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“One tree cannot amount to anything; three can look like a mountain”—the collaboration of many people, combining teamwork to promote high work performance.

Teamwork is an indispensable skill for any individual, organization, or business. A goal is best accomplished only when the strength of the whole group and many members is promoted. Many factors make up effective teamwork, so you need to improve them, in turn, to develop at their best. Continue to accompany Navigos Search to discover through this article!

1. Definition of teamwork skills

Teamwork skills are the creation and maintenance of relationships of 2 or more people to actively cooperate and achieve common goals. In simple terms, teamwork is a combination of members in the same group, an organization to promote the advantages of each member to perform and complete common tasks.

What is teamwork skills?

2. The advantages of teamwork skills

Increase engagement

The first great benefit of teamwork is to help establish and develop good workplace relationships. When working in a group, you have to talk and interact with other members, helping everyone feel comfortable and open to communicating.

The members also encourage and motivate each other to work and, trust is enhanced, the spirit of cohesion is more chained. Thanks to that, all unnecessary misunderstandings are eliminated, which is the key to the success of any business.

Communicate more effectively

Teamwork is when members have to communicate continuously with each other. In the process of exchanging work, people are given new and original ideas and presented in front of the crowd. Thereby, communication skills are also improved.

Reduce pressure load, improve work productivity

Teamwork means that the work will be divided into small tasks, and each individual will be in charge of the work appropriate to their capacity and strengths. Founder Henry Ford said, “If everyone moves forward together, success will come by itself.” When each team member only focuses on a particular part of the work, the work pressure is significantly reduced, and the quality and performance of work are improved.

In the teamwork process, everyone will be more responsible because if they do not complete the work on time, it will affect other group members. From there, colleagues and superiors will underestimate the working attitude of the whole team. Even individuals who fail to complete may have to quit their job after repeated failures to complete their assigned tasks and work as a team.

Great learning opportunity

Working in a team allows you to learn from the mistakes of other members to avoid repeating them later. By collaborating with colleagues in the workplace, you will have the opportunity to learn from them and improve your expertise and work skills. Not only that, you will build more good relationships. At some point, they are the ones who help you get the opportunity to develop your career later. This is also an excellent opportunity to demonstrate leadership, task management, and problem-solving skills while participating in joint projects. It helps your CV stand out and edge over other job seekers.

Opportunity to learn and improve yourself

Support  businesses for attracting talents

With the strong economic development, production, and business, more and more companies have been established. Therefore, the competition between companies and organizations to find potential candidates has also increased significantly. Employees will have diverse job opportunities, and most tend to find a place with a friendly working environment, sociable colleagues, and easy coordination.

The famous American poet Mattie Stepanek affirmed that “Unity is strength. When there is teamwork and cooperation, great things can be achieved.” Therefore, if the enterprise has a strong teamwork culture, it will succeed and attract and retain qualified candidates.

3. The art of effective teamwork

Here are tips for improving practical teamwork skills:

Have a common goal

In a group there will be many people and each member will give different opinions and arguments. You must note that your statement must align with the focus and the work to be solved. You and all members must focus on the common goal as a group.

Team spirit is a solid foundation to build and strive for a common goal. Each group member needs to take it out to orient what they need to do and how to do it. When everyone has the same plan, strives, and shares responsibility, the work will be more convenient and achieve good results.

Strong Leadership

An energetic and committed team leader will help speed up the team's work. A good team leader must ignore personal goals, put the importance of the group's goals first, and guide, ensuring that all members are focused on getting the job done. During the implementation process, the team leader also needs to follow the progress closely to understand the completion level and provide support when necessary for the team.

Listening and Persuading

In the process of exchanging ideas, all members need to listen attentively to understand, give accurate comments, and show respect. When a problem occurs, many opinions will be given. If you are confident and sure of your point of view, provide arguments and proof to convince people that that option is the most effective and worth choosing.

The important of listening skills

Reasonable distribution of work

Proper distribution of work is a necessary skill in a team leader. This person needs to understand the capacity of each individual to arrange and assign appropriate tasks to achieve maximum results on schedule. If there are problems between members or issues arising from work, the position of team leader also needs to stand to solve them to ensure that teamwork and common goals are not affected.

High sense of responsibility

Whether working alone or in a group, it is necessary to have a sense of responsibility for the job. For teamwork, you also need to be more responsible with your assigned work and other work of your teammates. If you have finished your work, you should still support your teammates to achieve the final result quickly and in the best way.


Ensure the whole team has enough time to work for you because this is very annoying and affects the overall work. If each member is aware and does the job on time, the working speed of the whole team will undoubtedly be much higher.

In addition, for effective teamwork, each person needs to lower their ego and respectfully listen to others, and everything will become more accessible and practical. Hopefully, with some of the above, you have had more methods to improve your organization's teamwork skills.

Indeed, teamwork plays an essential role for all individuals and businesses today. This is also one of the employers' top priorities when looking for potential business candidates. Therefore, a candidate looking for a job must practice good teamwork skills to conquer employers.

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