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Based on the EQ index, many professional recruiters can assess the strengths, weaknesses, and perception of a candidate's personality. From there, it contributes to the recruitment process, they can make the right decision in choosing the individual who is suitable for the organization.  

The EQ (Emotional Quotient) test is increasingly demonstrating its importance and necessity in recruitment. For some industries, EQ is regarded more highly than IQ. So, what is an EQ recruitment test? What is its significant role? Let's explore the answers in this article with Navigos Search!

1. What is an EQ Recruitment Test?

The EQ recruitment test, also known as the EQ Test, is an assessment of "emotional quotient." These metrics are used to measure imagination, creativity, recognition abilities, and more. Employers should conduct EQ tests to obtain the most accurate results.

To elaborate further, EQ stands for Emotional Quotient, which represents emotional intelligence (EI). EQ reflects the ability to monitor one's own emotions, as well as the emotions of others, in order to differentiate and label various emotional states accurately. Subsequently, this emotional information is used to guide one's own thinking and behavior

The EQ recruitment test is emotional index test 

2. The important role of the EQ recruitment test

Applying the correct recruitment EQ test will bring employers many benefits as follows:

Improve candidate quality

A quality competency assessment will help increase the ability to screen candidates. In other words, if you use an EQ test with a clear structure and high level of competency questions, businesses can easily select quality candidates based on their scores when completing the test. Employers can also exclude candidates who are qualified but not really suitable for the job. At the same time, the selected candidate will be able to adapt to the business faster.

People with high EQ index is optimistic at work

They rarely complain when facing pressures or hard circumstances, Instead they set aside looking for the ways to overcome those difficulties, They know how to control their personal emotion, be easy to forget negative emotion and they are less likely to cause internal division in an organization

Individuals with high EQ index are able to motivate themselves and group.

They always set the challenges to conquer. If an organization possesses a staff with high EQ, they will always make an effort to gain success and goals for the company. In addition, they also spread an optimistic mentality for the other, contributing to building cultural companies professionally.

Individuals with high EQ can work productivity higher

They have the ability for nonstop creativity and good time management. Those factors that help a staff bring high work productivity better than the others are the Confidence, analytical ability, logical thinking, proactiveness, a desire for achievement, and high achievement standards. Among these, two factors belong to IQ, which are analytical ability and logical thinking, while the remaining four factors fall under EQ.

People with high EQ are always responsible

When applying EQ recruitment test standards, businesses will find people with a high sense of responsibility at work. They always dare to take responsibility for the work they do and not deny it or blame others. They are ready to face challenges and always try their best to accomplish their goals with the highest results.

Reduce recruitment costs

Businesses can save more on recruitment costs by applying recruitment EQ tests. Screening candidates through tests will help businesses shorten recruitment time.

Besides, having a high score from a recruitment test will increase employee motivation and help businesses discover gaps in skills and knowledge. Businesses can offer training programs to fill that gap in employees, helping them adapt to their work better. From there, reducing the turnover rate, reducing costs and time for recruiting new people.

Ensure the fair among candidates 

Evaluating candidates through the recruitment EQ test also helps increase fairness for candidates. Through test scores, candidates better understand their abilities to determine whether they are truly suitable for the position they are applying for and why the business chooses someone else.

Enhance the reputation of the recruitment brand for businesses

When employees perceive fairness in the recruitment process, this means that the rate of candidate disappointment will decrease. Using human resources recruitment tests also demonstrates the company's professionalism. Therefore, candidates will not complain about the employer brand. Instead there is respect and other positive emotions.

The role of EQ test in recruitment

3. Recruitment EQ questions to interview candidates with answers

There are many different recruitment EQ tests used by HR, depending on the specifics of the job position being recruited. However, the two most commonly applied types are professional knowledge tests and intelligence tests (IQ/EQ). Here are suggested EQ questions that HR can refer to:

Are there any work situations that cause you to change your behavior? Why and how did you change that situation?

With this question, you can appreciate the given situation such as: learning a new system, changing the working environment, working in a new role, a new management system,... From the question In this case, you see that candidates can change to adapt to new things without affecting them personally or affecting productivity and work efficiency.

Have you ever been challenged by a colleague? How did you handle that situation?

People with EQ often show thoughts and empathy for themselves and their colleagues. They try to resolve the issue amicably or invite a neutral party to intervene.

How do you react if your boss criticizes the work being done?

At work, everyone can make mistakes, so being pointed out by superiors or others is inevitable. People with high EQ will be open and provide specific examples. They recognize the mistake and say you know what they did to avoid that mistake from happening again. If they are to blame for something then the employer should look into it.

How did you bounce back after failure?

With the question in this recruitment EQ test, people with high EQ often overcome everything and are willing to accept the consequences afterward. They are willing to spend time and energy to turn the situation around. In some specific situations, they choose to resign because their mistakes harm others or the business

What type of behavior at work bothers you?

In fact, each employee does not have the right to choose their colleagues and all employees are gathered by the employer. We often have a habit of not recognizing the specific thing that makes us uncomfortable. For example, one person in the group is very neat and tidy, while many others are quite comfortable in their space.

People with high EQ have the ability to recognize differences in priorities and encourage cooperation to find a harmonious and smooth level of cooperation with everyone.

Tell me about a time when you were forced to choose confrontation to achieve the best work results for yourself?

It seems no one can escape confrontation in the workplace. You must know the background of the person you are confronting, what is at stake, why confrontation is the only option, whether it is planned or spontaneous, etc.

A person with high self-awareness and EQ will control their emotions, even in unexpected situations. They think it is within their capabilities and work towards good results that benefit the business despite confrontation.

What is the greatest achievement you have ever achieved? Why did you achieve it?

This question tells you what's most important and how ambitious the candidate is. If that achievement was when the candidate worked hard alone, ask who else could contribute to that overall success. If the candidate mentions a team effort, ask what role the candidate plays.

How did you celebrate success?

Employers can consider role, age or what stage of life the candidate is in to ask this question. This question will be suitable for interviews with middle and senior managers.

From the answer, you can infer whether the candidate is a good fit for the corporate culture or not. Some people like to go out and party all night, there's nothing wrong with it if they go to work the next day on time, alert, and efficient. Still others take their families out to dinner and some do nothing but still feel happy.

Have you ever experienced bad news?

With this question, you can ask about being promoted to a position that someone else really wants or about someone who is more qualified than you receiving a lower salary.

The meaning of this question is directly related to someone's sadness and disappointment. See if the candidate's response shows empathy and understanding for the pain of others. No matter what the problem is, people with high EQ will know that there is still unfairness at work, not according to their wishes, but they always have an appropriate way to handle it and know how to make others sympathize and reconcile. relationship.

Recruitment EQ question set with answers

Through the above article, you have surely seen the importance of the recruitment EQ test. Hopefully, the article will be useful for HRs in their journey of hunting talent for their organizations.

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