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In the period of economic growth and modernized society, the Electromechanical engineer jobs have become more important than ever to serve all activities of life. In particular, the job as an electrical engineer is chosen by many candidates because of attractive career benefits and great development opportunities. If you are looking to conquer this position but do not fully understand the tasks and recruitment requirements, let Navigos Search answer the following questions.

1. Who is an Electromechanical engineer?

An electromechanical engineer is a person in charge of handling electrical systems and inspecting and repairing related machinery and equipment such as fire alarm systems, cooling systems, heating systems,... for construction projects. .
In today's modern life, from roads and buildings to residential areas, electricity is needed everywhere. Therefore, the opportunity to develop this industry is very large, so many people prioritize it.

An electromechanical engineer is a person who inspects, maintains and repairs electrical systems

2. The responsibility of an Electromechanical engineer

In each field, work and business, the detailed work of an M&E engineer will be different. However, this position must perform the following basic tasks:

  • Receive requests for electrical systems to conduct surveys and come up with a reasonable electricity construction plan.
  • Consulting, designing and construction of electromechanical systems according to the requirements of enterprises and customers.
  • Research and propose appropriate solutions and estimate the cost and time required for implementation.
  • Statistics on quantity and volume of materials and construction project planning.
  • Coordinate with other electromechanical engineers to complete the job well.
  • Transactions and negotiations with customers and contractors to install and test electrical systems.
  • Installation and testing of electrical systems.
  • Report and analyze data collected during testing.
  • Make the necessary changes after testing.
  • Evaluate the quality of the power system after completion.
  • Handing over electrical works and projects to customers, contractors and partners.
  • Periodic maintenance and maintenance of the system.
  • Collect documents and send reports to management.
  • Monitor electrical operation for maintenance and upgrade if necessary.

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3.What are the requirements for a career as an electrical engineer?

Qualifications and work experience

To become an Electromechanical engineer, candidates must meet the necessary conditions in terms of qualifications, work experience and necessary skills. Possessing a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Science and Technology, Transport, Electronics and Telecommunications, ... will be a great advantage of the candidate. Especially, if you have a Master's degree or an advanced certificate in electricity, you will become a good candidate. Employers often require applicants to have 2 or more years of work experience to ensure correct handling of electrical work.
Candidates also need to be proficient in using frequently used software when drawing on computers such as Autocad, Revit Mep,...

Solid electrical expertise is required

In addition to the qualifications and knowledge accumulated from the school, candidates also need to converge the following skills to be able to perform the task well:

Analytical and problem-solving ability

This job task involves setting up, planning and improving and renewing the electrical system in the business. Therefore, engineers must be able to analyze, think logically and apply knowledge to solve problems related to electricity.
In many cases, you need to handle the problem urgently so that the business can manage production more professionally, without interruption. This requires you to be sharp with logical thinking to find a timely repair and replacement plan. Possessing good analytical and problem-solving skills will help you ensure everything runs smoothly and systematically.

Planning and organization skills

Electromechanical engineers are people who directly plan, implement plans, maintenance schedules, ... regularly. Therefore, you need to know clearly the priority tasks, the work can be postponed to complete the electrical work smoothly. A clear plan will help you organize and manage your work more effectively and avoid unnecessary errors that affect the whole project.

Programming and computing skills

When taking on the job of an electromechanical engineer, you will have to use data analysis, embedded code systems, so you need to master programming skills. Java, C, C++ and Basic are the most useful languages you need to know.
You also need to be able to read and understand power tools. Testing the current and how the components react to each other is an important task when repairing old equipment and building new ones. If the current is too low, the circuit cannot work, and the current is too high, which can cause fire, explosion, etc. Therefore, the ability to calculate is a very important factor to get the accuracy when performing. currently working on electricity.

Adaptability, proactive learning

The nature of electrical work is flexible, unrestricted and you will have to move constantly to different locations to perform the task. Besides, in the process of working, it will be difficult to avoid unexpected electrical situations, so if you have good adaptability, it will help you quickly adjust your work properly.
Possessing a beautiful degree and a stable job is not the end point on development of your career path. You need to update your knowledge continuously, search for yourself and supplement your knowledge to meet the increasing requirements in the profession. Active learning skills are always appreciated by employers, so always focus and study seriously to improve your knowledge.

A good electromechanical engineer requires many skills

4. Professional benefits

With the development of the infrastructure system, the demand for recruiting electromechanical engineers is now very large. It is a difficult and dangerous profession, but in return, the salary is very attractive. Specifically, they receive about 10-30 million VND/month, which varies according to the capacity and working experience of each person.
In addition to the basic salary, they are also entitled to project allowances, bonuses according to work completion progress, labor insurance regime, 13th month salary, Tet bonus, vacation, travel,... Benefits received are very worthy for many people to pursue and stick with this work.

5. Experience finding a job as an electrical engineer 

With this position, you can work at businesses specializing in operating and trading in electrical products and equipment or undertaking work related to consulting and installing electrical systems for buildings, industrial processes, industrial parks,... However, to find this job quickly and get the best working environment, the first choice is still to apply at the headhunter company.
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