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The increasing demand for employee recruitment in the market and fierce competition has made recruitment specialists a hot and highly competitive position. However, to successfully apply for this job is not simple because the candidates must meet various requirements. In this article, Navigos Search will bring you the most useful guides fto successfully acquire a recruitment specialist position.

1. Find out what is a recruitment specialist?

A recruitment specialist is a person who recruits employees for an enterprise. They are responsible for identifying recruitment needs, planning and screening the most suitable candidate for the job requirements. The recruitment specialist will work for a certain company or work for a 3rd company that specializes in providing recruitment services for businesses.

A recruitment specialist is a person who recruits employees for an enterprise.

2. Get a grip on the job description

Knowing the description will help you self-assess the appropriate level of professional competence when applying for a position and better understand the goals and responsibilities that come with that position. At each business, the recruitment specialist will take on different detailed jobs. However, the main duties of the job are still:

  • Identify staffing needs and develop a recruitment plan
  • Organize necessary events to attract quality personnel
  • Screening CVs, sorting candidate files
  • Schedule face-to-face interviews or conduct pre-qualification by phone
  • Test and evaluate candidate's ability
  • Building a network of qualified candidates for future employment
  • Provide information about benefits, policies, regulations, obligations for new employees, ...
  • Coordinate with departments to evaluate probation results
  • Send notices and sign contracts with employees who pass the probationary period
  • Summarize and report the work to the Director of Human Resources (CHRO)

3. Acquiring professional knowledge and accumulating experience

You can choose to attend university courses in human resource management, office administration, or related courses to improve professional knowledge. Even without prior experience in the HR field you can still submit your CV to apply for the position of a recruitment specialist with other prior experiences, for example, experience in administrative work, business administration, ... When possessing professional capacity and related experience, the chances of being recruited are entirely possible.

Professional expertise and experience are vital in the application process

4. Important skills to overcome professional obstacle

Maybe you haven’t heard but this job comes with many difficulties:

  • Fake/false candidate profiles:: The rapid development of technology and the emergence of recruitment websites have made it easy for candidates to create a CV, but there are also too many false profiles that make it difficult for employers to identify.
  • Time-consuming to choose appropriate employment channel: In order to access a large and quality source of candidates, it takes a lot of time for professionals to choose a reputable job searching site.
  • Recruiting the wrong candidate: Failure to accurately assess the candidate's ability causes the wrong person to be recruited
  • Employees quit halfway: Maybe that new employee is not effective, has a negative attitude, ... which leads to quitting. This is both time-consuming and costly for recruiters and businesses.

Therefore, in addition to professional skillset and work experience, you need to hone related skills to ensure the best job. For the position of HR specialist, you need to work on communication skills, negotiation, active listening, time management, problem solving, work organization, teamwork, …

These skills are extremely useful tools for you to overcome obstacles in your career, take charge of finding quality candidates and become a professional recruiter.

5. Create an impressive CV

Before businesses spend their precious time to organize interviews, they need a CV to make a preliminary assessment of the candidate's ability. The employer's first impression of your CV will be directly proportional to the results you get. Therefore, you have to create a quality, impressive CV.

Highlight sections such as qualifications, work experience, professional skills, achievements, job goals, etc. All this information should be relevant to the position you are applying for and Please try to organize these as orderly, easy to see as possible.

A perfect CV will easily impress recruiter

6. Check out the best set of example interview questions

In order to triumph in every interview round, you must memorize frequently asked interview questions. With more than 20 years of experience in the field of recruiting mid to high-level personnel, Navigos Search recommends that you prepare the following recruitment specialist interview questions:

  • How do you build relationships with candidates?
  • How do you rate an effective recruitment process?
  • Is hiring speed important? Why?
  • What skills do you think are most important for this position? Have you already owned it?
  • How do you identify a candidate that fits the job requirements?
  • What will you do if a candidate reschedules the interview due to a problem?
  • When a potential candidate turns down a job offer, how do you handle it?
  • In your opinion, how does technology help the recruitment process?
  • Have you ever hired the wrong person? What did you learn from that?
  • How do you improve your professional knowledge?
  • Why do you think you are suitable for this position and apply at our company?
  • What will you do for our business?
  • What are your career goals for the next 5 years?
  • Besides interview questions, you also need to find out information about the position you are applying for, the interviewer, and pay attention to your attitude, words, gestures, clothing, interview time,... to make the best impression on the employer.

7. Apply in no time with Navigos Search

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