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The HSE position plays the role of consulting on health, safety, and environmental issues for employees during their work. To better understand what HSE is and know all about HSE in the business, follow the below article of Navigos Search!

1. What is the HSE job?

HSE stands for Health - Safety - Environment. In a word, HSE is a profession that supervises occupational safety and ensures health and environmental sanitation at enterprises. Therefore, HSE's mission is to ensure occupational safety for all employees of the enterprise at work. It requires all employees to comply with regulations and guidelines on occupational health and safety. 

What is the HSE job?

Specifically, HSE employees are in charge of implementing occupational safety measures and applying measures to prevent accidents and risks that may occur during the working process. This helps minimize the damage to the health and life of employees as well as financial and property losses of enterprises.

Notably, the good implementation of safety work will help employees feel secure in their work, contributing to improving operational productivity and minimizing the damage to property for the business. It also helps to build trust and bring success and sustainable development in the future.

2. Responsibilities of an HSE specialist

In addition to the definition of what HSE is, the work of HSE staff is also a factor that many people care about and pay attention to. The responsibilities of a HSE staff are:

Assess the environmental impact and make improvement plans

One of the top factors that enterprises care about is the environment. Thus, this will be the most vital responsibility of an HSE staff. They have to collect information and analyze environmental factors such as soil, water, moisture, and light. From there, they will come up with solutions to improve and modify the employee’s working environment to be most suitable.

Develop and ensure standards and enforcement policies

Occupational safety protection for employees is not only one step but a whole process with many different stages. HSE staff will be responsible for implementing and controlling this process. In particular, relevant policies are only enforced with the consent of HSE specialists.

Responsibilities of an HSE specialist

In addition, HSE employees are also responsible for coordinating with relevant departments to propose standards and conditions that are best suited to the working environment to ensure the safety and health of employees are at the highest level.

Manage occupational safety incidents

Along with monitoring and inspecting, HSE specialists must directly handle occupational incidents. This is incredibly critical for enterprises because once problems happen to people, employees might incur the damage and the work or product in progress must stop.

Supervise production activities

One of the duties of the HSE staff is to supervise on-site to prevent risks during the working process. With skills and specialized knowledge, they will be aware of signs of high-risk accidents. From there, prepare preventive measures to reduce the level of casualties and prevent risks from appearing.

Therefore, HSE employees almost always have to be present in the working environment to perform their jobs in the best way.

Train internal staff

Each enterprise or labor factory does not have only one person in charge of the HSE position, but there will be a department dedicated to this issue. Each person will supervise and handle a different problem, so it's vital to ensure knowledge and practical skills for each employee. Experienced people will be responsible for guiding and communicating necessary things to train employees in their department.

Report and assess the occupational safety situation

After completing any project or work, HSE staff will summarize and write a report to assess the labor situation in the past.

This report helps the staff to have a basis to improve and propose implementation options. From there, the level of occupational safety and the working environment will be guaranteed.

3. Requirements to become a professional HSE specialist

To pursue this career, you need to equip yourself with the following elements:

Qualifications and specialized knowledge

Not only in the HSE industry but in any industry, specialized knowledge is always a prerequisite to becoming a specialized employee. To be an HSE staff, you need professional qualifications in Environmental Engineering and Occupational Safety Engineering. Besides, you must also have other relevant knowledge.

Understanding current safety standards such as ISO is also essential. Only when you get the gist of these things will you be able to develop plans to manage, check, and improve the working environment.

Requirements to become a professional HSE specialist

Besides, understanding and mastering the legal information in related fields is also significantly necessary. This will help you avoid risks related to occupational safety when there is a direct incident.


In addition to knowledge and qualifications, you must have work experience when finding an HSE job. This is a recruitment requirement that most enterprises desire in their candidates as this job specificity is related to human and enterprise’s property. Therefore, to limit the risks that occur during the working process, you must have at least two years of working experience in a position in the labor protection industry or jobs related to the position you apply for.

Essential skills

In addition to professional skills, you must equip yourself with three vital skills, including prediction skills, analytical skills, and situation-handling skills to find an HSE job and become an excellent professional. Problems can happen anytime during the working process, so HSE needs to be calm, recognize, analyze the problem, and find the cause and the best solution to minimize the loss and ensure the safety of people and related assets.

You should always have backup plans in case something goes wrong. When problems arise, keep a cool head and apply the knowledge you have to solve problems smoothly. After all, you must know how to improve the problem and come up with solutions to avoid damage and risk from the issues that have arisen

4. Current salary and career opportunities


Normally, the salary of an HSE specialist will range from 10 to 13 million VND per month. However, this salary level will have a significant difference depending on the field and the business's size. This number can also change depending on the qualifications and experience of the candidate.

Besides, HSEs in management positions can receive attractive salaries from 17 to 37 million VND per month. With the same position, the salary of HSE in foreign companies is often higher than that of people working for domestic companies. In addition to salary, HSE staff will receive many other benefits such as bonuses, health insurance, social insurance, and more.

Career opportunities

According to the regulations of the Ministry of Labor, all enterprises must have labor protection staff. Especially in large enterprises and corporations, the opportunity for this position significantly increases. Furthermore, HSE jobs are still new in our country. As many businesses operate in many different fields, the demand for human resources is increasing day by day. Thus, the work of HSE will also be diverse.

5. Where is the reputable place to apply for HSE jobs?

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