What is a recruitment service? Why do businesses choose recruitment services at Navigos Search?

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To find suitable candidates for managerial and senior positions, businesses have to invest a significant amount of costs and time. However, not every company has the resources to carry out this process effectively. At this point, utilizing recruitment services becomes the perfect choice.

Human resources are always a valuable asset for any business. However, attracting suitable talent remains a challenging task, especially in the era of a dynamic labor market. Many companies have opted to use recruitment services provided by specialized agencies to enhance the efficiency of their hiring process. So, what is recruitment service? We will provide a clear explanation of this, along with comprehensive information about job recruitment services in Vietnam today.

We constantly aim to find candidates who align with our business, sharing the same developmental goals. Achieving this can demand considerable investments in various types of expenses and time. Naturally, not every entity possesses the resources to fulfill this.

 1. What is recruitment service?

Recruitment service is a type of service provided by recruitment agencies to businesses in need of searching and hiring personnel. These agencies specialize in finding the most suitable candidates based on the company's requirements.

Recruitment companies are also known as headhunters, specializing in sourcing personnel based on the specific demands of their client businesses. Typically, businesses that require recruitment services have large personnel requirements, including managerial and senior-level roles, or businesses in the process of expansion and development.

Overview of Job Recruitment Services

Overview of Job Recruitment Services

2. Common Forms of Recruitment Services

Headhunting Service

Headhunting Service is a type of service where a recruitment company seeks candidates for managerial and high-level positions based on the business's requirements.

High-level personnel often hold key roles in a company such as department heads, directors, CEOs, etc. These positions require candidates with high expertise and strong skills, making it challenging to find suitable individuals.

By utilizing high-level recruitment services, businesses gain access to a pool of quality candidates who fit the job requirements and the company's culture. Moreover, the recruitment information remains confidential.

Outsourced Recruitment Assistant Service

In this form, a recruitment company provides recruitment assistants for businesses in need. These assistants handle personnel recruitment tasks within a specific company and are under the management of the recruitment service provider.

Recruitment assistants are professionals with extensive experience, a wide understanding of various fields, and a broad network. With this service, the client business signs a contract with the recruitment service provider to hire the recruitment assistant without direct recruitment.

Job Posting and Candidate Profile Search

Businesses can post job openings on the recruitment service provider's website for free or choose a paid package to swiftly and efficiently access a pool of candidate data. Additionally, businesses are allowed to access the existing candidate database of the recruitment service provider to search for profiles suitable for the currently open positions.

Recruitment Software Usage

Recruitment software aids businesses in searching for and managing interview processes and candidate data in a scientific and effective manner.

In Vietnam, there are popular recruitment software options such as Base E-hiring, Talent Solution, Zoho Recruit, Workable, etc. With these tools, businesses can fulfill recruitment tasks and establish a robust and enduring human resource development.

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Common Job Recruitment Services Nowadays

 Common Job Recruitment Services Nowadays

3. Why Do Businesses Turn to Job Recruitment Services?

Recruiting personnel, especially finding skilled talents, is a challenge that businesses often grapple with. In this era of talent scarcity, recruiting the right person for the right job is far from easy, especially for key positions.

Through recruitment services provided by specialized companies, businesses can easily find the highest-quality personnel. So, when should businesses seek job recruitment services?

Recruiting High-level Personnel

High-level personnel are crucial roles within a business. Hence, finding the right individuals is no small feat. However, with third-party recruitment services, businesses gain access to a diverse pool of top-notch candidates within a short time frame. Additionally, they receive support in overseeing personnel during the probationary period. These aspects aid businesses in finding candidates who meet the requirements, saving time and effort in the recruitment process while ensuring candidate quality.

Hiring a Large Number of Staff

During the establishment or expansion phases, businesses often need to hire a large number of personnel in a short time. The most effective solution for recruiting a large workforce is utilizing recruitment services from specialized providers. With their experience, extensive candidate databases, and talented experts, these service providers assist businesses in recruiting a significant number of personnel according to their requirements in a short span of time.

Urgent Personnel Needs

There are moments when a business urgently requires someone to fill a position. For example, sudden employee departures or new projects necessitate immediate staffing. Opting for recruitment services during such times helps businesses quickly address their urgent staffing needs. At recruitment companies, there is a diverse pool of high-quality candidate profiles readily available.

Ineffective HR Department

Not all businesses have a dedicated human resources department or personnel with sufficient HR capabilities, leading to less-than-expected recruitment outcomes. Staff recruitment is a complex process involving multiple steps, consuming significant time and effort.

Hence, utilizing recruitment services becomes an excellent solution for businesses to swiftly locate suitable candidates, particularly for challenging, specialized, and high-level positions.

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Many Businesses Choose to Use External Job Recruitment Services

 Many Businesses Choose to Use External Job Recruitment Services

5. Benefits of Using Job Recruitment Services at Navigos Search

Navigos Search is a renowned headhunter brand, specializing in middle and high-level talent acquisition, with over 20 years of experience in the field. With an extensive existing database and a network of quality information, Navigos Search can swiftly generate a list of the most suitable candidates and persuade high-level personnel to participate in the recruitment process. This ensures that businesses possess talented individuals to drive their shared goals.

Being recognized as a leading provider of mid and high-level human resources recruitment, clients experience advantages and privileges when using personnel recruitment services at Navigos Search:

Rapid Access to the Most Suitable Personnel

Upon receiving recruitment requests from clients, Navigos Search promptly analyzes, responds, and searches for suitable candidates. Notably, the company has access to over 375,000+ senior candidates and 85,000+ high-level managerial candidates. Utilizing their professional HR expertise, Navigos Search conducts preliminary interviews to pre-select candidates before presenting clients with a list of resumes to ensure quality.

Cost, Time, and Resource Savings

Rather than investing resources into posting job ads that might not yield the desired candidates, businesses can trust Navigos Search to handle personnel recruitment responsibilities, reducing the burden of financial costs, time, and resources.

Catering to Special Requests from Clients

Every aspect of Navigos Search's human resources recruitment solution is tailored to the requirements of various companies, corporations, and businesses. Thus, whenever a special request arises, Navigos Search is fully equipped to meet it.

Optimized and Professional Recruitment Process

Navigos Search provides recruitment services for mid-level and high-level personnel, external recruitment services, Japan Desks, and more. The process is highly rigorous and strict to ensure that candidates interviewed in the final round possess genuine competence and alignment with your business.

Guaranteed Customer Information Security

Japan Desks commits to absolute confidentiality of customer information, recruitment positions, and hired personnel.

Experienced Recruitment Experts

Our consulting team consists of recruitment experts deeply knowledgeable about the value of human resources and well-versed in each industry. Their specialized skills accurately capture your business's recruitment needs. All our specialists are experienced, well-versed in the labor market, and possess a strong grasp of core industries.

Through a stringent recruitment process, candidate capabilities, experiences, and labor market conditions, Navigos Search will meticulously locate the most suitable candidates, ensuring a high probability of filling the vacancies within your business.

Navigos Search - Leading Middle and High-Level Human Resources Recruitment Company in Vietnam

Navigos Search - Leading Middle and High-Level Human Resources Recruitment Company in Vietnam

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