In a fast-growing market like Vietnam, General industrial industry requires a large number of personnel with good physical strength and extensive experience. Therefore, Navigos Search always carefully investigates the experience, knowledge and working ability of the employees to ensure a satisfied cooperation between the two parties.

We are fully able to meet the highest standard of HR services when the Consultant Team has a deep understanding and practical experience in the following areas:

- Mechanic/Machinery/Industrial Equipment
- Plastic & Rubbers
- Electronics
- Automation
- Industrial parts
- Packaging/Printing/Labeling
- Electrical devices / equipments / Semiconductor / EMS
- Automotive
- Furniture / Wood
- Garment /Textile/ Accessories
- Footwear
- Chemicals

Throughout its time in Vietnam, Navigos Search has supported the recruitment of many middle and high level positions such as Footwear Costing Manager, Assistant Merchandiser, Product Cost Engineering Manager, Manager Quality Continuous Improvement, Production Engineer,...


With high demand in the South, we believe that the team here will not let you down. Our Southern team has rich experience and knowledge in the recruitment field and is constantly updating the latest information in the market. They have achieved outstanding achievements and awards and brought home a series of harmonious combinations between talented candidates and a professional working environment.

Team InHa Noi

Ms. Vu Thi Phuong Thao

Name: Ms. Vu Thi Phuong Thao

Contact: contact@navigossearch.com

Hotline: 1800 585 826

Team InHo Chi Minh

Ms. Dang Trinh Nha Huong

Name: Ms. Dang Trinh Nha Huong

Contact: contact@navigossearch.com

Hotline: 1800 585 826