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What is an IT Comtor? What is their job like? What is the actual salary and opportunity of this profession in the future? Through this article, Navigos Search will discuss these issues as well as share some experiences to help with those at the start of this career. Let's explore together.

1. What is an IT Comtor

IT Comtor (Information Technology Communication) is an interpreter working in the field of information technology, responsible for interpreting speech, meetings and requests of the parties.

A Job description of an IT Comtor is as below:

  • Translating manuals and technical documents
  • Interpreting in seminars for parties involved
  • Participating in meetings and seminars to report the overall progress of the projects
  • Proposing practical solutions
  • Inform customers of possible problems and seek appropriate solutions,...

IT Comtor is an interpreter working in the field of information technology

2. Requirements to become a professional IT Comtor

A professional IT Comtor will have to have the following qualities:

Be knowledgeable about IT

IT Comtor needs to master IT technical terms, have in-depth knowledge of IT, master and know how to use IT terms, programming languages (Java, C#, JavaScript, ...). In addition, being able to code is also a great advantage in the profession


One of the prerequisites for becoming an IT Comtor is being multilingual. English is extremely necessary for you to communicate with customers, and being able to speal other languages will help you communicate and implement job requirements smoothly for team members.

Broad social knowledge, good communication skills

Because of the communicative nature of this profession, IT Comtor needs the ability to talk fluently, gently, equipped with diverse social knowledge and understanding of the cultures of different countries to smooth conversations as well as optimize time to participate in other projects.

Chủ động nghiên cứu, tìm tòi

Actively researching and exploring

Nowadays, the sources of information are very diverse and mostly available on the Internet. The person working as an IT Comtor must research and study the available information as well as learning from someone with experience for self-development.

Manage and organize work efficiently

The workload and pressure of this profession are heavy, there might be weeks or even days when you have to join numerous meetings. Therefore, you need to have proper work allocation, always be well-prepared in order to not miss any tasks and avoid delay or wasting any investment opportunities or important negotiation.

Preciseness and a can-do spirit

Similar to the work of other interpreters, IT Comtor requires absolute precision because even just one single mistranslated word can change the meaning of the whole sentence, affecting the contract as well as the content of the exchange. You need to be attentive and mind both your statement and tone while working.

IT Comtor recruitment requires various characteristics

3. Great benefits of becoming an IT comtor

In recent years, IT Comtor has emerged as a trend as there are numerous investments in Vietnam from foreign IT companies such as Japan, China, the United States... Increasing demand for interpreters makes it easy to find a job posting using the keyword “IT Comtor”. Especially when a lot of great benefits comes from being IT Comtor:

  • Opportunity to improve your language skills, exposure to different languages and explore new cultures.
  • Improve communication skills more effectively by working and communicating information to a wide range of audience. As the ability to communicate is enhanced, the conversion of technical concepts also becomes simpler and easier to understand.
  • Each project will have its own characteristics, different customers hence an IT Comtor will be able to learn about other industries and fields. For example, for a programming project on a bank, IT Comtor will learn about banking terminology and expertise; and with projects on web code, law, business, ... is an ideal opportunity to expand social knowledge
  • Depending on different companies and businesses, the income level of an IT Comtor will differ, but usually ranges from 400 - 1000 USD and or even higher for old hands and good performance.
  • After becoming a professional and experienced IT Comtor, you will have great opportunities for advancement with many positions in other industries such as translators for books, documents, movies, conferences,...


Lots of attractive benefits for IT Comtor

4. Finding a job as an IT Comtor at Navigos Search

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