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Hiring Deputy General director – What you need to know

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The recruitment of Deputy General Director effectively supports the General Director and tightens the bond between departments, and at the same time ensures the consistency of business operation. 

To successfully hire Deputy General Director, recruiters please refer to this article of Navigos Search to get the handy tips for this senior position.

1. Why do enterprises constantly recruit Deputy General Directors?

The need to recruit senior personnel in large and medium-sized enterprises is always "hot". In particular, large corporations often hire Deputy General Directors with the aim of assisting the General Director to successfully operate the business.
Depending on the size and structure of each enterprise, the Deputy General Director will assist the Board of Directors in arranging, training, assigning tasks and monitoring the work progress in different departments. At the same time, they also assist the General Director in identifying strategies to keep the business going on the right track.

With specific professions such as business, marketing, construction, etc., the position of Deputy General Director also requires a person with solid expertise, outstanding management skill and the ability to represent the General Director to answer questions in press conferences .

The demand to recruit Deputy General Director has always been "hot”

The demand to recruit Deputy General Director has always been "hot”


2. Salary scale of a Deputy General director

Becoming a Deputy General Director, you will enjoy a competitive salary based on your ability. The starting salary of a Deputy General Director is usually 35 million VND/month. Depending on the number of years of experience and foreign language skill, it is possible that the Deputy General Director will receive even higher remuneration.
In addition to the extremely high salary, the Deputy General Director is also entitled to a remuneration worthy of senior managers such as salary raise, promotion, Tet bonus, KPI bonus, project bonus as well as domestic and international company trips.


3. Areas that are in great need of hiring Deputy General Directors

In order to provide readers with an overview of the recruitment of Deputy General Director, Navigos Search has listed the areas that are constantly hiring Deputy General Director which are Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Binh Duong, Hai Phong, Dong Nai, Ninh Thuan, Long An,…
Because these locations are the headquarters of enterprises, the recruitment of senior personnel, including the position of Deputy General Director, is always in an urgent need.
There are plenty of areas in need of recruiting Deputy General directors

4. Professions in thirst for recruiting Deputy General Directors

With the increasing demand for operating and managing business activities, below are the professions that regularly recruit

  • Deputy General Directors.
  • Legal
  • Real estate
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing 
  • Logistic
  • Fashion
  • Electronics – Telecommunications
  • IT
  • Electricity - Electronics – Electrical Refrigeration

5. What to consider when applying for Deputy General Director

Promotion pathway

Possessing a bachelor's or master's degree in the major of International Relations, Business Administration, and International Business Economics from top universities such as Vietnam National University, Foreign Trade University, RMIT, National Economics University, University of Commerce, ... and with outstanding achievements from 2-3 years in the position of Assistant General Director or Deputy General Director, you will be able to catch a recruiter’s eyes. 
If you graduated with the major of Administrative Management, Human Resource Management of the University of Labor and Social Affairs, the Academy of Administration, etc., you should enroll in specialized courses related to the position you are applying for. For example, if you apply for the position of Strategy and Marketing Deputy General Director, you need to attend the Marketing Online course, Facebook Marketing, Email Marketing, etc. to maximize your chances of being recruited.
Possessing a creative mind, a vision of a manager and great strategies, you will easily become a CEO, General Director or a successful businessman in the field you are pursuing.

How to apply for the position of Deputy General Director

To successfully apply for the position of Deputy General Director, you can submit your CV to the websites of outsourcing recruitment services or directly to the company providing high-level human resources services to get help from headhunters. 
Once you have caught the eyes of these hunters, you will quickly find the right company and have the opportunity to reach a thousand-dollars salary scale. 
At the same time, when signing a contract with headhunters, besides receiving an ideal salary, you can also develop to the next level. And if you are looking forward to becoming a Deputy General Director, please contact Navigos Search to use high-level human resources services.
With more than 20 years of experience in the field of providing high-level personnel and owning a team of professional recruitment consultants, deeply understanding the value of human resources, Navigos Search is always ready to support candidates, provide advice for top quality jobs, and discuss with candidates about the most suitable employer.

Navigos Search helps potential candidates and employers connect easily

Hopefully, the above article of Navigos Search will bring readers useful experiences on the journey to conquer the position of Deputy General Director. If you are interested in hunting for the position of Deputy General Director or other jobs, please use the headhunter service of Navigos Search - the leading prestigious talent search company right away.

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