Best questions to ask recruiters to win their hearts

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During the interview, recruiters not only require good CVs and clever answers but also encourage candidates to ask them questions. Asking smart questions will show recruiters the candidate's initiative and interest in the job they are applying for.


At the end of the interview, the recruiter will often ask the candidate "Do you have any questions for us?" It's time for candidates to make an impression on the recruiter with questions about the company and the position they are applying for. Explore the information below to know what questions you should ask the recruiter and how to ask questions skillfully!

1. Why should you ask questions to the recruiter?

You can make a good impression and attract the employer's attention at the interview through your professional CV, professional skills, and understanding of the business and the position you are applying for. Besides, putting questions to recruiters is also a way to impress recruiters during the interview.

Putting questions to recruiters will show your personality and is also a factor for you to evaluate your suitability for the position you are applying for. Through that, you can also learn about the culture, regulations, and operating system of the business, grasp the nature of the job so as not to be surprised when taking your duties, and show recruiters your desire to get the job.

The best questions to ask recruiters

Reasons why you should put the questions to recruiters

2. How to put questions to the employer

To win recruiters’ hearts at the end of the interview, you should:

Not ask yes or no questions

Recruiters like to receive detailed questions about the business to better describe the work environment. For instance, instead of asking "Is your business required to work overtime?", you can change it to “What are your regulations on working hours? Will I receive overtime pay if I work overtime?

You should avoid putting yes or no questions as it will quickly end the conversation and the recruiter will not find your interest in learning about the job.

Get to the point

Asking long-winded and rambling questions will only waste your and the recruiters' time. Thus, ask exactly what you're wondering about. If you want to ask about the salary, get to the point with questions like "What is the official salary of this job position?" How will the probationary salary be calculated?

Ask questions about the job only

Keep in mind that you are participating in a job interview, so you should ask recruiters questions related to the job, duties, and benefits of the position you are applying for. Questions about travel activities, team building, and business relationships are not recommended.

Ask questions politely and sincerely

Your attitude when asking questions is also a way for the recruiter to observe whether you are truly interested in and desire to take on the position you are applying for. Therefore, you should be sincere and polite while asking questions to express your concerns.

Use appropriate words

Pay attention to using appropriate words and try to stay calm so as not to make mistakes while asking questions to recruiters. Only then will you receive a positive response from recruiters and they will be more comfortable in answering and sharing more relevant information.

Ask smart questions 

Recruiters can still evaluate candidates' intelligence and acumen by asking them questions. You should ask questions with specific answers to open up the story and create an opportunity for recruiters to share more information about the job with you.

Note the level of relationship when asking questions

Observe, consider, and ask the employer questions that are appropriate to the relationship level. The level of relationship here is determining the gap in age and recruiters' positions to use words appropriately and maintain seriousness during the interview.

Pay attention to the answer

After asking the questions, you will receive answers from recruiters. At that time, you should listen carefully to understand the information being shared. Even though it is information you already know, you still have to focus on listening to ask more related questions and exploit the information you want to know.

Say thank you after interview

Finally, a sincere thank you and a polite attitude are the highlights when you and the recruiter end the interview. Thank the recruiter for giving you the opportunity for the interview and wish them good health and the company to prosper.

Why should you put questions to recruiters?

How to ask smart questions

3. List of questions you should ask the recruiter

You should refer to the following best questions to ask recruiters to win recruiters' hearts:

Questions about salary

  • What is the official salary for the position I am applying for?
  • What is the salary and how long is the probationary period?
  • Will I receive a bonus if I complete all assigned tasks or exceed work targets?
  • Does the company have holiday bonuses? Can you be specific?
  • Does the company pay health insurance for employees?
  • Does the company pay salaries in the form of cash or transfer via ATM?

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Questions about career advancement paths

  • What are the future development plans of the company? Do you expand your market to other cities or countries?
  • What are the strengths and limitations of your company?
  • Is the promotion path for my job position calculated by month or year?
  • What requirements must employees meet to get advancement or promotion?
  • Which individuals or groups directly evaluate employee capacity?


Questions about skills and knowledge at work

  • What are the prime requirements for the job position I am applying for?
  • What crucial skills does this job require?
  • Does this job require business travel? If so, is it domestic or international?
  • Does this job require a foreign language? What is that?
  • Which department directly manages me?
  • What pressures does this position often encounter?
  • What kind of salary and bonus does this position usually receive?

Questions about recruitment results

  • When is the company's recruitment results announced?
  • Are recruitment results sent to successful individuals or posted on the website?
  • How many people does the company plan to recruit for this position?

List of questions for employers

List of questions for employers

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