Are you a manager with a positive mindset?

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Positive and correct thinking will be the sustainable foundation for all success. The "beautiful" starting line of a manager is not a complete set of skills and outstanding capabilities, but rather possessing a positive mindset and a talented leadership philosophy. So, are you already a manager with a positive mindset? The following suggestions of Navigos Search will help you get the correct answer!

1. Understand what is positive thinking?

Positive thinking is a way of looking at things and things in a positive light. Positive thinking is not about avoiding or ignoring bad things, but instead, you try to find the best in bad situations and see them in a positive light.

Positive thinking allows us to express our desires and through a positive attitude to create success. Successful people always have a positive way of thinking, persistently pursuing the set goals and being optimistic, overcoming all difficulties and challenges. In contrast, people who often fail cannot overcome barriers in their thinking to achieve more positive goals.

What is positive thinking?

2. Management and leadership positions always need positive thinking

Positive thinking is essential for management and leadership positions because:

Better problem solving

Having an open mind will help managers think more clearly, especially when faced with unforeseen situations. It will help the leader to have a broad view, think about the best way to solve the problem in the short term and in the long term. Events, problems and situations are always different, and an open mind will help managers be more flexible when looking for solutions.

Make employees feel empowered

Business leaders are not only responsible for being the best, but also for bringing out the best in the team under them. A good manager will always give employees the opportunity to come up with new ideas. This helps employees believe that their voices are heard by their superiors. And when empowered, employees will have more responsibility for the work, they are self-conscious, trying to compete with the highest results. Thereby, helping to improve the efficiency and quality of work for businesses.

Helping businesses stay ahead of the trend

Today's industries are evolving very rapidly, which means that the old method once successfully tried is no longer relevant. The only way to ensure a business can survive is to stay ahead of the curve, constantly learning and absorbing new things.

Maintain an open mind as a manager. This means that you must not follow the same old rut. Learn constantly to improve your knowledge, improve yourself and lead your organization well. Researching new trends and interpreting old data in new ways is key for leaders to keep their businesses running at their best.

Positive thinking is important for every leader

3. Do the managers have the right positive mindset?

To have an optimistic and open private life, managers can refer to some good suggestions below:

Ready to face the challenge

In leadership work, there are many unexpected problems that will arise. As a leader, you need to help your team solve and overcome any problems effectively. If you are an open-minded person, you will realize that these problems are opportunities to learn and grow. Let's grasp the situation, face every challenge to make the problem better instead of hiding, denying the problem.


Great leaders always have the ability to make quick decisions, communicate confidently. If you delay, the opportunity will slip away and never come back. The ability to analyze and make quick decisions will help you make informed and timely decisions. Thanks to that, the whole organization is not caught in the "swamp" and develops better.

Know how to accept failure, go slow to go fast

Accept failure, whether it is caused by customers, investors or insiders. The most important thing after each failure is that you have a positive thought, learn from the experience and take it as a valuable lesson to progress to better success later.

You should also take time to reflect on the job evaluation, the problem you are facing and study the needs and trends of the market. Thereby, shaping problems to better solve and seize new opportunities, making a difference compared to competitors.

Always have a 'plan B'

In any project, it is necessary to set specific goals and implementation plans. However, when implementing the plan, it is inevitable that problems arise unexpectedly. If the plan doesn't work, don't be conservative and try to fill the gap, but must know how to brainstorm , adapt, and turn to "plan B" quickly to avoid causing consequences for the business.

Every project must always have a contingency plan

Focus on people development

As the right leader, you will know how to use people, not just focus on revenue, profit numbers. Provide opportunities for employees to develop and improve themselves. It can be organizing training programs, skill courses, sharing specialized knowledge, latest trends, ... for the staff. Remember, success is not in numbers but in people. Focusing on developing people is the most solid foundation for business success.

'Solid - soft' at the right time

“Extreme” and “weak” are the mindset of a failed leader. A manager with a new way of thinking and thinking, they will always understand the situation that is happening as well as know how to transform their leadership style.

Whether it is your relationship with employees, colleagues or customers, you should not use authority to impose because this creates an authoritarian, tiring environment. And a manager who always behaves meekly and emotionally will not earn respect from others.

As a leader, you will need to know when to be “tough” and when to be “soft”. Be flexible with your leadership style and appropriate behavior in different situations.

Know how to balance

A good leader must know how to strike a good balance between the tasks to be done and the management of the human resources team. You are the one who sets the goal and checks the results achieved, not hard to sit and take notes, monitoring every move of each employee.

Let's empower, establish an effective operating system to balance well between "to do" and "manage" the team under. With a modern mindset and as a business manager, focus on your work, but don't take it for granted.

Take the extra time to develop yourself, improve your capabilities, and renew your mindset.

Stay awake, don't fall asleep on victory

One of the things that causes businesses to fail is that the leadership team has a complacent mindset, always satisfied with the successes and successes of this year, but forgets the development strategy of the next year. With the rapid development of many other large organizations and companies today, the leader's mindset is forced to develop, stay awake, keep a "cold" head to be able to create a strong bounce.

Don't forget to map out a future strategy for your business

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