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How do you pass the English interview handily? The best way is to have good English proficiency and grasp the secrets of answering interviews in English smartly.

The following interview questions and answers in English will provide you with handy knowledge and skills to have a successful interview. Let's explore with Navigos Search!

1. Tell me a little about yourself 

This is a common interview question in any job or field. The interviewer asks this question not to find an answer but to find the confidence, enthusiasm, and passion through the candidate's answer. This is a great opportunity to make a first impression on them and show off your communication skills.

Suggested answer:

Hello, my name is Nam. I'm 27 years old. I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Human Resources Management from National Economics University in 2013. I have five years of experience working as a recruitment specialist at Business A. I hope my qualifications and work experience will match the recruitment requirements. I look forward to working and contributing to Business A in a Human Resources Management position.

Common interview questions in English 

2. What are your strengths?

With this question, the employer is trying to find out how you feel about yourself. It is necessary to highlight your strengths related to the position you are applying for.

Suggested answer:

The ability to solve problems quickly and effectively is one of my strengths. I can consider and analyze problems from many perspectives to solve them thoroughly. Besides, I am confident in my communication skills, work organization, ability to withstand pressure, and high learning spirit.

3. What are your weaknesses? 

This is also one of the common interview questions in English. If you answer too honestly about your weaknesses, the employer will underestimate you. Otherwise, answering that you have no weaknesses is dishonest. How should you answer this interview in English? Take an objective look at some of your weaknesses. However, instead of analyzing the weakness in depth, you should show what you have done to improve it.

Suggested answer:

I tend to be self-critical. When completing a project, even though I receive feedback from colleagues and customers, I still feel I can do better. Besides, I consider myself to be too frank at work.

4. What are your short term goals? 

Your short-term goals must be related to the position you are applying for and show that you desire to contribute to the organization.

Suggested answer:

My short-term goal is to work at a job position that suits my professional knowledge and strengths to continue to accumulate more experience and improve my capabilities.

5. What are your long term goals? 

Some candidates find this interview question in English confusing. The employer will evaluate whether you have determined your development path and future goals through your answer. Those who consistently strive to achieve their specific goals will be appreciated.

Suggested answer:

In the next 5 years, I want to advance to a Senior Management position in the business. I will actively accumulate more experience, learn more advanced knowledge, and update new trends in the market to achieve this goal.

6. Can you work well under high pressure?

In this interview question in English, the interviewer wants to know if you are stressed when facing a tense work situation. The best way to answer is to say that you have the ability to work under high pressure and share the ways you have applied to manage work well under high pressure.

Suggested answer:

Having too much pressure will easily cause stress. However, I am confident that, with the ability to organize work and manage time effectively, I will try to balance it to complete the job on time with the best results.

Prepare job interview questions in English in advance

7. How long do you plan to work at our company?

This interview question in English is to determine the candidate's commitment to the business. A specific and feasible goal is the basis for employers to trust you more.

Suggested answer:

 I hope the company will grow strong and stable so that I can devote and have a long attachment to the company. I will try my best to reach a high position in the company.

8. Are you a risk taker or do you like to stay away from risks?

The purpose of this question is to see if the candidate is someone who boldly faces challenges at work. Candidates who accept risks will be appreciated.

Suggested answer:

When I've thoroughly planned something at work, I am willing to accept risks to get to the end result. Sometimes, "failure is the mother of success" and I will boldly face them. If it doesn't work out, I will learn a valuable lesson from it.

9. Tell me about a time you made a mistake? 

You cannot avoid making mistakes even if you have thorough expertise at work. With this interview question in English, the employer wants to know if you are aware of that mistake and what you have learned from it.
Suggested answer:

During project implementation, I skipped one small step. This caused the project to lose detail and the results were not as expected. Through that, I learned a lesson for myself to be cautious with small tasks and details and recheck immediately after performing each step. This helps the project to be completed at its best.

10. What do you expect from your manager? 

The expectations from your direct manager are also considered your career goals and your type of person and management method if you are promoted to a senior position.

Suggested answer:

I appreciate a working environment where superiors always judge fairly and try to connect with their employees.

11. How long have you been looking for a job? 

It won't take long for individuals with knowledge and experience to find a job. Therefore, you should consider answering tactfully so as not to be judged as being unemployed or spending an excessive amount of time at home.

Suggested answer:

I just sent my CV last week. I was very excited when I received an email inviting me to participate in an interview from your company

Confidently answer interview questions

12. Why did you quit your job at your old company? 

This English interview question helps employers know whether the reason you quit your job is reasonable, whether you quit your job voluntarily or were fired, if you are a responsible person or you're a responsible person, and what are you looking for in your next new job. You can state some objective reasons why you quit your job such as moving, wanting to try a new dynamic environment, or your past position having no advancement opportunities.

Suggested answer:

I quit my job at my old company to attend professional training courses. Currently, I have completed my studies so I want to find a good new environment to contribute and fulfill myself.

13. Why did you choose this job?

To answer this question well, you first know why the employer asks it. The purpose of this common English interview question is to find out whether you are suitable for the job and whether you prepared well for the interview. You should highlight your goals and orientation and express your passion and expertise related to the position you are applying for.

Suggested answer:

My career goal is to become a Professional Editor. I know it takes a long time to learn and accumulate more experience. That's why I want to apply for the position of Assistant Editor. I understand that the knowledge and skills in the position of Editorial Assistant are a stepping stone to help me get closer to my dream job as an Editor.

14. Why should I hire you?

With this English interview question, employees want to know what makes you stand out compared to other candidates, whether you grasp the job duties, whether you suit the company culture, and what you can contribute to the business.

Suggested answer:

I find that job position A requires experience and thorough expertise. I have been well-trained in B major and have extensive experience in this position. In addition, I am a person who always listens and learns constantly. I hope these things will help me apply successfully to contribute to the business growth.

15. What do you know about us? 

“What do you know about our company?” is an indispensable English interview question in most interviews. Employers will evaluate the candidate's level of interest and seriousness in the business and the position they are applying for through this question.

You need to learn and prepare everything about the business, the position you are applying for and related jobs. This will help you be more confident during the interview and win the employer's heart.

Suggested answer:

I know your business is one of the pioneers in the field of financial technology in Vietnam. The company's head office is in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. According to the information I found on the company's website, the business has more than 300 employees nationwide. I have known the business for several years as I have worked in the industry. Your company is one of the first names that come to mind in the financial technology industry. That's why I applied for this job.

Successful interview in English 

Above are common interview questions in English and how to answer them smartly. Practice a lot to prepare for the most successful interview. Fluent communication in English is a plus for you to become a potential candidate sought after by employers. Navigos Search wishes you success!

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