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The head of property management jobs is a new profession but has great potential and great development opportunities that many candidates are interested in. So what is an asset manager? What do candidates need to meet from hiring a head of property management? Let's find out thoroughly with Navigos Search through this article!

1. Who is the head of property management?

The head of the property management is responsible for managing and ensuring that the assets in the business always operate normally. This position is considered very important in today's companies and businesses.


The head of the property management plays an important role in property department

2. The responsibility

This position will perform the following tasks:

Track equipment in the business

  • Collection point of all types of assets and equipment assigned in charge
  • Follow up to deliver or collect equipment as needed
  • Suggest repair or directly warranty equipment, machinery, furniture, office supplies, computers, ...
  • Ensure that all departments in the enterprise have all necessary and appropriate materials for normal work

Effectively save business properties

  • Managing and ensuring properties in the business must be used effectively in the right place, in the right place and economically
  • Remind all employees to comply with the effective use of equipment and machinery of the enterprise
  • Monitor asset fluctuations in price, costs to liquidate long unused supplies, assets that need to be moved to another department, etc.

Working with suppliers

  • Monitor and update the asset code list, check new assets and coordinate with accounting and related departments to deploy accurate inventory plans
  • Verify orders, issue invoices as required and handle arising problems
  • Report to superiors on property movements
  • List damaged or lost property details about quantity, condition
  • Periodic reports according to enterprise regulations on usage situation
  • Propose a reasonable solution
  • Do other work
  • Proposing general regulations on asset management of enterprises
  • Perform other duties as requested by superiors

This position does a lot of work

3. Have you met the requirement to hire the head of property management?

Requirements for qualifications and experience

The companies recruiting the head of the property management department require candidates to have a university degree or higher in Administration, Law, Economics, Accounting, Logistics, Management, ... or related majors. others to fulfill their roles well.

Candidates applying for the position of head of property management department with good English skills, computer proficiency and 1-2 years of working experience in a similar position will be a great advantage.

Requirements for skills

In addition to meeting the requirements for expertise and experience, candidates also need to hone some of the following skills:

Communication skills

The head of the property management must work and contact all parts of the business to monitor and manage equipment, so communication is an indispensable skill. To understand the situation of equipment and materials being used in departments, you need to be able to listen and communicate well.

The ability to communicate well here is reflected in you reminding employees to use the maximum savings in materials but still have to ensure work efficiency. In particular, when working with suppliers to buy and liquidate equipment and machinery, good communication skills will help you do the job easier.

Management skills

Property management in an enterprise requires you to know how to organize work and coordinate how to use equipment effectively. Use software and technology applications to manage assets, easily update new equipment and recalled items to accurately capture the usage situation in terms of quantity and quality.

Solving-problem skills

The nature of this work is very difficult to avoid problems such as damage, loss of property or equipment that is not fully supplied to the business. At this time, it is required that managers quickly come up with the most reasonable and optimal solution to avoid affecting work performance and help the business process run smoothly.


Candidates need to meet the requirements for qualifications, experience and skills

4. The benefits that they can receive

The amount of work that the head of the property management undertakes is very large, but in return the benefits received are very commensurate. The current salary of this position ranges from 8-15 million VND/month. The salary will be changed, depending on the working capacity and the size of the business. Besides, there are many other benefits such as high bonus, 13th month salary, insurance, vacation, team building activities,...

With high capacity and solid experience, the position of head of asset management can completely become a senior asset manager and continue to advance to a higher position. The most important factor is still the relentless efforts with the spirit of love for the job and high responsibility at work.

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