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The IT industry in Vietnam in recent years has made significant progress with numerous foreign companies and organizations established in our country. In particular, a BSE is an indispensable position to ensure a favorable cooperation process between the enterprise and the customer. Find out with Navigos Search about specific tasks, job requirements for this position to see if you are the right fit!

1. What is a bridge system engineer?

A BSE is a person who performs the task of connecting work groups, and businesses with customers to ensure that the two sides understand and cooperate smoothly in each project. The position of bridge system engineer only appears in IT companies, which is an important factor determining the success of the project.

2. Task and responsibility

The bridge system engineer position perform the following tasks:

Work directly with customers, receive project information

Conveying project information to the technical team, the project development team for implementation.

Write and present, explain the content in projects documents

Test and determine product quality in accordance with customer requirements

Detect errors and request key adjustments,...

Organize meetings in each phase of the project

Solve problems arising from related projects such as work requirements, product acceptance, contracts, etc.

Manage and handle email, communication work with customers

Evaluate the working process of the technical and development team

Report project progress, report work results to superiors

In short, the role of a BSE customer requirements analyst (Business analyst), programmer when necessary, Tester when handing over and is also the Project Manager.

3.   What to prepare for a BSE application

To persuade the recruiter, you need to meet the requirements of competency, experience and related skills. Which is:

Qualifications and work experience:

You need to have a Bachelor's degree or higher in Information Technology, Computer Science or other related discipline and have at least 3 years of working experience in this field. Being properly trained, having work experience will be the most solid foundation to beat other candidates and enter the profession successfully.

 Language skill

Currently, Vietnam is a potential partner in the field of information technology of many countries around the world. In order to communicate and understand the requirements of customers, the person working as a bridge system engineer needs to be fluent in foreign languages, especially English.

Acting as a connection between the technical team and the client company, you need to ensure clear and accurate information. Only in this way can you avoid misunderstanding information due to language barriers, affecting work progress, product quality and disappointing customers.

Information technology knowledge

Having knowledge of programming languages (Java, Php, Net, ios,...) And programming, techniques,... Is also essential. Good professional knowledge will help you effectively support the development team, control and ensure all project activities are always of high quality and meet customer requirements.

Soft skills

Communication skills, project tracking, management, teamwork, ... Are also important skills to have when you apply for the position of bridge system engineer to communicate , exchange with employees in the unit and working , negotiating with customers successfully.

4. Employment demand and salary

The job of BSE has become popular and important as more and more foreign IT enterprises are established and invested in Vietnam, especially in Japan and the US. Therefore, this is an industry that is in great demand for employment with a salary ranging from 9-20 million VND/month. If working for Japanese companies, the starting salary is about 25 Man (about 50 million VND/month) and much higher for highly skilled and experienced candidates.

5. Finding the jobs in Navigos Search

With the strong development and popularity of the internet today, it is quite easy to find BSE jobs. Here are some ways to find bridge engineer jobs that you can refer to:

Directly to enterprises

You can directly contact the business you want to apply for to check their recruitment needs. If your business is looking for a bridge system engineer position, you can submit your CV online via email or send a hard copy directly to the business.

However, businesses do not always have recruitment needs. So in this way, it will take a long time to acquire the desired job opportunity.

Online Job-search groups

This is the channel chosen by many candidates today because of its convenience. You can join groups related to this profession and find a position that matches your abilities and expectations. However, the job postings from this channel are often not reputable and prone to scams, so you need to be careful.

Headhunter company

Applying for a job at a headhunter company is considered the fastest and most effective way to find a job today. In particular, Navigos Search is considered the leading prestigious headhunter company in Vietnam today.

Possessing a professional consulting team with in-deep understanding of the value of human resources and the labor market, Navigos Search experts will help you get the job you want. All of Navigos Search's specialists have extensive experience in the recruitment market and have a deep understanding of each industry.

As "Dream Makers", recruitment experts will base on the methodical recruitment process, the candidate's ability and experience to find and discuss the most suitable job opening. After the candidate is selected, the specialist will continue to monitor and support closely throughout the process of “Success after joining”. 

The recruitment process of Navigos Search is as follows:

Step 1 → Search and filter candidates: Specialists search and screen qualified candidates that match the recruitment requirements of the enterprise.

Step 2 → Face-to-face interview: The headhunter conducts an interview to assess the candidate's ability as well as listen to the candidate's needs and expectations.

Step 3 → customer support interviews: The headhunter provides a list of potential candidates to clients after thorough evaluation. Navigos Search specialists will accompany customers and candidates to provide additional support during the interview process.

Step 4 → negotiation support and job offer: Navigos Search acts as a bridge to negotiate and advise on salary and benefits. After the candidate receives the invitation letter and confirms participation, the vacancy will be closed.

Step 5 → Follow up on recruitment: Follow up with candidates to aim for success after joining the company.


With a huge data source available including 375,000+ senior candidates, 85,000+ senior management candidates providing optimal recruitment solutions, Navigos Search is proud to be the number 1 "talent hunter" in Vietnam today and is the first choice of most businesses and corporations when there is a need to recruit mid to high-level personnel.

Team of experienced recruitment experts at Navigos Search

If you are looking for a job as a bridge system engineer or want to be informed about positions that match your skills and ambitions, please send your CV to Navigos Search for a chance to become a potential candidate and be accepted. If your business is in need of recruiting personnel, please contact Navigos Search to quickly get the most qualified candidates!


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