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In the 4.0 era, data is a critical resource, so the data analytics industry is considered one of the most judicious career choices. However, not everyone realizes the importance of this industry. If you desire to become a data analyst, let's find it out in the following article of Navigos Search!

1. What is a data analyst?

Data analysts are those who are responsible for collecting, exploiting, and processing data sets to make observations, judgments, and reports on a specific problem. The purpose of a data analysis report is to help leaders understand the actual situation and to advise making the right decisions.

What is a data analyst?

The data analyst position is becoming increasingly vital for businesses in all fields. The reason is that Internet development has brought many benefits and opportunities in business for enterprises, and learning more about customers, consumer markets, and competitors is one of them.

2. Learn about the job of a data analyst 

Despite its rather tedious nature when faced with numbers every day, this position still brings a lot of excitement to young people. So what does the data analyst job include?

Explore the job of a data analyst 

Analyze data about brands and social issues

First, the data analyst staff will receive information and data analysis requests from their superiors according to the business strategy. This will help them determine the optimal analysis direction of the purpose set out. After analyzing data from software, and tools, data analysts will create these data in table or chart forms for other departments to handily grasp.

Forecast and embrace future trends

This is the primary and most vital job that a Data Analyst undertakes. From the data analyzed above, the analyst will forecast possible trends in the future. It is the basis for enterprises or customers to make effective business decisions in the near future.

In addition, based on this activity, enterprises can assess the capacity of a data analyst. The more accurate your forecasts are compared to reality, the higher your working capacity and vice versa.

Present the content with figures, charts, maps and suggest other reasonable forms of illustration

In this step, data analyst staff must apply thinking and presentation skills to convert data into numbers, charts, and visualizations. Support tools such as Power BI (Bi Tool) can be used to increase reporting productivity. More importantly, the data analyst must find out what data is significant from the statistics to report or recommend to the business and departments.

Optimize Marketing and Sales campaigns based on aggregated data

Data analysis will give specific numbers and uncover problems that may occur in the future. It can be user or product trends. They are factors that directly affect the marketing and sales campaigns of the business. This is the basis to help data analysts give optimal solutions for these campaigns.

Report work and perform other tasks

In addition to the primary duties, the data analyst will report to management on the collected data. Sometimes your report is not up to the standard or has an insufficient basis to draw conclusions. At this time, the data analyst needs to edit and supplement. In addition to the above primary responsibilities, they also perform other arising tasks as requested by superiors.

3. Requirements needed to become a professional Data Analyst

Qualifications and experience

Qualifications and experience are essential for the data analyst industry. It can be hard to find a job with a high salary even when you have a degree but no experience. Many young people make the mistake of always aiming for the best positions without experience and are surprised when they are not selected.   

Specialized and statistical knowledge

No matter what industry you are working in, you will encounter difficulties during work, even your work can go in the wrong direction if you do not understand what you need to analyze. That is why specialized knowledge is one of the primary requirements of employers when considering candidates for the data analyst industry. In addition, you also need solid knowledge of programming and statistics to complete the job in the best way.

Clear and prepare data

Requirements needed to become a professional Data Analyst

Data preparation and cleaning account for about 80% of the work of data specialists. This makes it a vital skill for anyone passionately pursuing a career in data.

Data visualization ability

The data analyst's job is to research and learn about complex topics and present them as simply as possible for everyone to understand. This is a job that not everyone can do.

Therefore, to convey information through numbers, data analysts must use visual aids such as graphs and charts. These are popular and effective means of illustrating what you want to say.

For instance, Microsoft Excel is one of the most familiar tools to help you do this. Besides, Google Charts, Highcharts, FusionCharts, Infogram, and Canva are also data visualization tools that a data analyst often uses.

Communication and presentation skills

In addition to turning data into visual images, data analysts must have communication skills and presentation ability to convey all information effectively because the nature of the job always requires coordination with related departments, colleagues, and data providers.

They also have to present their analysis and results during the data collection process, and sometimes the audience is those who are not familiar with the above analytical methods and procedures. Then, they must turn complex terms into simple concepts and communicate easily with colleagues and customers.

Confidentiality and caution

Caution is a vital skill that any excellent data analyst should have. The reason is that a small error in the analysis and reporting process can affect the business performance of enterprises.

Another important thing that any data analyst must keep in mind is not to arbitrarily share or disclose crucial data and information of the business to the outside with anyone other than those involved in the project.

4. Data Analyst job opportunities

There are lots of job opportunities in the data analytics industry in many companies and enterprises in Vietnam. When you fully meet the vital skills Navigos Search has shared above, you can find and work in many positions with high recruitment demand and the most attractive salary in this industry. They are: 

Data engineer

The data engineer is the person who develops and builds the database system. The job of a data engineer is primarily to process raw data from different sources into data that can be used in a central repository. To do so, they need to use various languages and tools to combine data systems and develop data set processes for data modeling, mining, and production.

Data science expert

The data science expert is probably the highest position in a data science-related industry. They are not only collectors and synthesizers of handy data but also those who research, build and design solutions, and execution models (prediction, classification, clustering) on different data platforms. In addition, a data scientist must have in-depth knowledge of advanced analytics technology and predictive modeling to make statistics and identify trends and relationships in data sets.

Data director 

The data director is the head management position of the company. Data directors are responsible for the data management and exploitation of the enterprise. Therefore, the person undertaking this position holds a primary responsibility. It is not easy to get this position. You must have a strong attachment to the company and great management skills to make all jobs in the data analytics industry go smoothly.

5. Joining the data analytics industry at Navigos Search

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