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In the age of Technology 4.0, especially before the "wave" of Digital Transformation in Vietnam and in the world, technology personnel became hotter than ever. Therefore, the demand for job search of candidates, as well as the demand for recruitment and personnel management in companies increases.

Navigos Search assures a professional and consistent recruiting process for putting high-profile individuals in critical roles. Hence, we can help candidates find "dream" jobs, and help businesses build strong staff. In addition, Technology is a fast-growing and changing industry, but we guarantee to keep the service up to date and keeping up with current trends.

The core areas where we can support you in the Technology industry are as follows:
- Telecommunication
- E-commerce
- IT Software
- IT System & Devices

Some middle and high level positions that Navigos Search has supported to successfully recruit such as: Android Developer, APJ Logistic Specialist, Business System Analyst, Computer Vision Engineer, Corporate Operation Manager, Country Manager, Data Warehouse/ BI Developer, DevOps Engineer Team Warehouse, Head of Data,...


It can be said that Navigos Search deeply understands business and candidates because we have 20 years of experience in providing HR solutions in Vietnam. In addition, we have a wealth of data, extensive expertise in each area, an extensive network, and an effective search strategy. With constant effort and development, Navigos Search has been, and will certainly be, a reliable “companion” of candidates and businesses on the road to success.

With a team of Southern consultants, we understand the culture, the market, as well as the needs of this region. Therefore, provide the fastest, most appropriate, and most effective HR solution for the business in the Professional Services industry and others in the South area.

Team InHa Noi

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Giang

Name: Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Giang


Hotline: 1800 585 826

Team InHo Chi Minh

Ms. Dang Trinh Nha Huong

Name: Ms. Dang Trinh Nha Huong


Hotline: 1800 585 826