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Are you confident in your own English? If you are looking for a job that both generates a good income and helps you practice many skills, an English teaching assistant is the ideal job opportunity. So what are you waiting for without immediately referring to the following shares of Navigos Search to conquer the job of an English teacher easily.

1. Who is an English Teaching Assistant?

An English teaching assistant is a teaching assistant who supports the classroom teacher in the process of teaching English to students. They are considered as a bridge between students and teachers to promote better learning.

An English teacher is a person who helps teachers teach English in class

2.The responsibility of English Teaching Assistant

Below is the job description for an English teaching assistant:

  • Prepare lesson plans, photo documents and learning tools for teaching as required
  • Connection between teachers and students, between teachers and students' parents
  • Check student's input
  • English translation for teachers and students
  • Classroom management, motivating students to communicate in English
  • Follow up, evaluate students after each lesson, semester
  • Support students to review old lessons and complete assignments
  • Coordinate with other departments of the unit to organize extracurricular activities for students
  • Collaborate with teachers to suggest ways to solve problems students are facing
  • Attend faculty meetings, parent meetings
  • Perform other tasks as required by the main teacher and the working unit.

3. Being an English Teaching Assistant, what are the requirements?

3.1 Degree

Employers of English teaching assistants require candidates to have a bachelor's degree or higher in majors such as Foreign Language Education, English Language, Business English, Translation, etc. to ensure proficiency in 4 Listening skills - Speaking- Reading- Writng. Most English centers require applicants to have an IELTS score of 6.5 or higher and possess TOEIC and TOEFL certificates with similar scores.

The position of English teaching assistant demands  English proficiency

3.2 Skills 

This job not only requires you to be highly qualified, but also has the necessary skills to follow the class closely and make the lesson go better.

Observation and evaluation skills

In the process of focusing on teaching, the lecturer's ability to observe the entire class will be limited. Therefore, the teaching assistant needs to have an overview to monitor the ability to focus on learning, and the receptive attitude of each student to report back to the teaching teacher. If any student has difficulty in absorbing the lesson, the teaching assistant will promptly detect it to assist.

In some centers, teaching assistants also do additional grading to know the learning ability of each student. The ability to accurately assess will help you communicate with the main teacher, the parents of the students and adjust the teaching method more reasonably.

Communication skills 

At many centers, the person who works directly with students' parents is the teaching assistant to answer questions and requests about the learning situation. At the same time, the teaching assistant job also has to communicate regularly with the main teacher to help them understand the classroom situation. You also impart knowledge, support students to complete assignments in the best way, etc. Many tasks require communication skills for you to complete all tasks smoothly.

Possessing good communication skills also helps you to be more confident and have a professional working style. Thanks to that, you will be appreciated, creating trust for everyone. If you already have a solid level of English, pay attention to practicing this skill to become a good teaching assistant.

Management and motivation skills

In many cases, teaching assistants will manage students on behalf of teachers to stabilize the class. Good management skills will help you keep the classroom stable.
In the teaching process, it is inevitable that when the atmosphere in the classroom goes down, this is the time when teaching assistants play their role. By grasping the psychology of students, you will know how to stir up the atmosphere, create emotions to evoke the spirit to help the lesson take place most effectively.

Qualities and manners

To pursue and stick with the teaching assistant profession for a long time, candidates must be really patient, control their emotions well in the process of imparting knowledge and tutoring to students. Teaching assistants also need to be agile, enthusiastic and always open and friendly towards students and everyone.

Candidates need to meet the skills and behavior requirements

4. Salary and career opportunities

The salary of an English teaching assistant will vary depending on the capacity and the unit of work. In the current market, people doing this position receive from 7 to 10 million VND/month if they work full time. Some places also charge an hourly salary for English teaching assistants, from 200,000 to 300,000 VND/hour for part-time teaching assistants.
In addition to a stable income, when taking on this position, you enjoy many other attractive benefits such as: Flexible working hours; Consolidate and practice English skills for yourself; Professional and dynamic educational working environment; Learn and accumulate experience, teaching skills.

Through the training process at the position of English teaching assistant, the candidate will have many opportunities to advance to the position of full-time lecturer… Once you have a high level of expertise in the profession, you can completely take up tutoring or open a job. English training institution.

5. Experience looking for a job as an English teacher

You can find a job as an English teacher in Hanoi in many different ways such as:

Apply at English center

With this traditional job search method, you can bring your resume there to apply directly or submit your CV online at English centers that need to recruit personnel. You should always update, search for job vacancies to "not delay" compared to other candidates.

Apply through the online job channel

Applying through the online job channel is a popular method today with the advantages of convenience and speed. These channels have a variety of choices with a large amount of recruitment news. However, there are many candidates who still "risked" uploading their CVs to try their luck even though they know they have not fully met the recruitment criteria set forth. As a result, recruiters spend a lot of time screening applications and candidates have to wait a long time.

Suggestions on where to find a job as an English teacher

Applying at headhunter company 

Applying for a job at a headhunter company is considered the fastest and most effective way to find a job today. In particular, Navigos Search is considered the leading prestigious headhunter company in Vietnam today. Owning a very professional consulting team, deeply understanding the value of human resources and understanding the labor market, Navigos Search experts will help you get the job you want. All specialists of Navigos Search have a Bachelor's degree or higher, have at least 3 years of experience in the field of recruitment and are well trained through intensive skill courses.

As "Dream Makers", experts will base on the methodical recruitment process, the candidate's ability and experience to search and discuss the most suitable job position. After the candidate is selected, the specialist will continue to monitor and support closely throughout the process of “Success after joining”.

The recruitment process of Navigos Search is as follows:

  • Step 1 → Search and filter candidates: Specialists search and screen qualified candidates who match the recruitment requirements of the enterprise.
  • Step 2 → Face-to-face interview: Headhunter conducts an interview to assess the candidate's ability as well as listen to their needs and expectations.
  • Step 3 → Support customer interviews: Headhunter provides a list of potential candidates to clients after thorough evaluation. Navigos Search specialists will accompany customers and candidates to provide additional support during the interview process.
  • Step 4 → Support negotiation and job offer: Navigos Search acts as a bridge to negotiate and advise on salary and benefits. After the candidate receives the invitation letter and confirms the participation, the vacancy will be closed.
  • Step 5 → Follow up on recruitment: Follow up with candidates to aim for success after joining the company.

With a huge data source available including: 375,000+ senior candidates, 85,000+ senior management candidates and optimal recruitment solutions, Navigos Search is proud to be the number 1 "talent hunter" in Vietnam today. and is the first choice of most businesses and corporations when there is a need to recruit mid-level and high-level personnel.

Navigos Search - middle and high-level talent hunting company

If you are looking for a job as an English teacher or want to be informed about positions that match your skills and ambitions, please send your CV to Navigos Search to be contacted immediately if there is any appropriate job opening. Especially, if your business is in need of recruiting personnel, please contact Navigos Search to quickly get the best candidate!

Navigos Search - Vietnam's leading

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