The secret to boost sales for every B2B Sales Representatives

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Are you a B2B Sales Representative? Do you wish to advance your career? Are you struggling to bring home higher income? Whatever it is that you are seeking will be elaborate in this article. Pick up these tips to help your career path.

1.  What is the job of a B2B Salesman?

A B2B Sales Representatives is someone whose job is to find and convince customers to buy or use company’s product or services. Although it might seem familiar with regular salesman but their target is other businesses.

Main duties are as below:

+ Finding prospect customers, nurturing relationship with current customers.

+ Conducting market research and competitors

+ Identifying and analyzing customer needs and propose suitable solution

+ Introducing products and services to customers

+ Convincing customers to believe in product quality and brand’s equity

+ Negotiating price, delivery

+ Presenting company at events, commercial exhibition

+ Supervising purchase order progress

+ Supporting in planning promotion, sales policy

+     Collecting and analyzing data of market, competitors, customer feedback

+ Ensuring sales target, reporting to CCO

2.  What criteria is essential for successful B2B sale representatives?

What makes a good salesperson?

As mentioned above, the type of customer that a B2B sale rep target mostly are businesses. Hence the need for expertise, experience as well as work skill to ensure their professional competency.

Develop your expertise, gain more experience

This position requires a College degree and above, majoring in Business Administration, Marketing, Commerce, International Business, or other related major and also a minimum of 2-year work experience in business.

Decent knowledge regarding company’s products and services is essential to persuade any customer. Especially when knowledge of the world business is so wide and ever-changing. Acquiring profession expertise and equipped yourself with experience are prerequisite to succeed in this career.

 Accurate evalation of products, services

The B2B representatives need to compare and evaluate features of their own products and that of competing product or market standard, thereby drawing conclusions on the strengths and weaknesses to help with effective planning.

If the product or service providing is less attractive in term of quality, ingredient, feature,… then make an effort to charm customer by upgrading secondary services such as warranty, refund,..

Establishing and maintaining relationships

A B2B sales requires a lot more time and effort to be closed. Therefore, establishing and nurturing the relationships are vital to expand their network.

By actively participating in business conferences and trade communities to expand your connection with organizations and corporations. Be aware that after making first impression, a B2B sales rep need to make continuous follow-up to address their concern relating to the product/service in time in order to close the deal.

Draw a schedule, make a plan

Aforementioned, it takes lots of time to persuade a customer. In many cases, heaps of time and effort was invested yet customer refuses to buy/use the product.

Therefore, they need to draw a schedule and make detailed plans for each fourp of customer to increase efficiency in marketing.  Well preparation can also help build better customer relationship, project a professional image as a salesman and eliminate negative feelings toward the business and products.

Negotiation and Persuasion

Negotiation and persuasion are critical skills for those working in the business industry. During the conversation, don't just focus on consulting about products and services, but B2B sales rep need to improvise by making interaction, offer to discuss customer needs and expectation, then sensibly present the best solution might be using the merchandise provided. Any B2B sales rep need to learn by heart that a conversation is only successful when resulted in a win-win situation.

Negotiation and persuasion is vital for any sales

3.  What is the expected income

It is very difficult to figure out the exact income of a B2B sales rep because in addition to the basic pay ranging from 5 to 10 million VND/month, they also receive commissions, incentives, bonuses... High competency and relentless efforts will get them lucrative salary.

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