What is a JD? Roles, required content, and process of building an attractive JD

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Building a professional JD is the first factor for businesses to stimulate and create interest in candidates. However, not every employer knows how to deliver an attractive JD.

JD is an important document in recruiting personnel for any position. Based on this document, the employer will initially search for the appropriate candidate. What is a JD? What is the required content and process of building a JD? Let's find it out with Navigos Search now!

1. What is a JD? 

A JD (Job Description) is a document that outlines the essential job duties, responsibilities, and benefits of candidates according to the job position being recruited.

Recruiters often present JD in simple, easy-to-understand language through concise bullet points. Through that, candidates will grasp the requirements and nature of the job and determine whether the job position is suitable for their abilities and career orientation.

What is a JD?

2. The importance of a JD

What is JD's role? Building a specific job description is one of the factors that determine the quality of the recruitment process. The important role of JD is shown as follows:

For employers

  • Affirm the business's professionalism and is the benchmark for businesses to evaluate candidates.
  • Is the basis for businesses to manage salary and bonus issues, compare the salary and benefits of that position in the market;
  • Help businesses distribute reasonable workloads to personnel being recruited.
  • From the perspective of business management, JD also represents the overall functions, tasks, and goals of the business to help leaders at all levels perform business management more effectively.

For candidates

  • Visualize the duties, rights, and responsibilities when successfully applying and joining the business.
  • Grasp the requirements of the recruitment position to self-assess whether your qualifications and abilities match the recruitment requirements.
  • Determine work goals and future career orientation.

Roles of a JD

3. What content should a recruitment JD have?

What is the content in JD? The following is the most basic information of a complete JD:

Information about companies and businesses

Information about companies and recruiting businesses helps candidates know which unit's recruitment news they are following and how to find employers on other search engines.


Vacancies help candidates clearly know the title and management department of the position they are applying for.


What is JD's next content? Job duties are the main part of a JD. Through this part, candidates will know the professional knowledge, skills needed, requirements, and tasks need to be completed. Looking at JD, this part is considered an overview of the working process of the position the business is recruiting for.


This is the content that helps candidates know the tasks they will have to perform when taking that position. The responsibilities and obligations in JD ensure the quality of work of the whole team and help work proceed under the direction of superiors. Each position and business will have different regulations on responsibilities and obligations.

Professional experience requirements

Each position and level will require specific specialized experience. Some positions do not require experience, while others require extensive professional experience to ensure work quality. This section helps candidates self-assess whether their experience meets the requirements of the JD.

Education requirements

Depending on job characteristics, each position will require different educational qualifications. Some fields require highly educated people to make the right decisions and perform the assigned job well.

Job position authority

For people working at the management level, authority must be clearly stated in the JD, helping candidates define their work authority in the enterprise.

Work environment

Depending on seniority, scale, and organizational structure, businesses will have different working environments. Further describing the working environment is a way to help candidates determine whether the new working environment is suitable for them to save time for both businesses and candidates.

Salary and benefits

Compensation and benefits are the parts that most candidates pay attention to. In a JD, employers need to provide specific salaries and benefits. The company may declare that the salary is negotiable if an exact amount is not mentioned. The business should highlight the policies and remuneration for that position if the salary is not the business's strength to not miss potential candidates.

Necessary information and documents

The last part is information such as the application deadline, work address, and documents that must be provided when applying so that candidates can prepare well in submitting their CVs. This also helps employers save time in initial screening.

Necessary information of  JD

4. Steps to build a JD 

Once understanding what a JD is and the required contents of a complete JD, you need to build a thorough job description. You can refer to the following steps to get the most complete JD:

Plan for building a JD

To make your job description attractive, a detailed plan is a must-have. First, determine the job tasks and responsibilities, testing, and evaluating. A thorough and specific plan will help the business handily achieve its goals.

Collect vacancy information

You then gather data on the company and the job position. You can refer to information from a number of sources such as job analysis tables, work plans of previous employees, other departments, and businesses. Afterward, choose results relevant to your business and related to your job to make the JD content clear and cohesive.

Outline the job description

Based on the above information, a JD creator will synthesize and draft a preliminary job description to help employers easily visualize the overall content and scope of the job. This step is usually performed by human resources administrative staff. In some cases, the direct manager is the one who prepares the most appropriate requirements and benefits for the vacancy.

Approve the job description

This is the final step in the JD build process. The JD creator and the person in charge of that job must discuss with each other to agree on work content. Once JD has been approved, those responsible should put themselves in the employees' shoes to ensure the benefits of both the candidate and the business.

How to build an attractive job description

Hopefully, the above article has helped future employers grasp what a JD is and how to build an attractive and professional JD. If your business is lacking the recruitment department to build a complete JD and is having difficulty recruiting personnel, you can ask for help from Navigos Search - Vietnam's leading middle and senior-level personnel recruitment company.

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