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The accountant is an important position that any business also needs. To make a successful accountant application, you need to regularly improve your accounting knowledge and skills in order to be proactive and flexible at work, and meet the development demand of the market economy as well as recruitment requirements.

So what are the knowledge and skills? Find the answer through this writing of Navigos Search.

1. High capacity and professional qualifications

In order to make a successful accountant application, first of all, you have to ensure the professional qualifications of an accountant requirement. This is not only an essential skill of every accountant but also a regulation according to Vietnamese Accounting Law. Any individual who wants to perform as an accountant has to have all relevant qualifications and certificates which are issued by the state, the competent authority.

The accounting capacity and professional qualifications are shown in specific activities such as:  establishing and presenting the report skills, analytical skills, financial statistics skills, and business financial management,...

The requirement for an accountant is the capacity and high professional qualification.


The requirement for an accountant is the capacity and high professional qualification. 

2. Office information technology skills 

Proficiency in office information technology is an extremely important skill for a professional accountant. These are tools that directly serve the work and help you complete the work efficiently and quickly. There are some softwares that an accounting candidate needs to be fluent: excel, misa, software for accounting, ...

3. Good at foreign language

Not only accountants but any job nowadays also requires good foreign language skills and mainly English. For private foreign companies or joint ventures, foreign language skills are a must for accountants. This field is directly related to domestic and international economic and financial law.

Having a good foreign language background will help accountants deeply understand the legal system, rules, and standards of partners and help the process of working, exchanging, and signing cooperation to perform smoothly.

4. Honesty and cautiousness

The characteristic of the accounting job is to manage and record data, and bookkeeping, ... Therefore, if the accountant is not careful and lacks the skills to arrange the work logically, the assumed situation of the loss of important papers and documents will occur often or make serious errors in financial statistics. Accounting is also a decisive position in the existence and development of a company or business. For this reason, besides the requirement of ethical standards, the accounting candidate must be careful and scientific.

Besides, honesty is also an important quality that is required for an accountant. Accounting work is closely related to the revenue of the business, if you want to make a successful accountant application as well as to stabilize and develop your career, the candidates need to build their reputation with managers. 

If there are any errors in your work like confusion about data and reports, an honest accountant will have a genuine solution, ready to be disciplined and proactively find a solution to deal with the problem.

The employers appreciate the accounting candidate’s honesty and cautiousness

The employers appreciate the accounting candidate’s honesty and cautiousness

5. Agility at work

A professional accountant is never to be passive at work, they always express their acumen to observe and grasp the trend of market economy development. From practical observations, accounting candidates can give objective assessments and effective solutions to help businesses get a new development direction, and improve competitiveness with other businesses.

6. Skills of observation, analysis, and synthesis

An accountant has to be in charge of many different work items such as reporting, collecting documents, recording data, and many other arising jobs. To meet the requirement of the job perfectly, accounting candidates need to have skills in analysis, synthesis, and good observation to promptly respond and provide the most effective solution for the job.

7. Good time management, high-pressure stamina

To make a successful accountant application, you need to determine this is not an appropriate job for people who lead the life of Riley and cannot suffer the work pressure. The characteristic of an accountant is often dealing with numbers, so the brain is constantly working and calculating. Especially the important periods such as the end of the month, the end of the quarter or the end of the year need to sum up revenue, pay salaries and bonuses to staff.

Therefore, accounting candidates should know how to manage and arrange their time logically. 

An accountant needs to have high-pressure work stamina


An accountant needs to have high-pressure work stamina

8. Good communication skills

Improving good communication skills will help accountants be able to express and present coherently, clearly, and accurately the financial situation of the business to the leaders and staff.

In addition, the accountant is also a consultant, presenting reports with many different data for managers, so developing communication skills is a very essential factor. The strength in communication is the advantage that helps candidates create sympathy and trust with employers.

9. Update trend

In recent years, with the development of science and technology, people have entered the digital technology era, and jobs and activities are associated with technology. Therefore, the accounting sector is also oriented to develop in the direction of applying technology 4.0 to ensure minimizing human labor still while bringing the highest economic benefits to the business.

Specifically, in the field of accounting, the application of digital technology helps the accounting work be carried out anytime, anywhere but still ensures efficiency. Data collection, processing, calculation, and reporting are done very quickly and promptly.

To take the effective application of technology, accountants are required to promptly update information, grasp and apply technology in accounting activities. The new development trend in the accounting field is towards using technology smartly and more efficiently such as AI technology, cloud computing systems, and big data, ... to replace the traditional ways. 

An Accountant needs to update trends rapidly


An Accountant needs to update trends rapidly

There are important skills to help you make a successful accountant application, constantly improving, developing yourself, and becoming a potential candidate in the eyes of employers as well as reaching certain successes for your career. To make a successful accountant application at a quality business, please contact Navigos Search by following the information below.

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