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How to get the promotion of the Digital Marketing Director?

Table Of Contents

Digital Marketing Director is the person responsible for developing, implementing and overseeing the entire marketing campaign of a business. This role requires deep understanding and specialized skills as a professional to both supervise employees and complete their own task comprehensively. If you are cherishing the dream of becoming a professional Digital Marketing Director, the below information will be extremely helpful to you!

1. What is a Digital Marketing Director?

Digital Marketing Director is a senior management role, responsible for marketing activities in businesses. Their tasks include making plans, creating ideas, implementing and supervising all marketing projects. In addition, they will carry the main responsibility for the corporate brand recognition. Currently, this position is of great importance in the development of a business.

Digital Marketing Director is a senior management position of business

Digital Marketing Director is a senior management position of business

2. The importance of Digital Marketing Director

The marketing department plays a very important role in increasing the revenue, market share and profit of the business. Digital Marketing Director is the head of the department, responsible for branding, implementing campaigns, making an important contribution to positioning the business in the market.

It is not an exaggeration to say that Digital Marketing Director is one of the most important leadership and senior management positions of businesses:

  • Coordinate between the planning, implementation and management of marketing communications campaigns.
  • Enhance brand recognition for consumers on digital platforms.
  • Create motivation to attract high search volume.
  • Updating technology and innovative algorithms at Digital Marketing platforms.
  • Orienting and training Digital Marketing talents for businesses.

The role of Digital Marketing Director is usually only found in large businesses and corporations. In small and medium-sized companies, the head of the department is the Marketing Manager. The bigger the environment, the more visionary the Digital Marketing Director has, coordinating perfectly with the sales departments to promote business activities and increase the profits of the business.

Digital Marketing Director helps to build brand and increase benefits

Digital Marketing Director helps to build brand and increase benefits

3. The responsibility of Digital Marketing Director

  • Planning, analyzing and implementing digital marketing activities of businesses and events.
  • Responsible for building, controlling the quality of marketing campaigns across channels. Monitor and manage the operation of the ongoing channel.
  • Directing advertising campaigns and interactive activities on digital marketing channels.
  • Planning and implementing online advertising activities on social networks and other digital marketing channels of the business.
  • Monitor PR programs, online media channels to advertise products and brands.
  • Offer a reasonable adjustment plan, increase the efficiency of the advertising process.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of advertising costs on digital media channels.
  • Manage and control brand image on digital media channels. Monitor the effectiveness of SEO on the official website of the business.
  • Manage keyword rankings and Ads activity.
  • Manage digital marketing team and  recruit, manage, train Digital Marketing personnel 
  • Measure ROI, KPI.
  • Research competitors to come up with solutions to improve.
  • Update marketing trends.

The responsibility of Digital Marketing Director

4. How to increase the opportunity to become a  Digital Marketing Director?

Becoming a Digital Marketing Director is not something you can do in a day or two, but a long process with many challenges. In that, you must hone your skills, experience and knowledge of marketing to have an overview and come up with the most effective strategy. Specifically, you need to focus your efforts on the following:

Gainwork experiences and make many impressive achievements

To take the Digital Marketing Director position, firstly, you need to be an expert in marketing, branding, advertising and public relations. Longer working experience and impressive achievements are a solid foundation for you to advance to leadership positions. Besides, the continuous success of many big marketing campaigns is also a plus point for you in your progress to the position of Digital Marketing Director.

Study for a higher degree

A Master's degree in Marketing or in a relevant discipline is the minimum requirement for the position of Digital Marketing Director. Therefore, you should actively participate in training programs, study and work to get a certificate.

The digital market grows and innovates rapidly, your previous knowledge or familiarity may no longer be in line with current trends. Therefore, constantly learning, updating, and adapting flexibly will help you stand and advance in the marketing profession. Digital Marketing, SEO techniques, SEM, ... are necessary and useful knowledge for you.

Establish and maintain positive networking in the field

To prepare for the path of advancement to the position of Digital Marketing Director, you cannot be passive or only known within the business you are working for. Instead, you should join a variety of seminars, conferences, and social media groups. Exposure to many people to share, learn and build relationships is the smartest strategy. Maybe one day, though you are yet to become a Marketing Director right at the business you are working for, you might receive an invitation to try at another business for this role.

Improving skills

Beside possessing professional qualifications, employers will require candidates to meet the soft skills required to serve the job and communicate with other departments and members of the unit.

Some of the most important skills you need to practice are: leadership skills, creativity skills, digital marketing planning and strategies, data analysis, keeping up with modern technology trends, self-control and time management...

Besides, you also need to have a market-oriented attitude at work, be able to listen and know how to absorb and filter opinions from subordinates; willing to learn, learn new knowledge to serve the job.

You have to try your best to achieve this senior management position

You have to try your best to achieve this senior management position

5. The income of Digital Marketing Director

Digital Marketing Director is a senior management position of the business, so the salary must be commensurate with their efforts. According to statistics of Vietnam Salary, Digital Marketing Director receives the lowest salary of 10 million VND and the highest is 120 million VND, depending on education level and professional experience.

Besides the desirable salary, they also enjoy attractive remuneration policies such as insurance, periodical bonuses, annual travel, etc. The company also regularly sends senior leaders to attend training courses to improve qualifications and skills. This is a good opportunity for self-improvement and self-development, leading to extensive promotion opportunities.

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