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Crucial factors required to be the winner the process of recruiting Sales Manager

Table Of Contents

A Sales Manager is a key senior position in businesses. Every task related to sales and product consumption is under the management and consulting of this position. So what is their specific role? What requirements do you need to meet to successfully conquer the recruiter of Sales Manager position and to win in every process of recruiting Sales Manager? Follow this article of Navigos Search to equip yourself with more useful information about this position!

1. Who is a Sales Manager?

A Sales Manager is the person who effectively manages, operates and ensures all work and activities related to the output of products and services to achieve revenue targets for the company. That’s why there always are needs of recruiting Sales Manager positions. 

Any business, enterprise or corporation needs this department. In which, Sales Manager is always "hunted" by having a high income, other excellent remuneration and benefits. If the organization has an excellent Sales Manager, it means that the potential for market development is wide and solid.

A Manager manages the output of products and services

A Manager manages the output of products and services

2. What role does a Sales Manager play?

The Sales Manager plays an important role in the corporate governance structure. As follows:

- Deploying sales plans to the divisions of the sales department, including: Sales plans, accessories, insurance, etc. At the same time, ensuring that all departments complete the plan as the assigned timeline.

- Proposing, meeting with the Board of Directors to come up with policies, procedures, regulations for sales staff and a reasonable amount of products for customers. These policies must be appropriate to the actual market, target customers and sales staff.

- Coordinating with the human resources department, recruiting and training human resources in the sales department in accordance with each different development stage of the business.

- Coordinating with the communication and marketing department to plan and organize external promotions and events for the purpose of building, increasing brand awareness and expanding markets for businesses.

The important role of a Sales Manager

The important role of a Sales Manager

3. The elements required to become an Excellent Sales Manager

In order to promote from a salesperson to the position of Sales Manager, holding authority and achieving certain achievements, in addition to extensive experience, bravery, and creative business thinking & mindset, it is also a must to have the following qualities to win the process of recruiting Sales Manager:

Passion for the expertise of sales

Sales will face difficulties and pressure from both the company and customers, especially in a senior position like Sales Manager. Therefore, passion is an extremely important factor to help you overcome challenges to continue conquering this bumpy & challenging road.

In-depth knowledge

First of all, the Sales Manager must have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the products, services and problems of the business to understand and propose a specific and appropriate business plan. At the same time, they also have to be knowledgeable about the market, business strategy, ... to ensure flexibility, agility on all "fronts" and easily approach and work with customers.

It is said that a Sales Manager needs to be knowledgeable in many fields, not limited to one aspect. They need a broad vision to make effective sales decisions to boost the business development to the highest. 

Communication skill

More than anyone else, a Sales Manager is a person who must have good communication skills and be able to skillfully handle challenging situations. This factor is especially important, indispensable to create the success of a person working in a sales position, not only for employees but also for managers.

Negotiation skill

In the expertise of sales, negotiation skills are also extremely necessary to bring about “billion – dollar deals” and increase revenue for businesses. As a senior employee, the Sales Manager must hone all skills very smoothly to flexibly handle arising situations.

Factors needed to become a professional Sales Manager

Factors needed to become a professional Sales Manager

Time management skill

To arrange work in a scientific, reasonable and highly effective way, a Sales Manager must have time management skills. Because the workload at this position is quite heavy, if there is no flexible plan and a clear timeline to handle the tasks, it will easily be accumulated and missed. This will affect your staff, other departments, the work progress of the company and ultimately the enterprise’s business performance.

Teamwork skill

Sales managers must also be able to work well in a team because the heavy workload requires the ability of delegating tasks to subordinates and at the same time cooperating well with them to make the work smooth and successful.

4. Job opportunity as a Sales Manager at Navigos Search 

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