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With the strong development of the engineering and technology field, you will often see technician recruitment news. As this work is highly specific, technician recruiters require you to have expertise and experience.

Are you interested in a technician position? Are you sure you understand the concept of a technician and know his responsibilities? Do you have the opportunity to become a professional technician sought after by all employers? Let's find the answer through the information below.

1. What is a technician?

Technician (technical expert, technical staff) is a term referring to people with technical qualifications and work related to technology. Technicians can take on positions as IT technicians, electronics technicians, or mechanical technicians.

Those with high expertise in engineering are called professional engineers.

Definition of a technician

2. Technician job description 

There are many professions that need technician positions in Vietnam. Some popular technician positions include:

  • IT technician: Repair, install, maintain computer equipment, answer users' questions related to hardware, software, computer equipment, protect computer systems, and handle computer problems.
  • Construction technician: Design and construct buildings, structures, bridges, wastewater treatment systems, execute construction projects, consult and answer issues related to construction techniques.
  • Chemical technician: Identify, test, and handle problems related to chemistry such as petrochemical refining, waste treatment, biomedical engineering.
  • Electrical technician: Design circuits and electrical network systems, generators, communication systems, troubleshoot electrical network problems.
  • Mechanical technician: Design, construct, install, repair, operate machinery and related equipment, and propose solutions to improve equipment and machinery.
  • Interdisciplinary integration technician: Apply interdisciplinary technical expertise including petroleum engineering, aerospace, and energy to deploy and provide common improvement solutions.

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Duties of a technician

3. What does it take to become a technician?

To become a skilled technician, you must meet the following basic requirements:

Good professional knowledge

As a technician, you must be well-trained in the relevant field and have thorough professional knowledge of the field you take on. For example, if you are a computer technician, you need to study at universities majoring in software engineering, computer science, information science, and know about computers.

Technician jobs in various fields also require you to be proficient in the use of computer programs and systems/software commonly used in engineering projects to solve problems when machines malfunction or become damaged to make machinery and equipment operate normally.

Logical and creative thinking skills

The main job is related to engineering, handling, and problem-solving. Thus, you also need to have analytical skills, logical thinking, and creativity to find the cause and the most optimal solution to ensure that machinery and equipment operate normally and that everyone's work and operation process run smoothly.

Proficiency in computers

Being proficient in technical operations on computers, technicians can build many simulation models of complex systems to provide solutions and proposals to solve technical problems quickly. This skill requires you to research and study on your career path and working process. Thus, try to accumulate it.

Accurate and quick calculation skills

You need to have great thinking skills to calculate accurately. Because a small mistake can cause unpredictable consequences. Especially with highly applied technical equipment, the ability to accurately calculate on drawings and plans must be emphasized.

Good teamwork and communication skills 

Technicians must practice communicating clearly and skillfully as they must often explain technical terms to customers and people around them into simple and easy-to-understand words for others to grasp.

The nature of the work is relatively complex, involving many different projects and fields. Therefore, technicians do not work independently but need teamwork and good coordination to help the technical work and tasks go smoothly.

Carefulness and meticulousness

Engineering is a job that focuses on many small details, with the profession being design and operation. Thus, a small incident can affect the entire system. Furthermore, the losses from technical errors are huge. That is why you need to be careful during work to limit unnecessary incidents.

Problem-solving skills

Technicians specialize in troubleshooting and are responsible for the operation of machinery and equipment. This requires you to be flexible and bright as a button to promptly detect abnormalities and find the most appropriate solution to the problem to avoid severe and difficult-to-recover consequences.

Ability to keep up with new technology trends

In the era of continuous technological innovation, there are many new management software and techniques being created to optimize and improve work performance. Technicians must regularly update and grasp new things and new trends to serve their work well.

Capacity, experience, and skills requirements 

4. Attractive salary of technicians

The salary of technicians in Vietnam will vary depending on the job position,the professional capacity, and work experience of the person in charge.

In general, the salary of the technical candidates mentioned above is about VND 6 - 25 million per month. An IT technician can receive VND 12 - 20 million per month, a mechanical technician can earn VND 10 - 15 million per month.

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Attractive salary

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