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Hotel management is an industry that is being sought by many people. So, is it difficult for you to become a senior hotel manager? What qualities and skills are required? Let's find out with Navigos Search through the following article!

1. What is a hotel manager?

Hotel Management is to organize and manage all activities of the hotel in a scientific and effective manner. The hotel manager will set up rules to manage each part of the hotel, from reception to food, events, financial results, revenue and expenditure records related to the general operation of the hotel. 

Hotel Manager is a person who organize and cover all the hotel operation

Hotel Manager is a person who organize and cover all the hotel operation 

2. The responsibilities of a hotel manager?

  • Supervise personnel from hotel receptionists, kitchen staff, to office personnel.
  • Monitor and evaluate employee performance to improve customer service.
  • Manage, track and maintain budgets and payments.
  • Assign responsibilities, assign KPIs to employees to ensure work efficiency.
  • Apply marketing strategy to promote hotel services and amenities.
  • Coordinate with external partners including suppliers of raw materials, food and ingredients, tour operators,...
  • Evaluate the business performance of the hotel.
  • Ensure compliance with health and safety regulations.
  • Participate in room rate setting activities.
  • Report periodically to the Board of Directors.

3. The requirements of a hotel manager?

Understanding hotel business

Any manager must have a deep understanding of his or her profession. As with a hotel manager, they must be trained in specialized knowledge such as reception, event organization, immigration, management, ...

In addition to specialized knowledge, mastering the knowledge of history, geography, culture and cuisine in the world is also very important for this position.

Financial management and organization skills

You must receive guests, maintain relationships with partners, manage important issues of the front office, rooms, security, finance and also develop the capacity of the staff… To do well for the above job, you need to have organizational skills and know how to manage finances effectively.

Specifically, you must be able to read reports, understand basic concepts, and analyze financial data. The manager will have to set the room rate based on the approved budget and reconfirm the budget with other departments. In addition, the person working in this position also periodically monitors the hotel's profits to report to superiors and to suggest reasonable business strategies.

Communication and persuasion skills

Managers will regularly contact and communicate with employees, partners and customers. They are also the representatives of the hotel to give presentations and sign contracts with partners and senior representatives.

Those jobs require you to be fluent, tactful, and impressive. Besides, the ability to communicate and persuade is also essential for you to negotiate or handle customer-related issues effectively.

Communication and persuasion skills is crucial

Communication and persuasion skills is crucial 

Good language skills

With the current trend of economic integration, foreign languages are a must for hotel managers. Vietnam's tourism industry is growing and the number of international tourists is very large. Having a good command of foreign languages, you will be able to communicate with them in the best way and easily advance in your work.

Proficient computer skills

Computer skills are a must for hotel managers in the world of evolving technology, most of the work is done on computers. You must use a computer to monitor and control activities at the hotel. That means you will have to be proficient in using computer software to interact with colleagues, employees and customers.

With stand work pressure, love the job

The profession of hotel management is likened to the profession of "having to please everyone" with a large amount of work. Work is abundant and continuous, so most hotel managers are stressed. Therefore, before deciding to follow this career, you should prepare mentally to overcome difficulties and complete the job well.

Not only hotel management but any profession also needs to have a love for the job. Therefore, if you do not have enthusiasm, it is easy to get bored and give up. Moreover, you are also the person who inspires other employees and if you do not love your job, you cannot motivate the people around you.

Listening skills, flexible handling of situations

Be very patient to listen and tactfully handle all situations that arise. Every day, managers have to interact with hundreds of people, including superiors, employees, customers,... Therefore, if you don't have good listening skills, you can't keep your composure, it's very difficult to handle the above tasks effectively. 

In particular, in a situation where a customer is dissatisfied with the service attitude of the staff, or a superior criticizes you, if  you were to lose control then things will go very far. Even, sometimes bringing unnecessary losses to the hotel and yourself. In addition, managers must understand the psychology of customers and employees to be flexible to promptly handle problems arising at work.

As a leader, you need to have active listening skills

As a leader, you need to have active listening skills

4. Benefits and career opportunities for hotel managers

As a senior leadership position in hotels, in addition to high salaries also have good remuneration. Normally, the salary of this position starts from 15 - 20 million/month and in established and well-developed hotels can be up to 45 million - 60 million/month. Some other benefits are shuttle bus, assistant to support work, insurance, bonus, travel,...

The rapid integration and development of the service industry has led to the birth of countless hotels, especially in big cities, tourist cities,... Therefore, the demand for hotel management recruitment is increasing. However, this job requires a high level of experience and expertise, and if you work hard, you will be promoted to this position easily.

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