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Are you passionate about accounting? Are you looking for a job as a debt  accountant? However, you still do not fully understand the concept, duties, requirements as well as the promotion route of this position? So don't hesitate anymore, follow Navigos Search to get all these questions answered through the article below!

1. What is accounting liability? Who is the debt accountant?

A debt accountant is a person responsible for managing and tracking a business's debts, which can be a transaction that the business needs to pay or a transaction that the business is paid for. For small and medium-sized operating units, the general accountant will take on the task of tracking debts, while for large-scale enterprises, there will be a separate title called debt accountant.

The debt accountant is the person responsible for tracking the debts of the business

2. The scope of work of a debt accountant 

The scope of work of this position in each company and business is different, but in general they all have to do the following tasks:

  • Manage and ensure complete and accurate documents and contracts, monitor payment progress in each contract.
  • Monitor receipts, payments, advances and regular fund checks.
  • Prepare reports on internal debt balance periodically or at the request of the line manager.
  • Accurately calculate arising debts to make debt notices (internal and customer).
  • Perform cash collection and payment, cash advance periodically to compare cash balance with cashier.
  • Develop a plan to collect debts from customers, analyze and propose a plan to recover overdue debts, bad debts,...
  • Coordinate with departments to collect debts on time.
  • Push, make payment of due debts with suppliers, propose plans to superiors if enterprises are having difficulty in settling debts.
  • Present opinions to the Chief Accountant on the level and schedule of debt payment to customers.
  • Propose measures to collect debt more effectively and optimally.

3. Prerequisites to become a professional debt accountant

This position plays a very important role, affecting the existence and development of the business. Therefore, to become a good debt accountant, you must meet the following prerequisites:

Strong accounting and professional knowledge

If you do not have much experience in this field, try to build and master accounting knowledge to perform the tasks well. With solid knowledge, you will organize documents, determine debts, prepare reports, ... easily.
You also need to be proficient in professional skills to easily recognize and track the debts of each customer. In addition, good professional skills also help you to accurately calculate, properly offset debts between customers and know how to make reports when receiving requests from the line managers.

Candidates need to have solid knowledge and expertise

Proficient in the use of computers

The accounting profession always requires candidates to be proficient in using computers, specifically Excel, popular accounting software such as: MISA, FAST, LINQ, EFFECT, QuickBooks... to process data and reports as well as to work faster, more accurately and more efficiently.

Good organizational and analytical skills

The job section has shown that this position is always busy with many responsibilities to perform. Therefore, you need a system to track debt collection, completion deadlines, remaining debts,... to ensure the good completion of all tasks. You can use support tools such as calendars, planners, notes, ... to organize everything well. In addition, a good analytical ability will help you make the most reasonable and optimal decision in handling debts between customers and sellers, businesses and partners. 

Good communication skills, flexible handling of situations

As a debt accountant, effective communication skills will help you build lasting, good relationships with colleagues and customers. Thereby increasing work productivity and supporting future advancement. At the same time, you should also practice flexible problem-solving skills to avoid bad situations and behave skillfully during debt collection.

Being responsible, honest and meticulous

High work ethic, responsibility is an important factor when taking on the position of debt accountant. Because if there is no passion, no responsibility for the job, you cannot "survive" this profession. Because the nature of the job is to work directly with money, honesty is also a top priority in recruiting a debt accountant. If you are not honest, no one will assign you the role of managing debts.

You need to hone many important skills

4. What is the salary and career path for a debt accountant?

Every profession has a standard salary. The position of debt accountant will also vary depending on the capacity, experience of each person, the size and financial status of each business. But in general, for people with 1-3 years of experience, the salary is about 8-10 million VND/month. The salary can even be up to 9-12 million VND/month for candidates working in large enterprises and corporations. Besides, there are other attractive benefits such as high bonus, 13th month salary, insurance, travel,...
Normally, the promotion route of the debt accountant position is as follows: debt accountant → general accountant → chief accountant → senior management position, financial expert → Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Progression is fast or slow, depending on the efforts of each person.
You can learn and gain experience by participating in the audit field, an information technology course to support accounting, practice skills, ... to shorten your career development path. Possessing a progressive spirit, constant efforts and goals, a clear promotion path will help you to succeed.

5. How to quickly find debt accountant jobs?

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