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Market Reports

The Recruitment Demand For Middle And Senior Personnel
In Vietnam Market In Q3/2021 And Forecasts On Recruitment Demand In Q4/2021 And In The Early 2022
Salary Situation And Employees Expectations
Talent Guide 2022: Salary Situation And Employees Expectations
Textile & Garment Personnel
Opportunities & Challenges In Meeting Increasing Requirements From The Market
Energy Industry Personnel
Opportunities and Challenges in adapting to new recruitment requirements


Navigos Search Webinar 04/2022
Leaders Create Leaders
Navigos Search Webinar 10/2022
Effective Of Use Data Driven And Key Hr Metric




Are you qualified to become a factory manager?
An efficient factory manager will bring high profits and build a better competitive advantage for the business.
Skills required to become a professional HR director
Human resources director is the dream job of many people. So what skills do you need to sit in this position?
What is the role of the Chief Finance Officer (CFO)?
The Chief Finance Officer will perform finance related duties. Are there any other jobs available for this position?
What are the duties of a chief marketing officer (CMO)?
Depending on the size and field of business activities of each business, the marketing director will take on different jobs.
7 tips for recruiting senior personnel to save costs effectively
Faced with the scarcity of talent and fierce competition in the current high-level recruitment market, businesses need to have a reasonable strategy.
Top 10 latest interview question for Chief Customer Officer position
The following set of interview questions will help you conquer the Sales Director recruiter successfully.
Secrets of successful CEO recruitment
If the business is a machine, then the CEO is the person who operates, repairs and upgrades that machine to operate smoothly and perfectly.
Personnel recruitment report template - Content and writing style
In order to monitor the human resources situation and the recruitment process, businesses need to have a recruitment report template.
Why do businesses look for the headhunter service?
Human resources play a very important role for the development of the enterprises. However, in such a market fierce competition today, recruiting suitable and talented personnel is not an easy thing.
When do businesses need headhunter service?
Headhunter service is a smart solution aiming at helping businesses solve the difficulties in recruiting high-quality personnel.