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Art Director is a popular job position among young people. However, this is the dream job of many people in the field of art. So what is an Art Director? What are its responsibilities? How to apply for the position of Art Director? All questions will be answered through the article below to give you a better overview of this industry. Let's follow it with Navigos Search!

1. Definition

An Art Director is a person who is responsible for shaping the style and visual images on art products such as magazines, websites, product packaging, or movies. In a nutshell, they are the ones who create the overall design, direct, and manage their team to develop those artworks. This is the position where creative ideas, aesthetics, and flexibility are needed to create designs drawing the customers' attention.

Know what is an Art Director

Stages to become an Art Director

It's challenging to become an Art Director and develop in this industry. This position requires you to practice and learn continuously to achieve success. You can come from a designer or a photographer, but the first thing is to have passion and experience in related jobs.

Some people studied in the right major and had many years of experience in a related position but still have not had the opportunity to develop to this senior position. What is the reason? It's because of the lack of enthusiasm at work and the necessary skills of an Art Director. Gradually accumulate experience and knowledge with a sharp mind and creativity. The road to this position will not be far away for you.

2. Learn about the work of an Art Director

Depending on the different professions, the Art Director will also have different responsibilities. However, in general, the person undertaking this position will have to work with artists, photographers, screenwriters, or editors. Their specific duties are:

  •  Identify efficient ways to present ideas visually and understandably.
  •  Select the necessary artistic image or elements to use for the work.
  •  Develop the overall look or style of the ad campaign.
  •  Manage and supervise design staff.
  •  Approve design, artwork, and staff-made graphics.
  •  Discuss and exchange with clients to understand their wishes to develop the project according to their requirements.
  •  Coordinate with other related departments to serve the process of creating works
  •  Estimates detailed budget and project implementation deadlines.
  •  Present concept to clients for approval.

Learn about the work of an Art Director

Besides, depending on the field, the Art Director also has its specific jobs, specifically as follows:

  •  In publishing: The art director will oversee the layout of the publication. They also decide to create art for the covers of books, magazines, and web publications.
  •  In the media and advertising at agencies: The art director must ensure that the client's message is conveyed to the consumer most clearly and effectively. They are also responsible for the overall responsibility of an advertising or communication campaign and may need to coordinate with the relevant departments.
  •  In film production: Art Director collaborates with directors and crew to determine what props and images will be needed for the film.

3. Arm yourself with necessary elements


Most Art Director recruiters require their candidates to have a diploma in fine art, design, or related fields to be able to assess their professional competence. This is one of the prerequisites when you apply for this position.


The degree factor is only part of helping you apply for the position of Art Director faster, but the work experience is the critical thing that leads to your chances of getting this position. Therefore, you must have undertaken the Creative Director position or a similar one. In addition, you must have working experience in creativity, marketing, graphics, and brand development.


In addition to knowledge and experience, an Art Director must also have the following necessary skills:


A good Art Director must understand that creativity is not simply determined by eyes. It also orients and directs staff or users to understand the information in advertisements and works they create. Besides, foresight also helps the art director reshuffle systems and processes if they go in the wrong direction.

Excellent adaptability

With any industry, there is a need for constant updating of new trends as everything around us is always moving and constantly changing. With art in general and advertising and communication in particular, it is a harsh field with rapid changes since clients always demand new and more attractive ideas. As a leading position, the Art Director always needs to update novel trends and techniques to apply in their fields.

Time management skills

Time management skills are a must for senior managers. With these skills, you can arrange your working time scientifically and reasonably to complete the project on time as required by the client.

Creativity and passion

Creativity is considered a treasure in the art industry. If you desire this position, you must step out of your comfort zone to reach new heights. What can empower such relentless creativity? It's passion. You must have passion, constantly dedicate, and accumulate experience, the position of Art Director will be within your sight.

Build a network of relationships

Once you have enough knowledge, experience, and skills, the next step is to develop relationships in a creative environment. During your participation in industry events, you can carry your business card with you to conveniently exchange contact information with other attendees, facilitating the development and maintenance of future relationships.

4. Prepare your portfolio carefully

Prepare your portfolio carefully

The portfolio is a compilation of outstanding works or products you have worked on in previous projects. To attract the attention of Art Director recruiters, you need a quality portfolio. Because a portfolio will be a significant factor for you to present yourself in front of employers. Thus, build an impressive portfolio by following these tips:

  •  Place your most notable project at the top of your portfolio to grab your audience's attention.
  •  Synthesize the best works in various fields to showcase your skills and creative scope.
  •  Use the website-version portfolio to post projects with high resolution with a brief description of your role in each project.
  •  In case you have signed a non-sharing agreement with clients, you can share your self-initiated projects in your portfolio.

5. Prepare in advance a set of common interview questions

In the Art Director job interview, the recruiter will ask you relevant questions about this position to see if you are the right person that the business needs. Therefore, it's necessary to prepare common interview questions that the recruiter may ask you in advance, helping you have confident answers. You can refer to the following Art Director job interview questions.

  • Can you describe your project development process from ideation to implementation?
  • Can you explain how you combine market trends and technology into one campaign?
  • What is the most challenging project you have ever undertaken? How can you manage? If you went back, what would you change?
  • Can you describe your most successful campaign? How influential is it?

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