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With the development of the current industry 4.0, Digital Marketing is an effective type of marketing that any business or user should not miss. This is also one of the jobs that draw great attention from young people because of the diverse job opportunities after graduation. So what is Digital Marketing? What is the digital marketing career development path? Let's find the answers to these questions through the article below with Navigos Search!

1. What is Digital Marketing?

What is Digital Marketing?

What is Digital Marketing? It's marketing activities of products and services on digital platforms, electronic devices, and cyberspace using resources and ways to use digital to connect with users when they use the internet to access your website to your branded online resources. The prime purpose of digital marketing is to increase brand awareness, generate profits, and build customer trust in the business.

2. Job description of a Digital Marketing staff

Job description of a Digital Marketing staff

Digital Marketing staff will be responsible for planning and executing marketing campaigns and maintaining and delivering content for businesses' digital platforms. In general, the primary responsibilities of Digital Marketing staff are:

  •  Research and optimize rankings and ensure the website reaches the top on search engines
  •  Identify the current brand and come up with brand development plans
  •  Create and produce media content
  •  Make plans, run ads, optimize and report results on different platforms
  •  Research the market and habits of potential customers
  •  Propose PR plans for products/services, promotions
  •  Use Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and other related sites.
  •  Increase the company's traffic website.
  •  Stay up-to-date with novel digital marketing trends and ensure that your brand is not out of date with industry developments.
  •  Allocate budgets and evaluate staff's reports
  •  Directly report the results of Digital Marketing campaigns to the board of directors and work with other related departments such as Chief Customer Officer.
  • Manage Digital Marketing Department and train new employees.

3. Vital skills set for the digital marketing career

To meet the increasing needs of the digital marketing industry nowadays, you need to equip yourself with the following skills before looking for a digital marketing job:


You must know how to cultivate search engine optimization (SEO) and SEM if you want to work in this industry. Because this is the key to all levels of digital marketing that anyone involved in the field must grasp.

It is the first step of any digital marketing campaign. Therefore, you must understand how SEO and SEM work and how they affect your overall goal to help you better optimize your content.

- Content Marketing

The next skill required for digital marketing staff is Content Marketing. This is a method that brings you and your target audience or customer together. Therefore, you must have these skills to create content with the right message. Moreover, the article must be SEO-friendly and attractive to customers to be considered impressive.

You also learn how content should be used to help your business achieve its goals, including on social media. Depending on the level of work you're looking for in digital marketing, you must also know about content strategy and measurement.

-Data analysis skills

Vital skills set for the digital marketing career

Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing is about getting data from all sources and finding ways to improve those numbers. Metrics are vital for businesses as they provide an objective, comprehensive, and accurate view of customers and the market.

Data analysis is something that all people in the digital industry must learn. However, these skills mostly come from personal experience and experimentation.

- Knowledge of technology

Technology has a significant influence in today's digital age. In order not to fall behind in the industry, you must always have a specific understanding of the latest updated technologies and how to use them. This industry always requires innovation, so you need to adapt quickly to changes and constantly improve your knowledge to have new strategies to create growth for your business.

- Logical thinking and problem solving skills

Thanks to logical thinking skills, you will analyze situations shrewdly and propose excellent plans and solutions. Besides, these skills also help you to make good use of digital marketing tools to solve difficulties at work. It is one of the crucial factors you must have when looking for a digital marketing job.

Regardless of the form of marketing, the ultimate value that businesses aim for is to solve customer problems. Therefore, it's necessary to arm yourself with problem-solving skills to detect inadequacies during the working process to handily find a solution without affecting the work results.

- Creation and acumen to market

The person undertaking this position must always be dynamic and creative to keep up with the constant advancement of technology. Quickly embracing market trends will help you gain a deeper understanding of user behavior. Thanks to that, you can easily reach potential customers in the virtual space. With these skills, you can optimize your work efficiency.

4. Salary of a Digital Marketing staff

- Salary

In general, the salary of Digital Marketing staff will be relatively high compared to other office jobs. It is calculated based on the working position, the place of work, and the position you undertake. However, digital marketing salaries in some of the most popular positions would be:

 Digital Marketing Staff: The salary of this position will range from 9 to13 million per month. The highest can be up to 30 million per month depending on capacity.

 Digital Marketing Executive: This position's salary will be from 9 to 14 million per month. The highest will be 35 million per month.

SEO staff: In this position, you must ensure that the website, posts, and content shared on the platforms display the best. Therefore, the salary in this role will be from 7 to 10 million per month, with the highest being 30 million per month.

 Content Marketing staff: The primary job of this position will be to create content, translate and write SEO articles. Content Marketing staff's salary will be in the range of 7-10 million per month, with the highest being 20 million per month.

 Head of Digital Marketing: This is a senior management position, so the salary will also be commensurate with the title, ranging from 12 to 20 million per month. The highest is about 25-40 million per month. 

 Digital Marketing Director: This position is usually only available in large enterprises and corporations. Thus, the average salary will be from 30 to 35 million per month, maybe 50-70 million, or even more than 100 million per month.

- Advancement opportunities

In the era of industrial revolution 4.0, the Digital Marketing industry is changing strongly with digital platforms applying the latest technologies. Therefore, this field is increasingly sought after. Besides, there are lots of career opportunities for graduates majoring in Marketing.

Marketing graduates can find jobs in many different fields and positions, including marketing or public relations, customer relations, copywriting, and online marketing. After a period of working and striving, you can advance to a management-level position such as manager, head of the marketing department, or chief marketing officer (CMO).

5. Address to apply for a Digital Marketing job quickly

Digital Marketing 4.0 is leading the trend in the digital age. Therefore, career opportunities are unlimited for young people who love this field. If you are looking for a digital marketing job in Ho Chi Minh City or any other job, don't hesitate to send your CV to Navigos Search - Vietnam's leading middle and high-level recruitment company.

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