Is pharmaceutical chemical engineering an easy job?

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Pharmaceutical chemistry is one of the majors with numerous university admission applications. The reason is that job opportunities in this industry are multitudinous and stable in the future. If you are interested and want to become a pharmaceutical chemical engineer but are still wondering about the career prospects, let's learn about this position to have direction in building and developing your career with Navigos Search.

1. What is a pharmaceutical chemical engineer?

Pharmaceutical Chemistry is a science with knowledge based on chemistry to study problems in the sciences of medicine, biology, and pharmacology.

What is a pharmaceutical chemical engineer?

Pharmaceutical chemical engineers specialize in the study of synthetic problems to prepare pharmaceuticals for human consumption. Currently, most fields have a demand for products made from pharmaceutical chemicals. Therefore, this position has attracted great attention.

2. Duties of a pharmaceutical chemical engineer

In today's fast-paced development, the expansion potential of the pharmaceutical chemistry industry is also significant. The increasingly modern society entails the high need to care about health and beauty. According to analysts, the development trend of Vietnam and other countries in the world is that everyone is interested and has a great demand for functional foods, medicine, and cosmetics derived from nature with fewer side effects. It is the reason that the pharmaceutical chemistry industry has been invested in and developed strongly. Therefore, the demand to recruit pharmaceutical chemical engineers and laboratory pharmaceutical chemical engineers in enterprises, research institutes, and research centers is incredibly great. In general, pharmaceutical chemical engineers will perform the following specific duties:

  • Research and develop new pharmaceutical compounds to supply to the market
  • Produce pharmaceutical compounds on a scale suitable for extensive testing, ensuring safety and efficacy
  • Map out chemicals to produce pharmaceutical compounds in an appropriate form
  • Design and implement the production process of pharmaceutical compounds in an economical and safe manner
  • Accurately systematize the types and dosages of pharmaceutical products for each case, condition, and goal of each patient

Responsibilities of a pharmaceutical chemical engineer

With specialized knowledge that is well-trained and thorough at school, pharmaceutical chemical engineers can also participate in industries such as nanotechnology, biotechnology, biomedicine, food and food additives, nutrition, cosmetics, and personal products. In addition, pharmaceutical chemical engineers are not necessarily participants in research projects but can join in teaching activities at universities, colleges, and vocational training centers related to pharmaceutical chemistry.

3. Conditions for entering the profession

Qualifications and experience

The pharmaceutical chemical engineer is a highly specialized position. Therefore, to complete your job well, you must have qualifications and work experience. First, you must graduate from a university or college with a degree in pharmaceutical chemistry. In addition, you must also have experience in designing and conducting experiments in chemical engineering, conducting qualitative and quantitative analytical experiments, and researching experiments to solve technological problems in engineering. In particular, proficiency in using analytical equipment and processing analytical data is also a must.

Specialized knowledge

Specialized knowledge is a must-have factor for the pharmaceutical chemical engineer. They must have a background and in-depth knowledge of pharmaceutical chemistry synthesis (Research and develop precursors for the search for new drugs), medicinal chemistry (Search and apply compounds of medicinal origin in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries), and pharmaceutical testing (Evaluate and test the quality of cosmetic pharmaceuticals).

Qualities and skills

It's relatively hard to pursue and achieve success in the pharmaceutical chemical industry. You must combine different related factors and skills suitable for the job.  

  •  Good observation ability is the most vital skill that you must have in the course of work. Because this position involves biology, chemistry, and physics with the ingredients. If you are not careful, you can be in danger.
  •  Having excellent observation ability, creativity, and constantly absorbing new and good knowledge.
  •  Pharmaceutical chemistry requires you to be intelligent, have good logical thinking, and have the ability to research, explore, and apply knowledge in practice. In addition, you must have a strong passion and enthusiasm for the industry and work.

4. Job prospects of a pharmaceutical chemical engineer



Job prospects of a pharmaceutical chemical engineer

Great recruitment demand

Pharmaceutical chemistry is a high-technology field with multidisciplinary nature and many conditions for continuous development. That is why many businesses and corporations have invested in and expanded their operations in this industry on a global scale. It means that the workforce demand for positions in this industry has also strongly increased.

Specifically, many businesses have been increasing their investment in the high-tech sector in Vietnam, including the pharmaceutical industry. This entails the need to recruit highly qualified specialists to develop the business. Therefore, the opportunity for young people graduating from pharmaceutical chemistry is unlimited.

High income

Compared to other industries, the income level of pharmaceutical chemistry in general and pharmaceutical chemical engineers in particular is relatively high. Those who have just graduated with not much experience and skills in the profession can receive a salary of 7-9 million VND per month. For those with one year of experience or more, the salary will range from 12 to 20 million VND per month depending on the capacity and qualifications.

For senior specialists in the pharmaceutical chemistry industry, the income can be up to tens, even hundreds of millions of dong per month if they successfully research major projects or products. As for those who work in the business field, the income will depend on their ability.

Unlimited promotion opportunities

As mentioned above, the pharmaceutical chemical engineer position is in the high-tech field, so there are lots of opportunities for you to develop and advance in the profession. If you strive and try your best at work and have leadership qualities, it's not too difficult to advance to higher positions.

Businesses are facing a shortage of personnel in senior management positions. Thus, if there are excellent talents right in the enterprises, there's no reason why you have no opportunity to develop your career.

5. Address to find a job as a pharmaceutical chemical engineer

Pharmaceutical chemistry is one of the industries with high growth potential and many career prospects. If you seriously pursue the pharmaceutical chemical engineer position, try to hone your professional skills and experience to get the job as expected.

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