Online recruitment - The inevitable trend in the digital era

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Not only in Vietnam, online recruitment has become a widely popular form around the world because of its convenience, providing a large and potential workforce for businesses. However, if the business lacks experience, it will make online recruitment less effective. To better understand online recruitment as well as have the proper solution, Navigos Search invites readers to follow the article below!

1. Online recruitment - The “golden” benefits

1.1. What is online recruitment?

Online recruitment is electronic recruitment, using web-based technology to conduct the attraction, recruitment, evaluation, selection, contacting of candidates and performing contracts on the website. 

Online recruitment is considered the most optimal solution for employees and businesses when needing recruitment because of its convenience and usefulness. With just clicks, employers have found a source of bright candidates for their business.

Online recruitment is the optimal solution for employers and candidates

Online recruitment is the optimal solution for employers and candidates

1.2. Online recruitment - The inevitable trend in the digital era

Quick interaction, solving the recruitment problem when needing a large number of personnel

Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter now have a large number of daily visitors. However, not everyone is looking for a job. Contrary to this, the users of the online recruitment sites have a desire to do this. Every day, hundreds of thousands and even millions of candidates access online job search systems. If you can reach them, the rate of getting applications to employers is very high.

With businesses that develop and grow stronger, they will regularly recruit human resources. However, recruiting large numbers is so difficult. When there are many vacant positions, immediately, you must have practical solutions to find and recruit personnel quickly. At this time, online recruitment is the solution to the problem of mass recruitment in businesses.

Recruiters access candidate applications easily

In the traditional way, to get candidate profiles, employers have to spend a lot of time contacting and waiting for  candidate’s resumes. This approach is considered passive and time consuming. Meanwhile, vacancies need to be replaced immediately so that the business can focus on effectively solving business operations.

At this time, online recruitment will provide a series of candidate profiles directly so that employers can clearly know who is the most suitable person through CV information on the candidate's website. Moreover, avoid wasting time with candidates who do not meet the criteria from the preliminary round.

Effective cost

Using recruitment websites means that human resource workers need to ensure the amount of money they spend for effective recruitment. Meanwhile, joining other channels will not help you guarantee the number of applications submitted by candidates.

Thus, you do not need to worry about the time passing and still no resume because recruitment websites will commit to getting the target. There are even some websites that only charge fees when you have successful employees or guarantee personnel during the probation time.

Engaged recruitment content 

The recruitment of personnel is always an issue that every business focuses on to build a quality staff. To find a source of potential candidates for each recruitment, businesses need to pay attention to creating job postings that attract candidates. The criteria required for a job advertisement are:

  • Unique, funny title
  • Clarifying the job description
  • Highlight the benefits of the position to be recruited: Salary, job benefits
  • Use a style that matches the job recruitment
  • Unique, interesting content

Posting jobs online gives you the opportunity to create diverse content that attracts job seekers. Besides, businesses that use technology effectively prove that they are not afraid to innovate and always keep up with new technologies and solutions.


There is so many advantages in online recruitment

There is so many advantages in online recruitment 

2. Highly effective online recruitment solution

Exploit information channels to support online recruitment

First of all, employers need to expand the scope and fully exploit online recruitment information channels. Especially for small businesses or startups with limited funding in large-scale recruitment campaigns, expanding the information channel is necessary.

To ensure that you find a diverse and quality source of candidates without spending a lot of time, you need to focus on fully exploiting large and reputable recruitment sites. Besides famous recruitment sites, businesses may also be interested in small, less prominent recruitment sites. Although new, low-profile job search websites can't guarantee the required source of candidates, in return they allow free, long-term postings.

In addition, businesses should also pay attention to the level of credibility when posting on social networking sites, or forums related to the field of recruitment.

Writing clear and engaged posting 

Both employers and candidates have many options for themselves. Therefore, in order to attract potential candidates from competitors in the same industry, businesses must focus on investing in clear and engaging job postings.

A clear job posting needs to include the following information:

  • Vacancies
  • Job duties 
  • Required qualifications, experience, job skills
  • Salary and benefits received
  • Recruitment deadline
  • Contact information: Business name, head office, phone number, website address,...

Finally, to really impress candidates, the posting must be attractive and innovative in words. Pay attention to the emphasis on benefits that the company will support such as insurance, higher-than-market income, job rotation, annual vacation, career development, promotion, work autonomy,...

You can highlight this piece of information by including features that are unique to your business, such as ongoing training, comfortable workwear, free lunches, friendly offices or anything else that makes candidates interested in your company.

Hold the initiative

If you choose to recruit through an online job search site, do not think that you are "free" in the task of "finding sand to find gold". Surely these sites will assist you to the highest level, but to improve efficiency and save time, you need to proactively contact potential candidates.

Most online recruitment sites allow employers to access candidate profiles. From here, you will screen, evaluate, review and contact the right candidates directly.

Never let yourself fall into a passive situation and wait for a message from a recruitment agency or an email from a candidate. Because these things will cost you a lot of effort, time and money. Even in many cases, you will have to regret for being "slower" when letting other employers take away the best candidate.


The recruiters need to proactively contact potential candidates.

The recruiters need to proactively contact potential candidates.

Special requirements for senior positions

Recruiting senior personnel is not an easy thing. In order to quickly and effectively filter out a series of "junk resumes", as well as save time interviewing incompetent candidates, your job posting needs to include special requirements. For example, candidates must take "small" tests or attach products and evidence to prove their ability.

For example, if your business is recruiting a sales director, you should ask the candidate to attach a resume along with business results, marketing campaigns, etc. This not only helps the screening process to be more effective, but the employer will have an accurate preliminary assessment of the candidate's qualifications.

3. - The leading selection for businesses and candidates 

Navigos Search is a recruitment website for mid-level and senior-level personnel with more than 20 years of operation in the Vietnamese market. impresses users with many outstanding advantages:

 Easily access job postings and find candidates quickly: In the Jobs category on the homepage, candidates will immediately have attractive job listings by industry, experience and location. With this, candidates will save time searching for the right job among countless job postings. Meanwhile, businesses will also get potential candidates quickly with the recruitment service through Navigos Search's headhunter.

 Cost savings for employers: By choosing recruitment service at Navigos Search, businesses will save a lot of costs such as posting, printing leaflets, etc. Instead, only one payment after successful recruitment. In particular, Navigos Search will continue to support and accompany businesses and candidates throughout the process of "success after achieving the dream job".

 Scientific, beautiful, accessible website interface: is scientifically designed, simple, optimal and user-friendly. The features on the interface are outstanding and very easy to use. Listed posting includes: 

  • Recruitment: Recruitment solutions, Consultants, Workflows
  • Employment: Job search, Recruitment process,
  • Trends: Market Reports, Facts, Helpful Tips
  • About us
  • Contact is a scientific, beautiful, accessible website 

  •  Website structure design standard SEO: The design structure of this mid- and senior-level recruitment page is designed to be friendly with search engines such as Google, Coccoc,... Therefore, job postings on Navigos Search are easy to rank high in search. Users can easily access the homepage of the website when searching for jobs through these tools and search by related keyword phrases.
  •  The visitors in great numbers: Navigos Search website is supported to share on many recruitment news sites via social networks such as: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter,... Therefore, recruitment information is always widely shared via social networking sites with a large number of people. Large access every day, helping to find potential employees quickly, senior personnel quickly. This is the reason why many senior HR recruiters choose the recruitment service at Navigos Search.

Moreover, Navigos Search belongs to Navigos Group, which owns the largest-traffic recruitment website in Vietnam - VietnamWorks. With a huge data volume of 375,000+ high-level candidates, 5,000,000+ recruiters registering for an account is a great advantage, helping headhunters support businesses in recruiting and finding candidates in all fields. 

In addition, the consulting team here are all university graduates or higher, all of them are well-trained through specialized skills courses and have at least 3 years of experience. They will always follow the company and the candidate in the process of success after joining.

During 20 years of operation in the Vietnamese market, the most valuable asset that Navigos Group as well as Navigos Search has is the largest and most comprehensive candidate database. The unit is proud to bring millions of quality jobs and support, accompanying hundreds of thousands of large and small businesses across Vietnam to get the best human resources.

Known for its culture of quality and people-centered service and constant efforts, Navigos Search has maintained its position as the leading recruitment service provider in Vietnam since its inception.

Experienced consulting team always give their best support for businesses and candidates

If you are aspiring to find a job that matches your capacity and experience, or your business is in need of online recruitment, do not hesitate to contact Navigos Search. Certainly, not only the candidates have the dream job, but also the business will have the most potential factor!

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