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The development trend of the game industry has become strong, leading to an increase of human resources towards job positions in this industry. So currently, which Game Designer vacancies are there? What are the necessary factors to become a professional Game Designer? If you are looking for answers to these problems, please take the time to follow the shares below of Navigos Search for answers.

1. Who is a Game Designer?

A Game Designer is the person who creates and develops an idea into a complete game. Specifically, they will create ideas, set up gameplay, play goals, challenges and events that are suitable for the game platform. Today, the term "game" is expanded to include: electronic devices and plot content construction, characters, game rules, user interface creation,...

Game Designer is the person who creates and develops an idea into a game

2. What does the position of Game Designer include?

Depending on the game segment and the operational strengths of the working unit, Game Designer will have different detailed jobs. But in general, the main jobs they will perform will be listed in the order below:

  • Write game plot, character plot and game dialogue.
  • Be creative, explore structures and rules to design interesting gameplay and gameplay.
  • Decide the game features and build the essentials in the game.
  • Up the game description, instructions on how to play to help users capture information about the game, and understand how to play the game.
  • After the game is set, continue to adjust the parameters, difficulty, sound, color and contrast in the game.
  • Design regulations on rewards, how to calculate points.
  • Play trial to check the quality of the game, monitor the product index and analyze to come up with a plan to edit and update the next content for the game.

3. Hot vacancies in Game Designer profession

Game Designer career has many outstanding job positions for candidates to choose from, specifically:

  • Gameplay Designer: This position has an important role in gameplay design. They are the ones who decide the gameplay, control mechanics, design Game Mechanic and contribute to the construction of Game Elements.
  • System Designer: Is the core system design position, orientation for Metagame and Game Economy, Gamefowl and Core Loop design.
  • Scripting Designer: The person who makes the scripts used to design and test the game after it is completed. The responsible Scripting Designer will build the basics of data usage and coding syntax used in game programming.
  • Level Designer: Create different levels in the same game. To design such game levels, they must capture the psychology of the player.
  • Ux Designer: Take on the role of designing the user interface in the game to give players a fast, seamless and efficient experience.
    Operation Designer: The person who designs the features that keep the game running smoothly and knows how to build a system to keep players in the game for a long time.

Many Game Designer vacancies are waiting for candidates to apply

4. Game Designer’s salary is high?

Belonging to the top hot technology jobs, Game Designer's income is now very attractive from 15 - 20 million VND/month. For professional Game Designers, the basic salary can be up to 25 million VND/month. In addition, there is a very generous remuneration system such as: comfortable working hours, vacation travel, insurance, high bonuses, etc. Although the job is considered difficult, the salary is high but the employer has a high salary. posing is always an attractive cake on the job floor for young people who are passionate about games.
In addition, potential candidates are also sent by the unit to exchange, study and participate in seminars to share and learn design experiences from other experts. Therefore, they will have the opportunity to improve their knowledge, gain experience to pursue their passion and develop their profession better.

5. Elements needed to enter the profession of Game Designer

Any field needs "necessary and sufficient" elements, so does the field of game design. To enter the profession and be successful, they need to have the following factors:

Basic Game Design knowledge

In Vietnam today, the profession of game design has not been officially trained, but if you are passionate about this field, you can choose to study graphic design and multimedia at the University of Public Fine Arts. College, University of Fine Arts, University of Architecture…
To get a high level of expertise, candidates must start from the very basics. Candidates applying for this job should study and hone their knowledge of game design terms, visual principles, design, ... and software such as Adobe Photoshop, Quarkxpress, Adobe InDesign, Flash ,... Try to practice using these softwares fluently because they will be the tools for you to implement your ideas later. 
Any field needs "necessary and sufficient" elements, so does the field of game design. To enter the profession and be successful, they need to have the following factors:

Creative thinking

Game Designer is a highly creative job. When born, a game not only needs to be eye-catching in terms of interface and images, but also must have attractive gameplay and unique tactics to make an impression and attract players. A good game also helps users practice and develop more skills during the game. Therefore, creative people must make the most of their gray matter and creative thinking to do those things.

Creativity is key for this position

Observe every detail

Honesty and vividness in the game are always an important factors in attracting and retaining users. In each game, every smallest detail also needs the creator to elaborate, carefully measure and measure to make the game version more perfect. That's also why meticulous people always succeed in the game field.

Design skills

Game designers need to master design skills including: programming, graphics and even UI (User Interface: user interface) to produce the most eye-catching and smooth game. Specifically:
Programming: Candidates need to learn about programming to create the basic illustration for the game demo.
Graphics: Candidates do not need to become graphic artists but should have aesthetic competence and basic graphic skills to work well with the art team.
UI: It is necessary to deeply understand the habits and psychology of players in different situations to build friendly interfaces, making users approach the game most effectively.

Passion for the profession

Any profession needs passion to be able to stick and be enthusiastic about the profession. The same goes for the Game Design profession, only when they are passionate will they be willing and devoted to spending time thinking and creating the most perfect product. And only when they are passionate, they can consider daily work as a joy to try to develop themselves more on the creative path of their brainchild.


To perfect a game requires a lot of stages and the contribution of many different positions and departments. Therefore, teamwork, cohesion and knowing how to coordinate smoothly and effectively are essential skills to help them perfect game products and launch players on schedule.

Teamwork is a skill that cannot be ignored

7. Recruiting Game Designers quickly

As a promising profession, Game Designer is becoming a hot profession that attracts many candidates, so it will not be too difficult for employers to find candidates for this position. However, in order to recruit a professional and most suitable Game Designer, businesses should use recruitment services through headhunter.
Headhunter is the connection between recruiters and candidates. With a large recruitment network and high accessibility, headhunters will find quality Game Designer candidates that match the requirements of the business and convince them to apply quickly. Established in 2002, Navigos Search is considered the leading prestigious headhunter company in Vietnam today.

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Navigos Search - Vietnam's leading talent hunting company

In addition, with a team of experienced consultants, deeply knowledgeable in the field of Game Designer, will accurately grasp the recruitment requirements of your business to conduct a thorough search, screen and bring candidates. All these have helped Navigos Search reach new heights in customer service quality, leading in the field of recruiting mid- and senior-level personnel in Vietnam.
Whether you are looking for a job as a Game Designer or want to be notified of a position that matches your qualifications and experience, send your CV to Navigos Search to be contacted immediately if there are any vacancies. any appropriate use. 

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