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What is a production planning manager? Where can you find a high-quality production planning manager job quickly? These are some of the questions asked by many candidates. If you want to know answers to these questions, let's take a look at this article.

1. Master the work of a production planning manager

1.1 What is a production planning manager?

A production planning manager is a person who is responsible for planning and monitoring the production process to ensure the accuracy, quality, and timeliness of the production process in accordance with the set plan.


Production planning manager is responsible for the production process

Production planning manager is responsible for the production process

1.2. Responsibilities of a production planning manager

Production planning managers are the core force of a factory. They are responsible for ensuring the source of raw materials and goods for the production process to save budget and meet the quality specifications. They must also maintain a standard workspace to bring optimal working performance for employees.  

Depending on the size and organizational structure of each field at each enterprise, the specific work of the production planning manager will be different. In general, they must undertake the following responsibilities:

  • Work directly with clients, receive and clearly define client requirements.
  • Analyze warehouse data and production equipment, and calculate costs and number of manpower to meet the production process well.
  • Make production plans and estimate the completion time.
  • Implement production plans and impart them to departments and ensure workforce and material resources are always available.
  • Monitor process, production progress, and track orders.
  • Troubleshoot problems that occur in the production process and provide handling orientation timely.
  • Manage invoices and orders, and control production budget.
  • Report and analyze the production process to the Chief Product Officer (CPO).
  • Consult and propose methods to improve work efficiency.

2. Find out the salary of this position in the market

Typically, the salary of a production planning manager ranges from 7 to 15 million VND/month. However, for those with high qualifications and many years of experience, the salary can be up to 20-25 million VND/month.

In addition, enterprises often appreciate this position. Therefore, the remuneration regime is also attractive, including travel, holidays, Tet bonus, health insurance, project-based bonus, and more.


As production planning managers take on many responsibilities, the salary for this position is relatively high

As production planning managers take on many responsibilities, the salary for this position is relatively high

3. Hone the required skills

Production planning managers have to take on quite a large amount of work. Therefore,  those undertaking this position must meet many requirements of qualities and skills to complete the job well.

Expertise in the field of production

Each manufacturing company will have different characteristics in technical quality standards of products, equipment, machinery, and labor. Therefore, you must have expertise in the manufacturing industry and understand each manufacturing stage to make an accurate production plan and execute it effectively.

Good analytical and logical thinking skills

Production planning managers must first have good logical thinking as this position forces them to analyze the method of organizing materials, labor, and labor norms in the most optimal way. Therefore, before receiving a production project, they must think logically to calculate efficiency without wasting costs of the business.

To make a production plan and implement it in an effective and standard way to bring high productivity, the production planning manager must understand the requirements, production criteria, and product attributes. Besides, organizational activities must be accurate, scientific, and feasible.

The production planning manager must also grasp the characteristics of each production stage and each working position to have a specific plan and optimize resources. Inappropriate organization and norms of labor groups will waste the budget and affect the production process.

Ability to plan production processes

To have an efficient production process, you must have the skills to plan and give the most specific and reasonable production schedule. A manufacturing process requires many stages and the involvement of many departments. Therefore, making plans specifically and carefully will help increase work efficiency and minimize risks that arise.

In addition, in the event of an incident, you must adjust the plan flexibly to ensure the quality and schedule.


Ability to plan production processes

Ability to plan production processes

Excellent problem solving skills

The process of working and manufacturing products will inevitably have problems that planners can't predict. Therefore, the production planning manager must have excellent problem-solving skills.

When a problem occurs, you must stay calm to find its cause, then offer the best solution timely without affecting the business and clients.

Computer skills, proficient use of high-tech support tools

Production planning managers will be in charge of managing records and documentation and making detailed production plans. Therefore, you must have good computer skills in Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Email to do your job well.

Information technology and automation solutions are increasingly playing a vital role, helping foster the industrial revolution 4.0. From big data to virtual reality, the manufacturing sector is undergoing digital transformation to improve efficiency. To make the most of this powerful trend, enterprises need to use effective production planning and management software.

Currently, there are many applications and software supporting production planning and reporting. The proficient use of high technologies will increasingly support production planning managers in their work. It makes work go smoothly and helps you look more professional and save time.

Priority will be given to those who have working experience 

Once you have experience working in production and understand the problems that often occur in the production process, you can become a good production planning manager. Production planning manager recruitment companies are long to recruit such candidates.


Having working experience is an advantage when you want to get the job as a production planning manager

Having working experience is an advantage when you want to get the job as a production planning manager

4. Choose a reputable job search channel

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