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On The Application Of Human Resource Management Technology For Businesses

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Looking at the trend of applying technology in human resource management in 2021 and into the future, we will see the strong influence of the ongoing digital transformation trend.



What Does The Human Resources In Vietnam Think About Hr Tech?

Assessing the degree of necessity when applying technology for human resource management, 68% answered it is essential, 32% answered it is necessary. It can be seen that employers in Vietnam have now begun to appreciate the importance of human resource management through investment in technology solutions. Especially with the COVID-19 epidemic situation.

However, the demand for using HR Tech technology for businesses is only relative as 58% of the total businesses answered “No”.

How businesses apply HR Tech? 

Top 3 business sectors applying hr tech in Viet Nam are Production (21%); Engineering/Technology (10%); Construction / Architecture / Interior (7%). Specially, the main reason for Enterprises to apply technology to human resource

Management is that the Board of Directors directed it (52%).

One positive point, businesses are willing to invest a budget for human resource management technology if they find the technology really useful, with 36% agreeing to invest a large budget of up to 500 million.

When asked about the satisfaction when applying HR Tech, 91% of businesses gave positive reviews.

In terms of businesses that have not applied HR Tech, 63% of them answered that they are interested, but still be prevented from doing so by high costs and small-scale businesses reasons.


Cloud-based human resource management Software is a new trend since it allow you to manage everything from payroll to training all in one place to save you time and energy. The following are the benefits of a cloud-based HR management system: 

  • Increase Employee Engagement
  • Low-Cost Hr Solution
  • 24/7 Data Access
  • System Security


The issue of "managing human resources" is always focused on and concerned by businesses. However, the effective management of resources by technology is still a big question mark for administrators. So how to apply technology effectively? Below are some suggestions of Navigos Group’ expert:

  • Building A Human Resource Management System (Core Hr)
  • Streamline Processes And Workflows (Goal Management)
  • Streamline Processes And Workflows (Goal Management)
  • Human Resource Management Through Kpi (Performance Man- Agement)
  • Job Orientation And Development Orientation For Employees (Career Development Planning)
  • Recruiting More Effective (Recruitment)
  • Technology Application In Personnel Training (Learning)
  • Understand The Capacity Of Each Person (Onboarding)

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