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The responsibility, requirement and income of branch manager

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The responsibility, requirement and income of branch manager

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Currently, branch manager is a potential position that is being sought by many candidates. So what about the job description, requirements and salary of this position? The information shared by Navigos Search will be a useful resource to help you better understand what you need to do in the future. Do not miss it!

1. Who is a Branch Manager?

A branch is an affiliated unit of a business, established for the purpose of expanding business scale and market. Branch Manager is the lead person who is responsible for operating, managing and deciding all activities and business of the branch based on regulations issued by the business; as well as the legal representative for the branch assigned by the business to be in charge.

Branch Manager is the head of a branch belongs the business

Branch Manager is the head of a branch belongs the business

2. The main responsibility of Branch Manager


CEO will assign the management rights of branch employees to Branch Manager in accordance with the policy of the business. Accordingly, subordinate personnel working at that branch must comply with their direction.

In addition to human resource management, the person working in this position is also responsible for the management and use of assets and capital development of the business. Branch Managers need to have specific policies to make the best use of human and material resources within their management authority.

Recruiting and training human resources 

Normally, the Branch Manager is not directly involved, but only manages the recruitment to ensure the quality of the input personnel for the branch and to serve the overall development of the business. However, in important positions, the Branch Manager can directly participate in the interview process for further analysis  of the professional requirements of the candidate.

Training and guidance is the duty of managers. The branch you are in charge of will need staff to maintain and operate. This team consists of individuals with different tasks and functions and a manager is responsible for training new people.

As the head of a branch, the branch manager must understand the work of each individual and manage employees, monitor and supervise the progress of work completion. This will help minimize the gap between the proposed plan and the actual situation. In addition, the leader must know the capacity of each employee, support and motivate them to perform their tasks when necessary.

Specialized tasks

When participating in the economic market, business must build a solid "backbone" for long-term survival, which is business activities. Therefore, the branch manager must know how to develop and manage an effective business plan.

They also have to focus on many other strategic areas of the branch business including marketing and sales. Specifically, they must build a marketing strategy based on previous research, coordinate personnel, deploy advertising, and attract customers. At the same time, manage sales and liabilities according to each customer group and build a way to distribute goods and products to create a variety of business forms for the branch.

Branch Manager is the head of a branch belongs the business

Branch Manager is responsible for business activities of branch

During the branch operation, the Branch Manager will grasp the financial position of the business. If there is a problem, they will report it to the administrative office of the head office for timely resolution. Every month, the CEO will receive the sales targets of the branches. Therefore, Branch Manager needs to perform the above-mentioned professional tasks, from sales, advertising to marketing, etc. to achieve the required sales target.

During the management process, Branch Manager should synthesize comments and suggestions from staff in the branch to promptly detect vulnerabilities and provide quick remedial solutions. If the problem is out of control, it will be reported to the head office for the most appropriate solution. If you complete the above tasks well, the Branch Manager position will be consolidated and have the opportunity to advance to higher positions.

3. The requirements of Branch Manager

Normally, those who are selected for this position will have to graduate from a university or higher, with priority in business administration, economics, marketing, finance,...

In terms of experience, Branch Manager recruiters require candidates to have at least 5 years of industry experience. They will review resumes to determine if the candidate has management experience or is just starting out. So, take the time to gain experience before applying.

In addition, you must also have knowledge of computer offices, especially proficient use of software for business activities. Not only that, this position also requires foreign language knowledge because the distinction of the leader's job is to regularly expand relationships and networks.

At the top of a branch, your image has a great influence on the brand image. Therefore, leaders need to be aware of their position and manners. Positive attitude and good image are the face of the brand in front of partners, customers and staff.

In business, you always have to negotiate internally to solve internal problems and negotiate externally with customers and suppliers. Therefore, you need to be a professional negotiator to help protect the interests of the business and increase profits for the store.

Some other important requirements are also included in the selection criteria for branch directors such as listening skills, leadership ability, good persuasion, high sense of responsibility, initiative,...

4. What is the salary of a Branch Manager?

The average salary of the Branch Manager position is about 40 million VND/month. However, this number will not be fixed, depending on the development, the number of customers using the branch's products and services and the working capacity of each person.

The business results of the branch will depend a lot on the working experience and management style of the Branch Manager. When mastering the above capabilities, a well-developed branch will certainly give you a good salary.
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Branch Manager will get a engaged salary

Branch Manager will get a engaged salary 

5. The best address to find the branch manager job

Currently, there are many reputable recruitment sites for candidates to find Branch Manager jobs in particular and other positions in general. As a senior leadership position, to quickly get the job you want, choosing high-level recruitment sites is the best solution. Among them, Navigos Search is considered the leading prestigious high-level recruitment site in Vietnam.

Established in 2002, Navigos Search belongs to Navigos Group, which is the owner of the number 1 recruitment website in Vietnam - VietnamWorks. At the website interface, there is a feature to filter all businesses that are recruiting for the Branch Manager position and display in the search results after a few seconds.

In addition, Navigos Search owns a team of consultants who understand the value of human resources, understand the labor market, and are always ready to support, advise, and discuss with candidates about the most suitable employer. .

With a strict working process, based on capacity, experience and labor market situation, recruitment specialists will conduct a search for suitable job positions for candidates. Especially, after the candidate has been selected, Navigos Search will continue to closely support in the process of "success after achieving the dream job".

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of recruiting senior personnel, Navigos Search is proud to bring millions of mid-level and senior-level jobs at businesses and multinational companies across Vietnam to job seekers. With outstanding advantages, Navigos Search is proud to be the most perfect bridge between candidates and employers.

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