What are the criteria to recruit HVAC engineers?

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Many people are still unfamiliar with the HVAC position in the engineering industry and don't know what the criteria to recruit HVAC engineers are and how to meet the requirements. The article of Navigos Search will answer these questions. Let's find it out!

1. What is an HVAC engineer?

What is an HVAC engineer?

HVAC (Heating - Ventilating - Air Conditioning) engineer is the person in charge of designing, installing, and maintaining heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. In addition, they also undertake work related to the installation, maintenance, and repair of refrigeration. However, some HVAC engineers will specialize in a specific area, such as equipment system installation. Therefore, this is a critical position to ensure the smoothest operation of buildings and businesses.

2. What are the responsibilities of an HVAC engineer?

What are the responsibilities of an HVAC engineer?

Design air conditioning and air and wind systems

This is one of the first critical duties of an HVAC engineer. To participate in the design of air conditioning and air and wind systems, people working in this position must have good professional knowledge and understanding of the operating principles of air conditioners. At this point, the HVAC engineer will design a refrigeration system in compliance with the previously proposed requirements.

Propose design and test process

Before thermo-refrigeration products are marketed and delivered to consumers, HVAC engineers must perform the steps in a sequential process. After the complete fabrication of products made according to the design drawings, it is necessary to put them to the test to see if the product works according to the principle as originally planned. If there are still errors during testing, HVAC engineers must correct them immediately. Products put on the market need to be complete and best. For large enterprises, the design and testing process will happen strictly. They even test a few hundred times to get the most complete and satisfactory product.

Troubleshoot problems during testing process

Not only do HVAC engineers do the design and testing process, but many different teams also work with them. The HVAC engineer must apply all relevant professional knowledge and skills to do this job. During the implementation process, it will be inevitable that incidents and errors will occur. Thus, they need to fix the problem immediately when it happens and not let it significantly affect the other work activities.

Research and update new trends in the field of HVAC

Any field in each period will have new changes and developments. Technology-related professions like HVAC are outstanding examples. HVAC engineers who want to develop and stand firmly in the industry must learn and update novel trends and inventions day by day.

With the era of industrialization and modernization, people's needs are also increasing. Therefore, what they want is not simply a good product but also something bringing benefits and maximum energy savings. To meet that need, HVAC engineers must always be at the forefront and know how to update new trends.

Supervise the research implementation

For everything to go according to the planned process, the HVAC engineer must constantly monitor the activities during the research and manufacturing process and not allow any errors to occur. To supervise and carry out typical research, the engineer must have knowledge of the job as well as management and teamwork skills.

Control and adjust specifications

Any engineer must pay attention to the specifications. These parameters must be correct for normal operation. Conversely, if there is an abnormality in the specifications, the HVAC engineer will need to make adjustments to ensure the safe operation of the machinery.

3. HVAC job recruitment requirements

HVAC job recruitment requirements


The first requirement of the HVAC position is the qualifications. This is a general requirement of any employer. This job requires you to have a bachelor's degree or higher with a major in refrigeration engineering, air conditioning, or other related fields.


In addition, you must also have working experience in this position or equivalent positions. Not only are you knowledgeable about structures and designs, but you also must have the practical experience to take on this HVAC engineer position. If you meet this requirement, it will also be easier for you to apply for an HVAC job.


Not only must you have professional qualifications, but you also have to meet the skill requirements such as thinking skills, time management skills, and the ability to work well under pressure. During the working process, these skills will help you optimize your work in the best way.

4. Current HVAC job opportunities


Current HVAC job opportunities

Recruitment needs

Socio-economic development leads to an increase in human and production demand. Therefore, factories always have to maintain operations and scale up for production, and HVAC engineers are indispensable in maintaining stable operations for production plants. As a result, the demand for recruiting HVAC engineers is high.

Each business only recruits a small number of HVAC engineers working in the plant system, but scarcity persists. Many enterprises don't require high recruitment requirements for HVAC positions in experience and still accept to recruit new graduates with no work experience. This is a great opportunity for fresh graduates. It's ideal for you to improve your qualifications and skills.

Hot jobs in the field of HVAC

Engineering graduates can work in many different positions in the HVAC field, such as:

  • Design engineer or technical service engineer working in oil and gas, thermal power, and chemical plants.
  • Operational engineer in factories manufacturing and trading refrigeration equipment and air-conditioner.
  •  Researcher in technical management agencies, research institutes, or engineering consultants.
  •  Lecturer at universities and colleges specializing in technical professions.

5. Salary of an HVAC engineer

The engineering industry has always been considered the industry offering stable income for workers. However, the salary of the HVAC position will vary depending on the candidate's professional capacity and experience.

For inexperienced HVAC engineers, the salary ranges from 9 to 12 million VND per month. For those with extensive experience, the salary will be from 13 to 17 million VND per month or even higher. In addition, there are remunerations for employees depending on the business, and their income also significantly increases.

It is a job bringing employees many benefits and different salaries. Perhaps this is also the reason that many young people change their job to this one.

6. Applying for a HVAC job at Navigos Search

The detailed information above will be a handy document to help you understand how employers find and recruit HVAC engineers to apply successfully. You can contact Navigos Search to find a suitable workplace. After having an appropriate position, our consultants will actively contact candidates for interview invitations, give advice, and support candidates to get the latest HVAC jobs in a great working environment.

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