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Textile & Garment Personnel Report

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The Textile & Garment industry has been witnessing a boom in recruitment demands in the first half of 2021. This shows an increase in the capability of Vietnamese Textile & Garment manufacturers to meet requirements of customers. Besides, the qualifications of Vietnamese personnel, including technical skills and foreign languages, have been significantly improved.

With these optimistic signals, Navigos Group conducts a report on Textile & Garment personnel: Opportunities and challenges in meeting increasing requirements from the market. To Textile & Garment enterprises, we hope the recommendations in this report can help Textile & Garment enterprises recruit personnel with higher skills to meet the growing market needs, as well as provide the most updated information about the industry for candidates so that they can continue learning and gaining new achievements in their career path.

In the first 6 months of 2021, due to the unstable situation in some neighboring countries, more Textile and Garment orders poured into the Vietnamese market. Also, the production capacity of Vietnamese manufacturers has been much improved recently. Hence, there has been a sharp increase in the recruitment demand of Textile and Garment enterprises. The highly in-need
positions are related to the supply and sourcing field such as Sourcing of materials – Searching for product supply chain (including planning, customer care, and customer experience) - Quality management - Product designs and techniques development. Besides, they are also in need of technical positions such as engineer, production innovator, etc. In such a context, Vietnamese Textile & Garment enterprises keep focusing on employer branding.

Thanks to the effective training in the past ten years, the competencies of Textile & Garment candidates have gradually met the recruitment requirements. Nevertheless, Vietnamese candidates can not meet the foreign language skills requirement when compared to those from India or the Philippines. Besides, Textile & Garment enterprises still have to recruit foreign candidates for complicated positions since Vietnamese candidates are still limited at negotiation skills and other soft skills.

Vietnamese candidate also have high opportunities for Textile & Garment
candidates to switch jobs. They can flexibly switch to other fields, mostly in Electronics,Packaging, Sourcing/Supply Chain fields..., to work.

To employers:

  • Conduct communication programs about career guides in the textile and garment industry to orient college students.
  • Cooperating with universities and colleges to exempt and reduce tuition fees, build training funds for technical students and other scholarship funds... to attract students.
  • For employee benefits, employers can: Adjust the salary to a higher level; Improve the working environment; Reduce unnecessary qualifications and certificates requirements;
  • Develop a career development roadmap and training programs for employees.
    To employees:
  • Keep learning, improving competencies and working skills as well as other soft skills.
  • Have an overview of the market, so that candidates will be able to identify and receive opportunities for personal and professional development.
  • Keep the hard work attitude, invest more time and enthusiasm for work.
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