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When you enter the keyword "nutritionist" on any search engine such as Google, in less than 1s millions of results are returned to you. This demonstrates the fact that everyone is interested in the issue. Therefore, it is not surprising that the demand for recruiting personnel and finding nutritionist jobs  has always been high in recent years. So who is a nutritionist? Find out more about this industry with Navigos Search in the article below!

1. Who is a nutritionist?

Nutritionists are people who give advice on nutritional issues affecting human health. They monitor and evaluate the health condition to plan and give appropriate nutrition sources to the patient. Besides, they also directly propagate and educate people to build a reasonable diet to prevent diseases.

Nutritionists give advice on nutrition - related matters

Nutritionists give advice on nutrition - related matters

2. Main duties and responsibilities 

Depending on the area they are working on, a nutritionist will have different specific duties. However, they all have the following main duties in common:

Provide explanation of nutritional issues

Nutritionists show up in newspapers and magazines regularly. They act as important spokespersons in raising public awareness of nutrition issues. They can talk about vegetables that are beneficial for human health but you rarely use, explain why you should not overcook food or should not take milk and vitamin C at the same time,…

Assess the needs and dietary requirements of the patient and client

A nutritionist could work in hospitals, private clinics or at nutrition consulting companies. Therefore, they must meet with the company's customers or patients for a basic health check-up.

Health tests help the person in charge of this position accurately assess an individual's nutritional needs, keep track of what is lacking and what is in excess. Thereby, they evaluate the daily calorie intake suitable for each person to ensure the best health condition.

Develop a meal plan that suit with client's preferences and requirements

For those clients with strict requirements for fitness and health conditions, nutritionists will create menus, decide what dishes customers can have in combination with each person's unique preferences. Nutritionist job sounds interesting, but it's actually not that simple.

Research on how nutrition affects human health

A nutritionist will directly participate in projects and research on how nutritions could affect human health. Through those activities, they will come up with an effective nutritional change method and develop new science, meeting the strict requirements of the human body on nutrition.

Main tasks to be delivered

Main tasks to be delivered

3. Requirements for the nutritionist job

Academic background

A nutritionist plays a very important role in human health. Therefore, the first mandatory requirement for anyone picking up a nutritionist job is to have a university diploma or higher, related to nutrition and food.

People working in this nutritionist job need to be well-trained in professional knowledge, expertise and be granted a practicing certificate according to regulations. Besides, they also have to have computer skills and foreign languages ability to perform better with this role.

Work experience 

This is a mandatory requirement from recruitment units when recruiting for personnel in a nutritionist job. Some hospitals and recruitment centers require candidates applying for a nutritionist job to have 2 years of experience in the same position or more. Some units even require candidates to have 5-6 years of experience in the profession.

Working experience in the field of nutrition or related fields will help recruiters quickly assess the candidates' capacity and professional qualifications.

Necessary skills

In addition to education background and working experience, a nutritionist must also equip oneself with the necessary skills to give accurate advice and ensure their duties are delivered:

  • Communication skills: With the nature of the nutritionist job, every day, you will meet many patients and customers. Therefore, effective communication provides better help with conveying advice to them.
  • Organizational skills: Nutritionist job requires you to perform a variety of tasks such as research, prototype testing, writing detailed reports, etc. You will need excellent organizational skills to multi-task and strictly follow the work schedule.
  • Analyzing and evaluating skills: As a nutritionist, you will have to use your expertise to analyze and evaluate the problems that patients are facing. From there, come up with solutions to improve their health. Analytical skills are very important, affecting the final results of the patient. The wrong analysis of symptoms and manifestations will lead to incorrect conclusions and ineffective solutions.
  • Carefulness, meticulousness: Sometimes, just a little overlooked issue can leave a huge impact on their health. Therefore, you must be careful and meticulous to detect those problems.
  • Empathy, positivity: A nutritionist needs to empathize with other people's dietary problems. So, you have to be an active and positive person to inspire people to change their eating habits.
This position requires strong education background, relevant experience and skills

This position requires strong education background, relevant experience and skills

4. Salary, welfare and benefit offered

According to the statistics of Glassdoor, in the US, in 2020 the average salary range of a nutritionist is about 51,000 USD/year (equivalent to about 1 billion 173 million VND). The salary can even reach the amount of  67,000 USD/year (equivalent to about 1 billion 541 million VND) with highly qualified personnel..

In Vietnam, according to a survey conducted by Navigos Search on the recruitment market, a nutritionist with long working experience and expertise will have an income of 10-15 million VND/month. If they work in a foreign business environment and have good English communication skills, their income will be about 15-18 million VND/month. 

Besides the attractive salary, this position also offered a professional working environment, in contact with many different customers, giving you the best practical knowledge. The person in charge of this position also enjoys attractive welfare regimes such as insurance, vacation, annual holiday, bonuses, 13th month salary,...

In addition, with the current focus on health matters, the nutritionist job has very wide career development opportunities. 

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