How to propose a raise to help you achieve your expectations?

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In addition to professional capacity and working seniority, to successfully propose a salary increase, you need to know many other great tips.

Getting a raise is a difficult process. A good preparation and a tactful approach will give you the confidence to successfully propose a raise. Let's explore with Navigos Search the following secrets to get the expected salary!

1. When to propose a raise?

Considering the right timing is a smart way to propose a raise, you should keep the following in mind:

Good growth business

When the business is stable and profitable, you should ask for a salary increase. On the contrary, you need to absolutely avoid mentioning financial issues in case the business is having a hard time, even at a loss because doing so will only make the leader have a bad impression of you.

When asking for a raise, you also need to consider the current state of mind of the leader. If they are happy, they will easily open up to your offer, and if they are busy handling a lot of work, you should not continue to bother them.

When should a salary increase be proposed?

Department achieves high achievements

Not only individuals applying for a salary increase, but also the whole department and team achieved outstanding results, deserving of a simultaneous salary increase. If your role is department head, team leader, then try to lead the staff under you to achieve good results, create remarkable success to be recognized by the superiors. Taking advantage of this opportunity is the right time to propose a raise.

You always complete the assigned work well

The salary increase is always considered by business leaders based on many factors. The person who proposes to increase the salary must determine whether the current income level is worth the effort and brainpower that he has spent. Make a complete list of assignments completed, overshoots, overtime, and all the reasons you believe you deserve a higher salary. That will be the most concrete and honest evidence to present to the superiors.

Colleagues get a raise

If you find that your salary has a big difference compared to colleagues working in the same position, same duties and seniority, then proceed to ask for a raise. You should find out the average salary of the current job in the market to compare with your own income.

This is a powerful "weapon" in the salary increase negotiation, ensuring the best benefits for you. At the same time, this also shows your professionalism because you already know the value of your labor and brainpower.

2. How to successfully propose a raise

To get a raise is a long process of hard work and good results. But you also need to keep in mind the following tips to successfully propose a desired salary:

Survey of current average salary

One of the most common reasons why your proposal for a raise is rejected is that it is too high a salary. Maybe you are not currently receiving an income commensurate with your ability because the salary is still affected by the general salary level in the market.

Before proposing, take the time to survey, find out the average salary of the position you are holding. The two most objective sources of information are through industry relationships and surveys at large, reputable recruitment sites like Navigos Search for you to suggest an accurate salary. It is also a basis to help you and the business find a common voice in the salary negotiation process, ensuring fair benefits for both sides.

You need to survey the current average salary

Prove you can contribute more

In the process of working every day, show your boss what you have done and are doing to improve your professional capacity to contribute more to the business.

You can study for a 2nd degree, participate in advanced courses, get relevant certificates or improve your foreign language skills to confidently communicate and make presentations with foreign partners,... All are clear evidence for the superior to believe that you are ready for a higher position as well as a new salary. However, you need to show tact, to avoid the boss thinking that you are "taking the credit" to make the salary increase proposal fail.

A salary increase is not just an increase in money

In fact, there are many people who only focus on "wage increase" without accepting a smaller increase, but the welfare regime has been greatly improved. Those benefits can be more days off, regular team building, free professional training, etc.

You need to think about this solution if your business is under budgetary pressure. The salary increase is small, but the welfare regime is much improved, both helping you to be more satisfied with the working environment and have enough time to balance work and life.

Choose the right time

Time is also one of the factors that determine whether a proposal for a raise is accepted or not. You should present your expectations for a raise in your annual performance review as most managers anticipate this.

Please show professionalism and inform in advance so that your boss has enough time to arrange work as well as prepare to negotiate a suitable salary. The times when proposals are likely to be rejected are the peak recruitment season, the boss is under work pressure, the business finances are in trouble… The right job and the right time will increase the rate of proposal success.

The right time will increase the success rate of salary increase

How to react properly when rejected

If you apply the above suggestions, but your boss still refuses to increase your salary, what will you do? That rejection isn't the end, but sometimes, how you respond is the key to a successful raise. So when you are rejected, you should be professional with a demanding attitude and frankly discuss with your boss what you need to do to prove yourself more, with the proposed salary, what does the boss expect. ,...

A lot of businesses now have 2 employee reviews per year, so in 6 months you should try recommending again. With the knowledge and experience from the previous time, the rate of salary increase this time will definitely be higher.

In today's competitive labor market, if you have seniority and high professional capacity as well as well-prepared, you are fully entitled to the desired salary. Navigos Search wishes you success in the upcoming salary increase with the ways to propose a raise to your boss suggested above.

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