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Information technology is predicted to be the most promising profession in the era of integration and globalization in Vietnam. Excellent career prospects and attractive salaries have made many young people decide to apply for a job in this field. The question is how to successfully get a job in this field. The following shares of Navigos Search will help you become an IT specialist handily.

1. What is an IT specialist?

An IT specialist is a person who is responsible for maintaining and ensuring the operation of computer and network systems in an optimal state. They will take charge of providing technical support and guiding other department staff on the basic skills to run the new installation program, exploiting and using the IT infrastructure in the enterprise safely. 

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An IT specialist is a person who maintains and ensures the operation of computer and network systems

An IT specialist is a person who maintains and ensures the operation of computer and network systems

2. Career opportunities in the IT field

Mobile app development

Currently, the need to create applications on phones such as Zalo, Facebook, photography and game apps is increasing. IT staff in this field will be the ones who develop the mobile apps we use every day.

Web development

One of the popular fields of IT specialists is web development. Programmers in this field will create and develop World Wide Web (www) applications.

Embedded programming

There are many chips needed to process commands during the operation of cars and airplanes. The people who program these chips are called embedded programmers.

Game development

This field is considered a fertile ground for information technology specialists because the demand for entertainment is always endless. The game development field is always in a state of excess demand and supply shortages. Thus, if you are passionate about this field, do not hesitate to apply for the game developer position at game publishing companies.

Artificial Intelligence(AI)

The world is increasingly developing into the industrial revolution 4.0, and artificial intelligence will help create top-notch technology. Therefore, AI is a promising land for information technology programmers.

Information security

Information security is a concern of many companies and enterprises. Even the leading technology corporations such as Google or Facebook also face hackers. Therefore, IT specialists are indispensable positions in most enterprises.

There are lots of job opportunities in IT

There are lots of job opportunities in IT

Some other fields

In addition to being the programmers responsible for software, IT specialists are also the ones who ensure the smooth operation of the information technology infrastructure systems of businesses outside the information technology industry. This work may include installing network systems, ensuring hardware such as machines, keyboards, and monitors always operate efficiently, and repairing them when necessary.

Besides, IT specialists also work in many other industries such as healthcare, education, and entertainment since technology is currently applied in almost all areas of life.

3. Requirements of an IT specialist


To become an IT specialist, you must have a diploma in information technology. However, the information technology industry does not focus too much on degrees but on skills. Even for many recruiters, qualifications are less important than experience. The most crucial thing for IT specialists when looking for a job is what they can do, not where they studied.

Knowledge of IT, passion for technology, and ability to handle issues

Understanding technology and keeping up to date with new technology platforms is necessary for those working in the IT field. Nowadays, modern products and applications from technology have become popular. Computer engineers always have to improve and update these applications to improve efficiency. Therefore, IT specialists must be knowledgeable in technology to apply and coordinate them effectively in their work.

To sit for hours and days at the computer and work with a dense amount of information, you need great motivation to overcome the pressure of time and work requirements and fierce competition in the information technology industry. Therefore, your intense passion for the IT world is a prerequisite for long-term pursuit.

IT specialists are not only knowledgeable of technology and have a passion for it, but they must also be people who spare no effort and are willing to face challenges. Because information technology is an interdisciplinary, dynamic field, and no two working days are the same. In addition to creating new products, IT specialists must constantly search for errors to solve them in the system during and after the project.

Inquisitiveness and creative thinking

Constantly changing and developing is the characteristic of the information technology industry. That's why hardware and software suppliers always develop and perfect their products. Therefore, IT specialists must have a spirit of continuous learning as career tools will change frequently.

In addition, if you are a highly creative thinker, you will easily succeed in this field. Because creative thinking will help you solve problems handily, know how to reuse old technology in new ways, create processes, and find innovative methods, helping save costs and achieve the best work efficiency.


Those who work in the IT field never stop learning at work

Those who work in the IT field never stop learning at work

Patience and precision at work

Accuracy is a must in every profession, especially computer science. If there is a small mistake in developing an application or device process, the entire computer system/program will not be able to operate and the information chain can be affected.

To achieve the highest accuracy, IT specialists must have patience in troubleshooting and answering technology questions from partners and customers. Spending time training people and listening to concerns are great ways to help you deal with problems effectively.

Good communication skills and fluency in foreign languages

Information technology specialists will often have to communicate with people who use their products. Most of them are outside the profession. This means that you must constantly provide information and answer any questions from users. It's the time when communication skills in the IT field come into play.

In addition, the IT department must work closely with other departments in the enterprise. Thus, you have to communicate well with all employees in the hierarchy of the business.

To improve professional knowledge and ability to find information for work, reading and understanding technical documents in specialized fields, software information, and writing code in English are necessary and handy for developing your career in the information technology industry.

4. Salary of IT specialists

Although the information technology industry is considered difficult, it currently attracts numerous candidates because the salary is among the top in the labor market. Depending on the position, capacity, and experience, the salary of an IT specialist with two years of experience or more ranges from 10-15 million VND/month. For people with many years of experience, this number can be up to 20-30 million VND.


The salary for people with ability and many years of experience is relatively high

The salary for people with ability and many years of experience is relatively high

5. Tips on how to look for a job as an IT specialist

Don't take the qualifications too seriously

As mentioned above, recruiters do not completely focus on your qualifications when deciding whether to hire you or not. Therefore, even if you do not study information technology, you can do a left-handed job as long as you have sufficient knowledge and experience. As a result, to successfully apply for an IT job, you must accumulate much experience. The more years of experience you have, the higher salary you get.

Never stop reinventing yourself

When pursuing a dynamic industry like information technology, you must keep up with the latest knowledge. Show recruiters how you renew yourself and update your knowledge by constantly absorbing new knowledge every day.

Participate in programming competitions

Participating in programming competitions not only helps you gain experience but also catches the eye of recruiters. Many IT specialists are selected right in competitions. Moreover, when applying for an IT specialist position, it's essential to pass an entrance test. Therefore, participating in contests is a stepping stone for the best preparation.

Focus on developing soft skills

IT specialists still operate in the system. They need partners and must work effectively in a team. Therefore, soft skills like teamwork, team management, and self-study are essential for a job that seems to work only with the machine.



To become an IT specialist, you need to cultivate the necessary qualities

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