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Senior engineers are often sought after by many businesses. Therefore, it’s relatively hard to attract and recruit excellent engineers. According to Navigos Search, to attract talents, recruiters must have distinctive recruitment tactics as below to make candidates realize the advantages of working at your company and dedicate themselves to their work.

1. What is a senior engineer?

A senior engineer is a person with high technical expertise, responsible for implementing or directing the implementation of highly complex issues such as economics, general engineering, and more.

A senior engineer is a person with high technical expertise

A senior engineer is a person with high technical expertise

2. Duties of a senior engineer

Depending on the area of each business, leaders hire senior engineers to perform different jobs. However, in general, senior managers must perform the following duties:

  • Participate in or personally direct the construction, propose solutions to implement the strategy, research applications, and develop the technology.
  • Approve technological, economic, and technical plans for specialized technical works.
  • Appraise initiatives and results of research and technology development projects, and apply scientific and technological advances to production.
  • Implement major technology research and development projects.
  • Exploit, select and apply advanced technology imported from abroad to create a leap in technology for the company. Cooperate with domestic and international partners to implement major projects and national ones.
  • Develop objectives and content of training and retraining plans to raise the level of the workforce in science and technology.
  • Compile and edit documents and textbooks for training and fostering the workforce.
  • Participate in teaching and training to improve professional qualifications. 
  • Detect, adjust and suspend technical activities if there are any mistakes.
  • Take responsibility for your decisions.
  • Report work to the senior manager.

Senior engineers undertake many critical duties

3. The necessary skills set of a senior engineer

Technical skills

Technical skills are abilities to use specialized knowledge, techniques, and resources to perform a duty. Technical skills are considered the professional qualifications of senior engineers and their ability to perform a particular task. Top engineers acquire these skills through long-term study and practice.

Knowledge of computer models

Computer modeling is the creation and use of computer models to run complex systems. Although this type of model is not unique in the engineering industry, it has become an indispensable element.

Computer models are designed to operate like real-life systems. A computer model is used to test any system. Thus, it will help businesses save the cost of building a prototype system in real life. They also make predictions about the development of that system.

Therefore, understanding computer models will help engineers know what type of problems are happening to the project and come up with the most effective strategies.

Creative thinking

Creative thinking is the ability to create something new. It can be a concept, solution, method, or device. The creative thinking of top engineers is the ability to see everything from a new perspective. To practice this skill, you can refer to some of the following suggestions:

  •  Analysis: Before creating something new, you must first understand it. This requires the ability to examine things carefully to know what they mean. Whether you are reading a document or a plan, you must first have the ability to analyze.
  •  Open-mindedness: Creativity involves thinking about things from a fresh perspective within the context in question. You must let go of all prejudices and see things from a new perspective. By approaching problems with an open mind, you are allowing yourself the opportunity to think creatively.
  • Problem-solving: Recruiters always want to choose creative candidates because they can solve work-related problems effectively. Thus, when applying for a job, prove to your recruiter that you not only have creative thinking but also know how to use that creativity well to solve crucial problems.
  • Good organizational skills: Organization is also a vital part of creative thinking. You must organize all your ideas well for others to understand and follow. Thereby, the leader will also appreciate your creativity.

Creative thinking is a must


Creative thinking is a must

Attention to detail

Leading engineers always have to handle complex problems and projects that involve tens or hundreds of people. A small mistake at any time in the planning, development, or construction process can lead to failure. A failed project not only drains your budget but also affects your workforce and credibility.

Therefore, attention to detail is strikingly critical for senior engineers. When implementing a strategy or project, you should consider all the relevant factors (even the smallest ones), always keep the work in mind and ensure the process goes smoothly.

Mathematical and scientific skills

Computers can only follow instructions, so engineers must first figure out how to solve numerical problems before telling the computer what to do.

You don't have to be a mathematical and scientific expert. You only need to grasp the mathematical and scientific concepts needed in your field of work.

Engineers must deal with images and numbers at work every day. That's why schools nowadays put so much emphasis on subjects like algebra, geometry, calculus, etc. Science will help engineers solve problems by examining and using the scientific method. Therefore, having mathematical competence is essential.

Leadership skills

Engineers are often known for their technical abilities. However, leadership skills are equally important. During project management, you need to learn how to delegate tasks, organize groups of people, and coordinate complex processes.

To improve these skills, you must focus on your main job and grasp new knowledge. The more you do, the more you learn. By taking on many positions, you can become an excellent leader.

Great leaders can always anticipate potential threats before they occur, thereby preventing them timely and seizing the opportunity to benefit businesses and employees.

To lead well, engineers must also know how to listen. To listen effectively, you must maintain eye contact and avoid distractions. With excellent listening skills, you will get contributions and opinions that can support your work to change in the most positive direction.

Senior positions require good leadership skills


Senior positions require good leadership skills

Communication skills

Engineers will communicate with colleagues internally and externally, including clients, the public, and people without a technical background. Importantly, you must have the ability to communicate and translate your specialized knowledge into terms they can understand.

4. Tips for recruit talents

Pay attention to the working environment

The first secret to hiring senior engineers is to turn the work environment into a comfortable place only behind their home. The working environment is the leading factor in attracting talent. Even if the remuneration is not as good as in other places, an ideal working environment will still be a factor in helping managers successfully recruit potential candidates.

No employee wants to work in an uncomfortable environment. Therefore, your company must create a comfortable working environment for employees to be freely creative at work. When candidates come to your business, show them what great benefits the working environment will bring to their career development.

Don’t take the qualifications too seriously

Many recruiters pay the most attention to the candidate's qualifications. But reality has proven that not everyone with a good degree can work well. If you ask candidates about the degree when the interview just begins, they will not want to have a long attachment with your business(even if they're talented ones).

Instead of talking about qualifications, ask about problems that candidates have experienced and the experience and skills they have accumulated. Or recruiters can also raise an issue, then ask candidates to give their thoughts and ways to solve it. These will be much more practical and useful.

Take action quickly

If the senior engineer recruiter has found a potential candidate that fits all the requirements, do not hesitate to contact that candidate immediately. Some businesses have the recruitment process including 4-5 steps before the final interview round. This is the reason why recruiters lose good candidates for the position they are looking for.

If candidates have the ability, they will never sit still and wait for a call from you. If you don't contact them, they will find another recruiter. In addition, the delay in recruiting also makes the candidate think you do not believe in their ability to work. And when you contact them, they have gotten a job in another company.

Don't hesitate to contact good candidates 

Don't hesitate to contact good candidates

Give attention to candidates with high passion and enthusiasm

Potential candidates are always the first choice for recruiters. However, recruiters should also consider carefully whether that potential candidate has a genuine passion and enthusiasm for the job.

Many candidates know their strengths well, so they do not have the will to advance and orient themselves at work. With their talent, they solve their problems without caring about the opinions of others. Individual actions in a group will not be accepted and followed by the leader.

Get information on candidates

Many recruiters often do not pay attention to the candidate's CV and only read it when meeting the candidate. This makes candidates feel disrespected and unworthy of the job they are applying for.

Finding out the candidate information in advance will help the recruiter understand the candidate's qualifications, skills, and experience. From there, the conversation during the interview is also more comfortable and recruiters will know how to ask the right questions to know more about the candidate. This is one of the best tips for recruiting good engineer candidates.

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