What is an agricultural engineer? Current job opportunities and attractive salaries

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With the advancement of science and technology, the agricultural industry does not just manual labor but applies greatly improved technology, with agricultural engineer being a critical position in this field.

Agricultural engineer is an ideal job for those who are keen on agriculture and are passionate about learning and developing science. Do you understand who an agricultural engineer is? What are the requirements for this profession and what is the salary? Let's find them out through the article below!

1. What is an agricultural engineer?

Agricultural engineers are those who introduce new technology into animal husbandry, cultivation, and crossbreeding. Simply put, agricultural engineers will apply their expertise to help agriculture develop more and more modernly.

Vietnam is a country in great need of livestock and crop products. Thus, the role of engineers is indispensable in the era of agricultural modernization. Therefore, agricultural engineer has recently become one of the hot jobs sought after by many people. 

2. What does an agricultural engineer do?

Generally, an agricultural engineer is in charge of the following tasks:

  • Take care of plants and animals, check the quality of their care and living conditions, and ensure the nurturing environment meets standards.
  • Evaluate the quality of crops and livestock to ensure product productivity.
  • Research and develop plant and animal varieties through mating and transplanting.
  • Apply science and technology to raising and caring for plants and animals to achieve high yields and profits.
  • Regularly update new techniques and technologies to apply to farming and animal husbandry to achieve high productivity.
  • Carry out research activities in the laboratory.
  • Consult and disseminate knowledge about taking care of plants and animals to farmers and apply new technology to agricultural production.
  • Research and supervise modern agricultural development projects.
  • Research and create modern machinery and equipment to support agricultural production activities.
  • Research on preventive and curative drugs for plants and animals.
  • Grasp market trends and highly applicable technology products to propose to superiors.

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Job description

3. Why should you choose the job as an agricultural engineer?

As mentioned, agricultural engineer is one of the professions attracting a lot of attention thanks to:

High recruitment demand

Vietnam is a developing country and its economy depends largely on agriculture. However, our country's agriculture is not modern and has not applied new technology. Agricultural workers still lack specialized experience and are growing crops and raising livestock spontaneously.

In the new era, our country raises the issue of developing professions related to modern livestock and farming. Therefore, the need to recruit agricultural engineers increases to meet job requirements in this industry.

Open job opportunities

High recruitment demand leads to open job opportunities for agricultural engineers.

The working locations of agricultural engineers are diverse and dynamic. Depending on your needs, abilities and interests, you can choose to work at:

  • Universities and colleges
  • Companies and enterprises operating in the field of agricultural chemicals
  • Plant care businesses
  • Fertilizer production and research enterpriseFarms and cooperatives

Attractive salary

Agricultural engineers' workplaces are often in urban fringes and rural areas with spacious land areas, suitable for research and development of crops and livestock. That is the reason for the personnel scarcity for this industry and the relatively high salary.

The current average salary of agricultural engineers ranges from VND 7 -to VND 15 million per month. However, the salary will vary depending on the capacity and experience of the employee, the size of the business, and each specific position (animal husbandry engineer, veterinary engineer, plant protection engineer, etc).

When working in this industry, you also have the opportunity to interact with foreign partners and customers, a variety of modern machinery and equipment, and enjoy many other attractive policies.

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Attractive salary and job opportunities

4. Requirements for agricultural engineers

To increase your chances of being hired when applying to be an agricultural engineer, you must understand the employer's requirements for this position. Specifically, some of the following factors are necessary conditions for you to undertake this job:


This is the factor that agricultural engineer recruitment units are most concerned about. You need to master farming knowledge such as weather characteristics, crops, farming methods, good geographical knowledge, and love to learn and study specialized specimens and documents. The best way is to pursue majors in agriculture - forestry, landscape, or environment at universities to gain the necessary knowledge.


The work of an agricultural engineer requires practical experience. If you don't have much experience, you can actively work at livestock farms, crop farms, or small agricultural companies. Once you have gained experience, you can work at your desired location or large enterprise.

Skills and qualities

Besides expertise and experience, you also need to continuously improve skills such as teamwork, communication skills, computer skills, foreign languages, time management, ability to work well under pressure, honesty, enthusiasm, responsibility, dynamics, and passion about the profession to support work efficiently.

Requirements needed in the profession

5. Some agricultural engineer interview questions

During the process of searching and applying for an agricultural engineer job, you must go through an interview. Let's explore some smart interview questions and answers for agricultural engineer positions below:

Tell me about yourself.

This is a common interview question in all jobs and industries. Answer and briefly introduce yourself in about 2 - 3 minutes. In your answer, you need to state your full name, year of birth, and summary of your work experience.

What difficulties have you encountered when implementing agricultural projects?

With this question, the employer wants to determine your ability to handle situations. You can give a specific situation you encountered and explain how you handled it and what lessons you learned from it.

What agricultural equipment have you used?

Employers ask this agricultural engineer interview question to further determine your work experience and skills. The agricultural industry has been applying many modern equipment and tools to increase production efficiency. You can list the tools you used such as pumps, harvesting equipment, or planting equipment.

What do you expect in the new working environment?

This question is to determine whether you are a good fit for the environment and culture of their business. You can share information about the remuneration policy and working environment you desire and answer frankly with the employer to determine the level with the business.

Popular set of agricultural engineer interview questions

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