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In order for the company's business to run smoothly, the Relationship Manager position is indispensable. So, what is a Relationship Manager? What are the requirements to apply? How is the pay rate and job opportunity? Let's explore these issues with Navigos Search through article below

1. What is a Relationship Manager?

A Relationship Manager is a person who manages, maintains and expands business relationships with customers to help businesses develop sustainably and enhance brand image in the market.

The Relationship Manager position usually works at banks, securities companies, insurance companies, financial corporations, solution companies,... Here, Relationship Manager will be able to bring into play their role in managing business relationships with customers, partners, ...

Relationship Manager is the person who manages the relationship with customers

2. What is the role of a Relationship Manager

At different organization or business operating in different fields, the duty of the Relationship Manager will vary, but in general, the following are the primary responsibilities:

+     Develop positive relationships with customers, suppliers and partners

+     Build new business affiliation

+     Make ways to generate profits

+     Dissemination of sales strategies to the sales team

+     Motivate the sales process, customer service

+     Promptly dealing with customer complaints

+     Turn ward leads into prominent sales opportunities for businesses and distribute the sales strategies and opportunity to salesforce

+     Motivate sales process and customer service to not only generate more revenue but also provide the best customer experience

+     Research and analyze competitors to proactively enhance relationship management services

3. The requirements of being a Relationship Manager

As a position in charge of corporate relations, the recruitment requirements for this position are fairly high. Candidates need to possess professional qualifications, work experience and other relevant skills.

Qualification and experience

The Relationship Manager position requires candidates to be well-trained in Business Administration, Public Relations, Marketing,... and have at least 3 years of working experience in a similar position such as sales, customer care, business management, customer relationship management,... In addition, candidates also need to have in-depth knowledge in business, solid understanding both company and client’s operation fields and that of customers.

Excellent communication and effective cooperation

Communication and cooperation skills are necessary to nurture better relationships between businesses and clients. Relationship Manager needs to be clever in their manner of speaking in order to connect closely with customers and understand their needs.

A sustainable relationship needs to be built on the synchronization and cooperation of both parties. Therefore, in addition to good communication skills, a Relationship Manager must also know how to cooperate and when to be flexible to help company develop sustainably in the long term.

Accurate analysis

The Relationship Manager position also needs analytical skills to understand the business' products and services and current market trends. The more they understand, the more effective communication between customers and partners, resulting in better opportunities to meet market demand.

Listening and empathizing

Active listening will help Relationship Manager recognize the deepest message from the speaker, connect emotionally with the other person. At the same time, Relationship Manager also needs to show empathy to strengthen trust and reinforce the relationship.

Know how to compliment

Finding and emphasizing the good qualities of customers is a wise thing to do for any Relationship Manager that helps in maintaining a sustainable business relationship for the company. A business relationship can only be improved and nurtured when both parties are better off. Therefore, the Relationship Manager needs to show how much they appreciate their client’s significance and that their cooperation heads towards one common goal which is making a profit.

4. The Income

Currently, the average salary of a Relationship Manager ranges from 10-25 million/month. This will vary depending on one’s ability, experience and performance. In fact, there has been cases where highly efficient Relationship Managers get top-dollar.

As can be seen, the salary above matches with numerous candidate’s expectation nowadays, thus, it is not hard to see why the title attracts a majority of people.

The income of a Relationship Manager is attractive

5. Becoming a Senior Relationship Manager at Navigos Search

Relationship Manager or Senior Relationship Manager is not so much an in-demand job because in fact, each business only needs 1 or with large corporations there will only be 2-3 people holding this title. Hence, it  is difficult to find an open position for this title.

A great suggestion now would be submitting your application to a high-level human resource recruitment service of a reputable headhunter company. The "headhunters" experts here are those who have long-term experience in contacting companies and businesses that have recruitment needs. Thus, your perfect resume is an important instrument that allows these experts to connect you with an opening position.

Navigos Search is rated as the leading prestigious headhunter company since its establishment in 2002. Navigos Search's consulting team are experts who understand the value of human resources thoroughly. Please send your CV to Navigos Search to become a potential candidate and be contacted with suitable job openings.

Based on the methodical recruitment process and the candidate's qualification and experience, as well as the labor market situation, experts conduct research and discuss the working environment to find the most suitable position as Relationship Manager or Senior Relationship Manager.

After the candidate is selected, we continue to closely support the candidate in the process of onboarding and other relevant necessary procedures. With more than 20 years of experience, we are proud to bring millions of the best job opportunities to workers across Vietnam.

Whether you are looking to be a Senior Relationship Manager, Relationship Manager or just want to be informed about jobs that match your qualifications and experience, do not hesitate to contact Navigos Search. We aim to make constant effort in giving wings to candidates’ dreams through offering Vietnam's No. 1 professional recruitment service.

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