills.

Strategic Planning Skills 

Developing strategic planning skills helps you solve the puzzle of minimizing production costs and transportation expenses without compromising the quantity and quality of goods or delivery schedules. As an Import-Export Staff, you also manage documents and detailed records of the entire supply chain, enabling you to assess the success or failure of each strategy and make appropriate adjustments.

Office Skills 

Import-Export Staff must be proficient in common office tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, as they work directly with invoices, documents, contracts, and compile shipping information and transportation cost calculations.

Information Research and Synthesis Skills 

You need to know how to use search tools effectively, assess information sources, differentiate between reliable and unreliable information, and create clear and concise reports and documents. This skill greatly serves your job.

Transportation and Cargo Inspection Skills

Working in the logistics field, you are responsible for unloading cargo, inspecting newly received shipments, cross-referencing cargo with accompanying invoices, updating inventory systems, and evaluating packaging options for maximum efficiency and cost savings. Proficiency in transportation and cargo inspection is essential for completing these tasks effectively.

Warehouse Management Skills

Import-Export Staff also need a clear understanding of warehouse storage principles and methods. You can use warehouse management software to control inventory, forecast demand, and optimize storage space efficiently. This enables quick and efficient retrieval of goods.

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Many important roles for this job

Many important roles for this job

5. Import-Export Staff Salary

Import-Export document staff primarily work in office settings. Their main responsibilities involve coordinating with other departments to process and handle documents and certificates, ensuring the smooth import and export of a company's goods.

Import-Export document staff typically do not face sales targets, and the average salary for this position ranges from 7 to 12 million Vietnam Dong per month. However, salary levels may vary depending on work experience, the scale of the company, and the work location.

6. Employment Prospects for Import-Export Staff

In an era of strong economic integration and development, import and export are considered a high-potential field with significant employment opportunities. When entering this industry, you also have the opportunity to learn professional and effective work experience from foreign partners.

If you have a strong professional competence, substantial work experience, and professional management skills, you can advance to higher positions in the profession, such as Head of the Export-Import Department, Supply Chain Manager, or Logistics Manager.

Current job opportunities are huge

Current job opportunities are huge 

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