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What We Can Offer

  • Personal development training courses
  • Sports and hobby clubs
  • 13th-month salary guarantee
  • Maximum 18 day vacation leave/year
  • Flexible working hours
  • Performance Bonus
  • premium health insurance

Job Description

- Data Infrastructure Design and Maintenance: Architect, maintain, and enhance analytical and operational services and infrastructure, including data lakes, databases, data pipelines, and metadata repositories, to ensure accurate and timely delivery of actionable insights.
- Collaboration: Work closely with data science teams to design and implement data schemas and models, integrate new data sources with product teams, and collaborate with other data engineers to implement cutting-edge technologies in the data space.
- Data Processing: Develop and optimize large-scale batch and real-time data processing systems to support the organization's growth and improvement initiatives.
- Workflow Management: Utilize workflow scheduling and monitoring tools like Apache Airflow and AWS Batch to ensure efficient data processing and management.
- Quality Assurance: Implement robust testing strategies to ensure the reliability and usability of data processing systems.
- Continuous Improvement: Stay abreast of emerging technologies and best practices in data engineering, and propose and implement optimizations to enhance development efficiency.

Job Requirements

Required Skills:
- Technical Expertise: Proficient in Unix environments, distributed and cloud computing, Python frameworks (e.g., pandas, pyspark), version control systems (e.g., git), and workflow scheduling tools (e.g., Apache Airflow).
- Database Proficiency: Experience with columnar and big data databases like Athena, Redshift, Vertica, and Hive/Hadoop.
- Cloud Services: Familiarity with AWS or other cloud services like Glue, EMR, EC2, S3, Lambda, etc.
- Containerization: Experience with container management and orchestration tools like Docker, ECS, and Kubernetes.
- CI/CD: Knowledge of CI/CD tools such as Jenkins, CircleCI, or AWS CodePipeline.

Nice-to-have requirements:
- Programming Languages: Familiarity with JVM languages like Java or Scala.
- Database Technologies: Experience with RDBMS (e.g., MySQL, PostgreSQL) and NoSQL databases (e.g., DynamoDB, Redis).
- BI Tools: Exposure to enterprise BI tools like Tableau, Looker, or PowerBI.
- Data Science Environments: Understanding of data science environments like AWS Sagemaker or Databricks.
- Monitoring and Logging: Knowledge of log ingestion and monitoring tools like ELK stack or Datadog.
- Data Privacy and Security: Understanding of data privacy and security tools and concepts.
- Messaging Systems: Familiarity with distributed messaging and event streaming systems like Kafka or RabbitMQ.

Job Locations

  • Ha Noi

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