Senior Project Manager

Job Locations: Ho Chi Minh

From 4,500 USD To 5,000 USD

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Job Description

- Conduct research and participate in detailed discussions with the expansion department and the lessor while the lease contract is being negotiated.
- Oversee the project; keep an eye on the management and supervisory consultants, surveyors, and testing consultants.
- Maintain the manager and coordinator roles when working with consultants on a project from concept to completion, including management, supervision, surveying,...
- Gather information and work with other company departments to properly complete the project.
- Organize technical documents, verify them, and check them again. Consult with business owners and contractors during the technical design phase.
- Plan the design evaluation, execution drawing evaluation, and verification.
- Receive information about design adjustments and ask other departments that are affected to collaborate with consultants and contractors to update these revisions.
- Create the master project schedule and the planning for the tenders.
- Verify and assess the quality, progress, and quantity of the tender documents that contractors have provided before sending them to the QS team.
- Coordinate the site's weekly and monthly meetings
- Oversee the acceptance, settlement, and termination of contracts
- Participate in meetings with other departments in order to resolve issues that arise during the implementation of projects; keep other departments informed and work closely with them while doing the job; plan the acceptance and handover of the completed work to the property.
- Manage the quality, quantity, progress, and construction costs to ensure the projects' hygienic conditions and environmental safety.
- Verify that all technical conditions and infrastructures are ready for the Grand Opening at the time specified in the approved planning.
- Examine the quality of the materials and examine and certify the quality of the job.
- As asked by the project director, organize/carry out the projects relating to extension or refurbishment works.
- Work along with the design department to complete the bidding documentation for projects including the installation of equipment, the expansion or renovation of buildings, or repair work.
- Check the execution of constructors directly.
Other activities according to job requirements and assigned by superior

Job Requirements

- 6 years of experience with 3 years specifically devoted to project management within Operations, and/or Expansion activities, ideally on an international scale.
- Bachelor's degree (B. A. / B. S.) in Business Administration or a similar industry
- Strong negotiation and decision-making abilities together with excellent problem-solving abilities are required.
- Excellent organizational abilities and the capacity to move swiftly and make wise decisions under time constraints are also required.

Job Locations

  • Ho Chi Minh


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