What is a restaurant manager? What does a restaurant manager do?

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Restaurant managers must have professional capacity, experience, and skills to perform an enormous amount of work well.

Understanding the duties and requirements of a restaurant manager is essential for you to get closer to this dream position. Through the information below, Navigos Search will provide you with information about restaurant management, including definition, job description, salary, and requirements. It would be a pity if you missed it!

1. What is a restaurant manager?

The restaurant manager is the person who manages and directs all activities taking place in the restaurant such as managing assets, employees, goods, service standards, and tables, selecting and training staff, and giving solutions when there are complaints.

Definition of restaurant manager

2. Restaurant manager job description

Restaurant managers have the following duties:

Manage personnel

  • Arrange work schedules for employees and urge them to perform work on schedule
  • Do timekeeping and evaluate staff work results periodically 
  • Encourage and motivate employees to work and ensure employee welfare and health.

Manage finance

  • Have a comprehensive and detailed view of the restaurant's financial situation
  • Seize the cost report on raw materials and daily profits
  • Develop a plan to achieve sales and profit targets
  • Sign and cancel contracts according to assigned authority
  • Propose solutions to boost sales.

Manage facilities and goods

  • Monitor purchasing, ensure minimum inventory levels, and adjust appropriate usage norms.
  • Control the maintenance of the restaurant's machinery and equipment periodically and repair when problems arise.
  • Innovate and add equipment, machinery, furniture, tools to serve business activities at the restaurant.

 Manage service quality

  • Supervise to ensure all activities meet restaurant standards
  • Ensure the menu meeting the requirements of customer taste, food hygiene and safety
  • Recommend solutions to adjust and improve the restaurant for better operation.

Be responsible for business and marketing

  • Actively search for customer sources
  • Deploy using the restaurant brand identity system
  • Coordinate with sales department to develop marketing and sales plans
  • Organize promotional activities according to plans approved by superiors

Resolve problems and complaints from customers

  • Directly resolve customer complaints if staff cannot resolve them
  • Monitor and evaluate customer satisfaction levels, build and maintain relationships with regular customers, create a good impression with customers.
  • Perform other tasks as requested by superiors.

Perform other tasks

  • Collaborate with the chef to design new menus and holiday-themed menus to meet diners' requests.
  • Ensure security and safety issues at the restaurant.
  • Monitor business activities at the restaurant, give suggestions and solutions to improve business efficiency.
  • Periodically and unexpectedly organize meetings with staff to implement business activities and solve restaurant problems.
  • Participate in meetings with Directors and Senior Restaurant Management Board when required.
  • Perform other tasks directed by superiors.

The required duties

3. Requirements for restaurant managers

According to the restaurant manager job description above, this position must undertake a large amount of work. Therefore, restaurant managers must arm themself with the necessary expertise, experience, and skills to do the job well and competently solve all problems.

The necessary conditions to become a restaurant manager include:

Professional capacity and experience

For all management positions, professional qualifications are required. Specifically, the person taking on the position of restaurant manager needs to be well-trained at universities in Hotel Management, Restaurant Management, or other related majors and have working experience at equivalent positions.

View now: The requirements of a professional restaurant manager

Understanding and giving high emphasis on food hygiene and safety 

Food hygiene and safety have become one of the vital factors for any restaurant and hotel. If a customer complains about the restaurant's dishes being unclean on social networks, there are flies in the dish, or the customer gets food poisoning, the restaurant's reputation will increase. Furthermore, after the Covid-19 pandemic, health safety issues are increasingly put on the top.

To manage well, you must have a comprehensive understanding of food safety and hygiene and must be a pioneer in communicating the importance of this issue to all employees in the restaurant. This will ensure health safety for customers as well as for yourself and your employees.

Extensive social knowledge

Social knowledge is something that no school imparts, you need to learn and explore on your own. For example, information that Hindus do not eat beef, the number of new Covid infections, the taste of Central are all considered social knowledge.

What is the use of having social knowledge? It's used to talk or communicate about any topic that customers mention and is an important factor for you to improve your communication skills. A good restaurant manager will not necessarily be good at all of their employees' skills, but they must have extensive knowledge to manage them. Thus, you should persevere in accumulating it.

Leadership skills

Whether you are a restaurant owner or a restaurant manager, there are many subordinates behind you. Dividing teams and tasks, understanding employee psychology, solving internal problems with persuasion, rewarding and punishing fairly, and encouraging positively are all essential factors a restaurant manager needs to have to manage everything well.

There are some people who are born with natural leadership talent, but you can strive to hone these skills to become a good restaurant manager.

Logical thinking, systematic arrangement

A large amount of work is waiting for you, including meetings, reports, meeting customers, responding to emails, resolving arising situations, and training personnel. So how do you handle it all smoothly? At this time, logical thinking and systematic arrangement will help you reasonably arrange all tasks.

Good communication and tact

The nature of restaurant management work is always to work with people, including restaurant employees and customers coming to the restaurant. Customers will have different social statuses, occupations, income levels, language differences, regions, and cultures. To manage effectively, you must speak fluently, be friendly, and be tactful.

Teamwork skills

Teamwork skills are most important to you. Because there will be tasks where you need to coordinate with employees and other departments to make the work go smoothly. Furthermore, as a manager, you need to have team spirit and good teamwork ability to manage your team smoothly.

Ability to keep up with technology

Don't say that you are confused about using computers or don't know about sales software, restaurant reservation platforms, online ordering, etc.

You must be a pioneer in learning new technology to serve your daily work and advise restaurant owners and investors in choosing the optimal solution to increase revenue and sales profits.


As a leader or manager, you need a passion for your work. This is expressed through your interest in communicating with people, your love of the luxurious or bustling atmosphere of the restaurant, the style of the outfits you wear every day to go to work, your excitement at work, and always trying your best. Your passion will be the stepping stone for you to go further on your career development path. 

Expertise, experience, and skills requirements 

4. The salary of a restaurant manager 

What is the salary of a restaurant manager? For independent restaurants, a restaurant manager is a position considered a restaurant director responsible for all restaurant operations, so the salary is about VND 15 - 30 million per month.

If the restaurant is located in a hotel, the restaurant manager is not responsible for managing the kitchen area. At this time, the salary of a restaurant manager in a hotel or resort ranges from VND 12 to VND 20 million per month.

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