What is a developer? What are the current salaries and skills required of developers?

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Developer is a job that brings high income and great opportunities. However, it demands relatively strict requirements in professional knowledge, experience, and skills.

When information technology appears in almost every area of life, developers become a top job with a high salary. What are the specific duties of a developer? What is the salary and promotion path? The information below will provide you with answers.

1. What is a developer? 

Developer (Dev) is a person who creates software, mobile and computer applications that we use every day by writing code, fixing bugs, and running code.

Developers use one or more programming languages to create applications and software. They can work alone or in groups to perfect the final technology product.

A developer is a person who creates software and applications on mobile phones and computers

2. What major should you study to become a developer?

To pursue a job as a developer, candidates can study at universities with the following majors to equip themselves with the necessary knowledge about software development:

Computer science

This industry is for young people who are passionate about computer research. By pursuing the computer science major, you will be armed with all computer-related knowledge such as designing, manufacturing, operating, and repairing software and hardware. Some subjects in this field are computer data structures, artificial intelligence, programming languages, and data processing. All are handy in the future on becoming a professional developer.

Information system

The Information system major will equip learners with knowledge about equipment, process of information synthesis, analysis, evaluation, system design, and administration. Popular programming languages that will be trained are Java, PHP, C#, and SQL, with SQL being focused more.

Software engineering

Software engineering is the most in-depth major if you want to learn about IT development. By pursuing this major, you will be armed with the most basic knowledge about construction processes, software development, development tools, and skills in analysis, designing, testing, operation, and software maintenance.

Some related training majors

3. Developer’s job description 

Specific developer positions will take on different jobs. Basically, the developer will perform the following duties:

  • Analyze user needs and problems.
  • Use programming languages to create programs, software, applications based on the requirements of businesses and customers.
  • Upgrade new features for applications and software based on user needs.
  • Fix bugs to ensure applications and software always operate smoothly.
  • Test software, collaborate with computer experts to ensure the software is always at the high quality.
  • Explore, research, and improve new technologies and features for your technology products.

Basic duties of a developer

4. Popular positions that developers can take on

The developer's job is divided into many different small positions. To know which one is the right fit for you, find it out with Navigos!

Front End developer 

The role of Front End Developer has recently become more complex as they balance many factors such as function, structure, and aesthetics. They also have to create optimal interfaces for different devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PCs.

Front End Developer's work is significantly related to programming languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript). These languages are used to define the interface and functionality of certain applications and software.

Back End developer

While Front End Developer is the one who builds the "appearance" of the house, Back End Developer is responsible for the wiring, materials, and pipes inside. Back End Developers will build how an application or software works.

Front End Developer's work involves servers and databases. The database stores all information (user profiles, product lists, etc.) while the server meets customers' requests.

Full Stack developer 

Full Stack Developer can perform the work of Front End Developer and Back End Developer. They can change their job roles as per senior's requests. If they do both jobs simultaneously, they must ensure that the front-end and back-end are always closely linked in the same functional system. When users experience features on the application interface, that interface will respond as quickly as possible to their needs.

Mobile developer 

Mobile Developer is a person who creates applications specifically for mobile devices. Developers in this field will build applications appropriate to the characteristics of the Android and iOS platforms.

Currently, the demand for applications of businesses and the number of application downloads on mobile devices is incredibly high. This proves the "hotness" of this job in the labor market. Basically, a Mobile Developer must be proficient in some popular mobile programming languages such as Swift, C#, Java.

Developer positions in various professions

5. What skills does a professional developer need?

Developer  is a highly specialized job, so the person undertaking this job needs to meet the following requirements:

Professional skills

Programming language

Programming languages are different source codes that help build the foundation for programs, software, and applications. Some programming languages are JavaScript, HyperText Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Styles Sheets (CSS), Python, C++,  and Java.

Data structures and algorithms

Data structure is the method of organizing database information storage. Algorithms help describe the process needed to complete a task. Developers must know many data structures and algorithms to determine which combination optimizes the information in the program code. When developers use the appropriate algorithm, users handily select font types and sizes from the font database.

Understanding of databases

A database is an electronic system that helps organize record information. Developers need to know how to search for information, enter new data in tabular form, and update the system in new documents.

Business information always needs to be kept confidential, so DEVs must also know how to keep databases safe and back up data to ensure information security.

Debugging knowledge

Debugging is the software development process of eliminating coding language bugs. To debug, the developers must run specialized software, observe the error, and determine which code caused the error.

Source control

Source control management is a system that helps developers track updates and changes in the coding language of programs and applications. That system allows developers to work on separate codes and merge the different codes to create the finished version. Developers can also create code revision lists and roll back code when necessary.

Operating systems

The operating system helps manage and operate hardware and software of electronic devices. For computer devices, some popular operating systems are Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux. As for mobile devices, they are iOS and Android.

Developers must have specialized knowledge about each type of operating system. Depending on the preferences and requirements of the specific job position, developers can focus on developing program code for a single system.

English proficiency

In the information technology industry in general and developer work in particular, being fluent in English is almost a prerequisite since most programming codes are written in English. Therefore, English knowledge is critical for professional programming. Businesses will not require a high level of English. However, you should practice basic skills to read and understand specialized documents. 

Transferable skills/soft skills

Problem-solving skills

Problem-solving is a crucial skill for software development. During the software development process, developers will receive customers' requests that need to be resolved in the program and software. By applying professional skills in writing code and algorithms along with problem-solving skills, developers will find the appropriate coding way to solve the current problem well.

Teamwork skills

Even when implementing an application or program alone, developers still have to communicate with Designers, project managers, or customers to clarify customer requirements. Therefore, it's necessary to have teamwork skills.

Analytical and evaluation skills

Each programming language will take on different parts when developing applications and software. This requires developers to have analytical skills to identify which language is appropriate. Great evaluation skills will help developers consider whether this code is most appropriate, if it is still optimized, and find ways to upgrade it better later.

Persistence and meticulousness

Programming is a highly specific and complex job. Thus, it takes developers a lot of time to have complete code and algorithms. During the implementation process, you may feel dissatisfied as you don't have perfect code. Perseverance will help you stay calm in the face of code problems and complications. Meticulousness is also necessary for Developers since a small error in coding can cause the entire program to not run smoothly.

Requirements to become a professional developer

6. Why should you try working as a developer?

Developer is a job that many people are pursuing because of the unlimited job opportunities. An excellent developer will receive an attractive salary and benefits.


Developer salaries vary, depending on professional qualifications and work experience. You can refer to the current average salary of developers as follows:

  • From 2 to 5 years of experience: Equivalent to Junior to Midweight level, with a salary around VND 15 million per month.
  • From 5 to 7 years of experience: Equivalent to Senior level, with a salary around VND 20 million per month.
  • From 7 to 10 years of experience: Equivalent to Leader level, with a salary around VND 23 - 25 million.
  • Over 10 years of experience: Equivalent to Manager level, with a salary from VND 30 - 33 million, while Director has a minimum income of VND 35 - 40 million or more.    

Job opportunity

Vietnam is investing in infrastructure and information technology development. Therefore, job opportunities in the information technology industry are wide open with a variety of positions such as website developers, Java developers, PHP developers, games, BackEnd, and application developers.

More and more multinational companies and corporations appear in Vietnam, so the need to recruit developers is also constantly increasing. If you have the capacity and experience, you can absolutely apply for a job as a developer at leading businesses and corporations.

Current salary and job opportunities

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