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In the current situation of the competitive labor market for talent, it is not easy to find successful Korean interpreter candidates. In particular, this profession is in a state of "thirst for personnel", it is even more difficult to recruit potential candidates for the business. If your business is having this problem, do not ignore the sharing below, surely Navigos Search will help "untie the knot" quickly!

1. An overview of Korean interpreter profession 

1.1. Who is a Korean interpreter?

A Korean Interpreter is a person responsible for conveying the Korean language into Vietnamese and vice versa. The person doing this job must be fluent in Korean, Vietnamese and understand the economy, culture and society of the two countries in order to interpret correctly.

A Korean translator is someone who translates Korean into Vietnamese

1.2. A detailed job description

A Korean interpreter must perform the following tasks:

  • Translating Korean to Vietnamese and vice versa in communications, exchanges, meetings, negotiations, conferences...
  • Drafting and translating written documents.
  • Record important contents in the process of interpreting and communicating, and report back to the management.
  • Translating letters and emails sent to businesses in Korean.
  • Contact and trade languages with partners.
  • Support other issues related to Korean.
  • Prepare reports on translation work.

2. The requirement about Korean interpreter profession

To recruit good candidates, managers must set certain criteria on qualifications, experience and skills. With long-term experience in the recruitment field, Navigos Search will suggest the most standard Korean interpreter recruitment requirements for this position, specifically as follows:

Fluent in Korean and Vietnamese

This is the first important skill of this job position. Candidates must be fluent and master the grammatical structure of Korean - Vietnamese because in the process of interpreting, they must use clear, coherent, and easy-to-understand language. Employers will give preference to candidates who have a Bachelor's degree or higher in the language department specializing in Korean or have been an international student in Korea.

During the translation process, they need to use their Vietnamese to express the most accurate Korean content. Possessing a good Vietnamese capital makes the translation smoother and smoother, the recipients easily grasp the information they are trying to convey. This position usually works in a certain industry or field, so they need to have solid professional knowledge in that field to become a successful interpreter. In fact, there are people who can communicate fluently in Korean and Vietnamese, but they cannot become a good interpreter in the business because they do not know the expertise and business activities of the unit.

Requirements for professional qualifications

Understanding the culture of the two countries Vietnam - Korea

Each country has its own distinct cultural characteristics. The interpreter not only translates from Korean to Vietnamese in theory, but also has to be a link to connect and tighten the culture between the two countries. With an understanding of the culture and customs of each region, they can interpret and convey the exact content of the story in the most natural way.

The ability to react, be careful to the work 

When working as a direct interpreter, they will not have time to consult a dictionary or think, so their good reflexes will help them translate accurately and quickly. At the same time, with this skill, the interpreter can handle arising situations well to make the translation process more convenient and effective.
With the translation profession, as long as a translated sentence does not match the meaning that the speaker wants to convey, the story content will go in a different direction. Therefore, carefulness is the core factor for them to ensure the accuracy of each word and sentence when interpreting.

Memorize and listening skils

In a working session, there will be a lot of information and content that needs to be translated from Korean to Vietnamese correctly. To do this, they need to capture and remember information quickly to express and convey easily to listeners.
The nature of the job requires people not only to memorize well, but also to have excellent listening skills. Listening skills are the stepping stone to help them remember information quickly, accurately and completely.

Pressure resistance ability

Many interpreter positions will frequently work with business owners. Leaders often set high and strict demands on their associates, so it is easy for the interpreter not to complete the job well. Therefore, when applying for this position, the candidate must clearly determine that he or she will have to withstand work pressure, know how to handle situations carefully to stick around for a long time and be more successful in the profession.

Candidates need to be able to withstand the pressures of the profession

Ability to organize work

With the assigned work requirements, the Korean translator can spend a whole day or a whole week to make a Korean - Vietnamese bilingual translation. However, in order for the work progress not to "stagnate", a professional interpreter must meet the requirements of accuracy and speed of work.
Maybe at the same time, they will have to interpret the meeting, translate the email sent by the customer, translate the reply email sent to the partner, etc. The surrounding task requires them to know how to manage their time well to Organize the work properly and keep up with the schedule.

Have a high sense of responsibility

The translation profession requires standard interpretation, not adding and commenting with personal opinions into the translation. They must work with a positive spirit and attitude and need to put themselves in the position of the speaker to convey the correct content. At the same time, it is necessary to carefully consider and check the details of each translation during and after the translation session, so when applying for this position, the candidate needs to have high responsibility for the job.

In addition to the above requirements, employers also require candidates to meet some additional basic requirements such as: proficient use of office computers, good communication, good observation ability, agility, Therefore, candidates should constantly try to learn and practice to increase their competitive advantage.

3. Why is it difficult to recruit good candidates for this position?

Hard to find suitable candidates

In fact, learning Korean to communicate is not too difficult, but becoming a good interpreter is not easy. Therefore, currently, there are not many qualified Korean interpreter candidates that meet the job requirements. Therefore, despite offering a high salary, it is still difficult to find suitable candidates.

Work pressure in the profession is not small

Translation is a profession that requires a lot of factors such as specialized knowledge, social knowledge, language ability, pressure, sense of responsibility, ... so it requires candidates to take a lot of time to translate. Not to mention the case that they have to stand in front of hundreds of people to translate and may be stopped when the listener does not understand or make mistakes, but they still have to ensure fast translation for time and accuracy.

Recruiting good candidates for this position is not easy

As mentioned above, sometimes the interpreter position will work regularly with business leaders and their requirements are very high. If the translator does not do a good job, it is possible that the translator will have his salary deducted and even fired. That creates career pressures and causes many candidates to "run away" from this profession. This is also one of the reasons why the recruitment market is "thirst" for Korean interpreters.

4.The best Korean interpreter recruitment solution

The solution to the problem of recruiting professional Korean interpreters in a short time is to use a recruitment service through headhunter. Headhunter service was born as a lifeline for businesses in recruiting quality personnel. With a large recruitment network, high accessibility, headhunters will find qualified Korean interpreter candidates that match the requirements of the business and quickly convince them to apply. For candidates with experience and qualifications but not actively looking for work, headhunters will help businesses find this pool of candidates.

Established in 2002, Navigos Search is considered the leading prestigious headhunter company in Vietnam today. The biggest advantage of Navigos Search is owning a team of extremely professional consultants. All of them have a Bachelor's degree or higher, have at least 3 years of work experience and are well-trained through specialized skills courses.

Navigos Search - Vietnam's leading talent hunting company

Based on a methodical working process, the specialist will accurately grasp the recruitment requirements of your business to conduct a thorough search, screening and bring the most suitable and qualified candidates.

Our working process is as follows:

  • Step 1 → Find out the needs of customers: Navigos Search sends you full service information, a team of human resource consultants, along with sample CVs, etc. Our consultants will visit your office/factory to better understand the nature of the industry, corporate culture and recruitment needs.
  • Step 2 → Record service usage information: The two parties will sign a contract and confirm the positions the company needs to recruit. Find out the requirements, benefits, and specific hiring requirements for each position.
  • Step 3 → Send candidate profiles to customers: Our team of consultants will base on your requirements and recruitment information to send you candidate profiles that meet the most recruitment criteria. 
  • Step 4 → Candidate Interview Support: Our consultants will work closely with you in the interview rounds to select the most suitable candidates.
  • Step 5 → Vacancy is completed: After the candidate has been selected, we continue to closely support the candidate in the process of preparing to accept the job and other relevant necessary stages.
  • Step 6 → Continue to accompany and support: Navigos Search continues to accompany customers and candidates throughout the process of "success after achieving the dream job".

In addition, with the optimal recruitment solution and more than 375,000+ potential candidate profiles available, we are committed to bringing good candidates to your business as soon as possible.
With more than 20 years of experience, Navigos Search is proud to be the number 1 "talent hunter" in Vietnam, helping hundreds of thousands of businesses and corporations get the best human resources and accompanying millions of candidates, helping them have Get your dream job within reach.

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